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According to a pretty scholarly classification you may find in Wikipedia, landing pages fall in two major categories: reference and transactional. As you will probably agree with me, all landing pages meet both criteria: they inform the visitor upon the offer as well as incite actions from his side. What needs to be clear before launching any landing page in the www is the nature of the desired visitors’ action.
This is a chain of events that we desire to happen once a lead reaches the platform displaying the promoted product or service. Typically, a landing page has to catch the visitor’s attention in the first 3 seconds of entry. The landing page has to be consistent with the hints provided by the original ad, or vice versa. As we have promised, let’s tour some nicely designed and effective landing pages of B2B and B2C. 123RF makes a clear statement of purpose in this landing page with the image slider and the four median boxes. Strong calls-to-action, emphasized slogan and an impressive list of endorsements – this is the right combination for a landing page and this page has it. This page may be a little too crowded, but it’s in the tradition of landing pages for apps.
SweetDate is a unique, clean and modern Landing Page mainly used for dating sites but is not limited on this. Welcome to Arrival a clean and responsive landing page with maximum focus on your product, it’s features and benefits, product images plus a fully working (and validating) newsletter signup form along with fully integrated share buttons for all the popular social networks.
We all know the basic facts – that these are the pages a visitor reaches after clicking on a banner ad or a promotional link, and that they play a crucial marketing role by converting leads into customers for the business. If they are to be called reference, pages have to display information that is both appealing and relevant to the visitor (text, multimedia). If the landing page has virtually no navigation option except for the CTA button, visitors will force their exit.

Visitors have to find on the landing page what they were first promised in the ad they clicked.
You understand in an instant what the service is and how you can use it (Search, Sign Up, Pay-As-You-Go, Buy Subscription). There is contrast, good slogans in each section and it brings a lot of information without forcing you to read everything (the small font does it all). Plus, it includes a minimum amount of text and uses a demo video, as it’s a known fact that people prefer watching a short film than reading. However, the decision to divide the page in segments makes it easy to navigate through all the elements.
I personally like that this page doesn’t tell you everything right away, but invites you to discover. You understand the message in a split second, as your line of sight quickly scans the first row and arrives at the CTA button. A bold slogan, CTA buttons that you can’t resist clicking and a very good endorsement, this is the combination to success.
Laura has a bachelor degree in Communication Science and spends most of the time pursuing her passion for design and writing.
This template was designed with Responsive design, Pricing table, Additional pages, Contact form, jQuery accordion and much more..
When it comes to designing a landing page yourself however, matters seem to be far more delicate than you would have expected after going through how-to documentation.
Watch out for the following in the gallery below: visual communication, branding and trust indicators, content effectiveness, calls-to-action. As for this one, it’s very effective in terms of endorsement (see the bold testimonials) and truly speaks the language of the audience with figures and trust indicators (number of community members, amount of money they earned). The light grey background is unobtrusive and puts the highlight on the essence, that being the image. It does have navigation, but a vertical one, by scrolling, which considerably reduces bouncing rates.

Notice the two calls-to-action, at the top and bottom – this is a foolproof method to make the message persistent without overcrowding the page.
You can find everything you may be looking for: features, benefits, testimonials and even a guarantee of a refund if you are not happy with the result. What I don’t find so enjoyable, however, is a video that starts automatically (a feature I generally avoid) – even if Andrew Powers is not only skillful but also handsome! The paragraph arrangement resemble a newspaper layout and is quite suggestive for the purpose of the CMS. I also like that they put their context of use in the center of the page, with a screenshot of the way their pages look and infographic-like indications. She works for 123ContactForm, an online form and survey builder that helps users create beautiful forms for any web page. This is why today, we have chosen to share a collection of actual landing page examples for inspiration. What I personally think they can improve on is the list of stock photography categories, it’s a bit stuffed. Highlighting the benefits for the customers instead of the product’s features is another vanquisher. The CTA buttons are a bit too weak, though, and the lady in the bottom right corner causes a mild distractin; with too much surprise on her face, does she look like she is able to negotiate a business matter? Generally speaking, the essential recipe is to make your landing page express this offer as clearly and as enticingly as possible.

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