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This infographic from Yume comes to us via Los Angeles Hyundai and explores “Important Details You Should Know When Placing an Ad”. Interestingly, France still lags its European neighbors in terms of digital’s share of total ad-spend, as it stands at 37% in the UK and 32% in Germany, indicating that online advertising in France still has a lot of room to grow. Mobile is, obviously, also growing massively, up 77% over the previous year, hitting a total of 407 million euros. With companies like Criteo, Teads, and more, France has started to build an impressive name for itself in the adtech space. All the more reason why native advertising could become a major fixture of the French marketing world. The Rude Baguette is France’s first English-language news site covering startups, tech, and innovation. The wide skyscraper is 160 x 600; the regular skyscraper is 120 x 600 and the half page ad 300 x 600.
An advantage of placing ads on the Net is you can direct your products directly to people who have an interest in the item.
Ever since we are born into the modern world that we live in, advertising surrounds everything we do.  We see it every single day in the media, in public places like malls and by the sides of the roads, and everywhere else you can imagine. Another way that viewers can easily be manipulated by advertisements is when commercials use very catchy, recognizable slogans. Advertising has come a long way since the media first began employing it, but in the end the main goal is always going to be manipulation of the audience by attempting to get inside their heads and control their emotions. Even companies that do not operate primarily online such as retail shops must still using the internet to be found and to expose their wares to the public. For the first time ever, advertising via digital media has overtake the press to become the #2 advertising channel in France, as found in a recent study by PwC.
Display was second, but growing at twice the rate of display, +8%. Criteo is undoubtedly benefiting substantially from this. Helping matters is that native advertising innovators (particularly for the mobile screen) like Airpush and Facebook have a terrific foothold throughout Europe. The vertical banner and square button Internet advertising sizes should have a file weight of 30k.

Unwanted ads pop up on computers and phones, and they are a part of watching live television that most of us have learned to live with. From war propaganda to Sarah McLachlan anti-animal cruelty commercials, America has a long history with it’s intent in its ads. With a clever slogan and a ad that uses humor, many younger viewers will be drawn in very easily. When characters in a commercial are very rich or very attractive, we viewers often can’t help but want the same as them. This can be stopped if we realize this as viewers and think the next time we see an ad on TV, on our phones, in stores or on the Internet. According to the study, Internet advertising grew at a rate of 4% last year to reach a value of 2.89 billion Euros in France, while the advertising spend via the written press declined 8% last year.
Video also grew massively, albeit from a small base, at a rate of  +65% in 2014, accounting for 224 million euros in ad-sales. Combine this reality with the growing number of European publishers that are also willing to run native ads and it’s pretty much a perfect storm for native ad growth this year. The full and half banners should have a maximum initial file download size of 40k and 30k respectively. While Mirriam-Webster defines advertising as, “the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements”, it seems to be much different from simply calling attention to things. The current purpose of advertising has certainly evolved from the purpose that it should be, which is to simply inform its audience. Once they are drawn in, it isn’t uncommon to find that the phrase will be used more often in real life, and will be coined as the phrase from “that commercial”. This often can lead viewers to believe that if they simply buy this miraculous product, they can have the same lifestyle as the people on TV do. Now, advertisers will do whatever it takes to make their audience feel something in order to manipulate emotions. The images of the ex-former smokers with no teeth or holes in their throat are meant to scare viewers and leave an effect on them. This brings the brand’s name into the lives of many people and it makes it easy to gain immense attention.

Obviously this isn’t true, which causes companies to be emotionally manipulative and inaccurate. If we use willpower, it is not that hard to deny the manipulative power of the advertisements and pay no mind to them. PwC is even predicting if the current trends continue, that internet could surpass TV in terms of share of ad-spend by end 2015 and most certainly will by end 2016. Whether it’s to make you feel sad (which is usually the case, as this is the easiest emotion to manipulate), happy, fearful or angry, the main purpose of that commercial or pop-up ad is to make you feel any emotion that is necessary to convince you to buy that product.
One commercial against smoking that was launched by the FDA  uses this tactic to the extreme features a girl peeling off her own skin in a convenience store as the cost to buy a pack of cigarettes. This one is sort of hit or miss- you can end up with a great one such as “Jake from State Farm”, which everybody recognizes and connects the funny ad to how state farm just has the best insurance, or one that no one would remember. It’s easy to take ads too far, making heart wrenching ads just to get viewers to buy a certain car or product. Every time that commercial comes on, most people recognize it and talk about how gross it is.
Your emotional response to any type of advertising affects how you perceive the product and gives you an easily controlled bond to the product- usually, if you see a particularly sad or funny advertisement, you will definitely remember the product next time you see it in a store and may even buy it just because of that. Even though it is pretty gross, this is exactly what the FDA wants; they want people to talk about it and to recognize it, a common form of control. The general purpose of an ad is to get you to stop thinking rationally and instead base your actions on an emotional response to that ad.
Playing this commercial stresses the dangers of smoking to every each and every one of its viewers, because it is disturbing and recognizable, and also gross and cruel to play every single commercial break.

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