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If you’ve ever found yourself in a kitchen with no idea what the difference is between a whisk and tongs, then this is the perfect article for you.
How can you be expected to eat your veggie servings without a vegetable peeler in your kitchen? Entire aisles of the grocery store are occupied by fruits, vegetables, and legumes packaged in sealed cans. Spatulas are great utensils to have on hand as they can be used for so many different things like mixing and scraping. Primarily used to cook vegetables, a steamer basket is placed in a covered saucepan with a small amount of water at the bottom. Likely any recipe you use will require you to bake, stir, or cool for a specified amount of time, thus a kitchen timer is absolutely necessary. While culinary experts may be able to cook based on sight or smell, measuring cups and teaspoons really are crucial for those just learning to cook.
This is the official health and fitness blog of Anytime Fitness—the world's largest co-ed fitness franchise.
Ever since I was a student, cooking was a necessity to save money and not die of starvation.
They were chosen based on readers reviews, sales and how long they’ve been able to remain relevant, all important criteria to be trusted by a newbie like myself. This cook book is a collection of 50 meals, spread over 288 pages with not just a few, but a ton of pictures and spreads. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Experience the fascinating culture of South Korea in one of the most authentic ways possible – through its local cuisine!
Discover the history, culture and food of Seoul on a walking tour of this bustling metropolis. During this 9-hour Seoul highlights day tour, you will get a great taste of what Seoul has to offer! The elevenses snack and that 2 o’clock slump can really be a pain, especially when you are working.
You know you don’t really want to reach for the crisps, or the chocolate to fill you up, because you know deep down that its not really going to give you the energy you need, and that it’s not the best choice. If you can chose the right sort of snacks then you will be less inclined to want to give in to your sugar or savoury cravings, because your body is being fed the right sort of nutrition. You can choose the conventional fruit and nuts, like an apple and some walnuts BUT I can do one better than that. Take your apple, cut it up into chunks, next grab a handful of rocket salad, add a few walnuts, a tsp of olive oil, and balsamic, and you can add approx 20g feta cheese. Perfect for the afternoon slump, and again requires NO cooking and take seconds to make, and not many more seconds to eat because it is so scrummy!
Take 2 oats cakes (we like nairns), spread a thin layer of peanut butter on them (we like whole earth – avoid any peanut butter where the first ingredient is Raw Cane Sugar), then slice up a banana and place it on top of the side with the peanut butter, put the other oat cake on top, making a type of cookie, and you have the perfect energy boost. These are all little twists on the conventional fruit and nut – give them a go and let me know how you get on! The direct correlation between having a healthy body and mind is something that is a very powerful asset to have in your business, which is something that not just our clients experience but of course personally too.
As Health and Fitness Coaches helping this industry we help people to live a life of balance. When all 3 of these work in harmony with each other you get balance, which equals a healthy lifestyle!

You THINK perhaps that you are getting something healthy, but 9 times out of 10 it’s not going to help you really. It will just take a little bit of your time the evening before, however, just popping in to the shops and grabbing something on the go can actually take just as long. If you think about it, you have to go to the shop, chose what you want, stand in line and then pay and return to where you started. Prepping your lunch the night before can also take the same amount of time, so in reality a little time spent prepping the night before can be very effective. For example: if you cook fajitas the night before you could take them to work the next day in a wholemeal wrap, paired with some fruit this is a perfect healthy lunch. Easy carbs to have for lunches are: wholemeal wraps, granary bread, or grains like cous cous, brown rice, brown pasta, lentils, quinoa.
The addition of some feta cheese, or even some olive oil to drizzle will give your lunch a different edge and give it some wetness. Today we’re talking about the most basic utensils you absolutely must have in order to be successful in the kitchen. The vegetable peeler is particularly useful for root vegetables and tubers, which tend to have a thin layer of skin that can be removed prior to consumption. The advantage of a heat resistant spatula is it can be used when cooking on the stovetop without worry of melting your utensil.
Use of a steamer basket can be a great alternative to sauteing, roasting, or boiling in terms of nutrition as little to no fat is required for cooking. They come in handy when tossing salads or grilling outside as they provide a precise way of rotating, lifting, or turning food. Actually utilizing this utensil can prevent your dishes or desserts from overcooking or burning. Cooking is most definitely a science requiring specific ratios of various ingredients, making this utensil a kitchen essential.
Most simply it may be used to access adult beverages without much other preparation necessary. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Dietetics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. In those days, it mainly comprised of an array of different pastas and whatever else was in the fridge.
In this volume, Alton Brown goes into the how and why of cooking to help you understand the process involved. The images are beautiful photographic art work, and often they aim to illustrate either ideas for presentation or preparation of the featured meals. Every dish has a full color photograph, and every dish is uncomplicated enough that after a couple times making it, you don’t need to go back to the recipe.
It’s not lunchtime yet, and its not quite dinner, you’re peckish, maybe even hungry but just don’t know what to eat for the best?
I have three ideas which involve NO cooking at all, and are a firm favourite with our guys. I admit that I have these from time to time, but after you have this you will think… chocolate who!?
We specialise in helping business owners and entrepreneurs who have sacrificed their bodies and their health for the success of their business. The usual scenario is that you don’t have time to prep for the next day and think, I’ll just get a sandwich, or grab something on the go.
This is due to the added ingredients to make it taste better – salt, butter, mayo and such like.

One that will save you some pennies and will ensure that you are in control of your lunches and what you are eating.
If you do all of that quickly and with the minimum of fuss you are still probably looking at a minimum of 10 minutes at least. I have three ideas that will be quick and easy AND if you tie them in with dinner, will not take you anytime at all. You could actually use tactical leftovers from the night before if you plan well enough (keep an eye on my WatchFit Page to find my Beginners Guide to Cooking Healthy Dinners coming soon), this is a sure fire way to make sure that you not only have a healthy dinner BUT also a lunch.
Perfect food equation to keep you full: if you get a good mixture of carbs, fats and protein with some fibre you will be able to create a lunch that will keep you full. ALL which can be mixed with some protein: like chicken, tuna, turkey, beef or even a veggie alternative Quron to make a salad. It’s quite exciting using all the different herbs and spices to really make your lunch your own. To find some incredibly delicious breakfast ideas, read my Beginner’s Cooking Guide to Healthy Breakfasts.
Handheld openers can be purchased fairly inexpensively, or you can go super high tech with a electrical opener. It’s a utensil commonly used to mix ingredients, both wet and dry, so go after some eggs, homemade salad dressing, or pancake batter! You may also use this utensil to serve up main dishes or dessert as its sharp edge and flat surface is great for dividing portions. But as your cooking skills advance you may attempt to incorporate some red or white wine into your recipes, in which case this utensil will come in handy. She turns her passion into practice, promoting healthy bodies in both her personal and professional life. The recipes themselves are detailed enough for beginners, and not so esoteric that you have to make a trip to a specialty grocery store every time you want to cook something. Essentially you buy a collection of round about 150 recipes, nicely combined into complete small family meals with ingredients and amounts listed to serve 4 to 6 people at a time. We are personal trainers, nutritionist specialists and body transformation coaches all rolled into one.
The combination of exercise, eating and discovering a good and healthy mind set combined helped her to manage her condition while living a healthy lifestyle. This is why I went on the hunt for the best cook books for a beginner like myself to add to his culinary repertoire. This book explains why you sear a piece of meat (and its not what you might think), why cast iron is the best cookware for searing it, and what happens if you mess up. We are specialist in what we do and have transformed our clients bodies, and lives through exercise, nutrition and mind set.
It was because of this combination and the control it gave her that caused Rock Solid to be born. I wanted to focus on simpe cook books which explained everything in plain English and the majority of the meals could be prepared in under 30 minutes, and this list of cooking books is what I came up with.

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