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It determines the parameters needed to be monitored by analyzing the actual running status and working condition of the hydraulic system of the aerial working platforms’ working device and the hardware design. Mobile telescoping aerial work platform, View Mobile telescoping aerial work platform, Sino Product Details from Jinan Sino Trade Co., Ltd. Mobile Scissor lifts with Pulling Device is to change the spring handler to a motorized one, and the tyre of the machine need to be modified accordingly. A: What is the difference from mobile scissor lift and mobile aluminum aerial work platform? 5.All the quality complaints and improvement requirements are always studied seriously, if reasonable, put into practice immediately.
In the course of working, personal safety of the aerial working platform operator has a direct relationship with the work status and stability of aerial working platform.

Even if you work at the 30 meter high, you still has feel the best performance and best reliability. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. There has ledt, right transction button and brake button on the pulling device for convenient operation. Neatly folding guardrails make it easy to maneuver through doorways, into elevators and throughout other height-restricted areas.
So timely discharge and predict of failure of the aerial working platform is very important.
This kind of platforms has 2 types, one is equiped with single ladder and the other has double ladders on both sides.

Aerial working platform is a mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated system which the structure is complex.
Besides, Aerial working platform diagnosis could not only be structural, but also parametric, so it is difficult to locate and eliminate faults by manual fault diagnosis methods. Therefore, the hydraulic system of self-propelled and folding-arm type aerial working platform’s working is taken as a case, to develop a condition monitoring and aerial working platform diagnosis system to monitor its state timely and diagnosing its possible faults.

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