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In this post I’ll be discussing some of the best affiliate networks, and provide people alternatives to sticking with Clickbank. There’s nothing wrong with Clickbank as such, but the problem is, that it can be pretty competitive. The reason I slotted that in there, was because in the Clickbank Marketplace when you are looking at products to promote, some of the easiest keywords to make money with are product names, and product name review. I for one prefer to promote physical products, although I do still promote a lot of digital stuff from Clickbank too. Keep in mind that Clickbank auto-approves all affiliates, but most other networks are not that easy. Also quite a few, but not all networks, require telephone contact with you before they will accept you, this is mainly the CPA networks. These are all pretty straight forward questions, but it helps to have a good answer ready to give them.
Commission Junction – are probably the largest affiliate network there is, and they have a huge range of niches and products.
Linkshare – These guys are not that hard to get accepted into, which is good, and they also have a large range of products to promote, including some great electronics and gadgets.
ShareAsale – Another decent sized network, and again acceptance is not too hard here either.
Market Health – This is a great natural health market place, with great commissions and a large range of products. MoreNiche – Yet another great health network, with products for all sorts of conditions. Max Bounty – These guys are a CPA network, and they have a lot of different offers, ranging from debt relief and insurance to health and beauty. There are of course many other networks out there that are also good, however these are some of the best affiliate networks. I write about various topics to do with Internet Marketing and strive to provide the best free resource for people wanting to develop online businesses.
I found this post very encouraging becasue there are other networks out there to work with, and other opportunities.
Nice to hear from you, and great to see you are getting stuck into affiliate marketing, all the best!!
Clickbank is the best option for software and ebooks, but if your product is a physical product then I think you should try Commission Junction. Great list Matt thank you, I use a few of these myself however have found the most success with Clickbank. I also love the info Clickbank gives to the user so they can choose a good product to promote without the need to actually speak to or email a member of staff.
Yeah I agree that Clickbank does make life very easy for people and I assume this is why they do so well!!
Thanks Matt, I helps to know what networks can be trusted, and what steps to take in order to be accepted, especially for a newbie which can be overwhelming (been there!).
I do have a question, for an authority site, is it better to keep the sentences and paragraphs short or does the content need to look well thought out and educated, such as techniques that they teach in college for essay writing?
I think with any content that you are using for an affiliate site, which is what I assume you are referring to here, should not be too long, and should be informing the reader and coming across as unbiased.
With Buyer keywords it really is just about thinking what is the customers intention when they are typing these into the search engine.
You do need a quality site though that is well structured with decent posts and pages on the site. Thanks for your input, It is always worthwhile.I have tried click bank, share a sale and a few others. Matt Carter Reply:April 16th, 2010 at 4:55 pmSounds like a good idea Grant, maybe I will do that!
What I have been receiving from you in the form of advice and the products you recomened is great.
I don’t know anything about that Commission Junction rule, I have had sites accepted that are not that old. Thanks matt for this information as newbie i started to make a few sale with some of the network and looking forward to register with others but my problem is that i don’t have a website can you advice on how to set up a good website.

Great to hear from you again, looks like you are becoming a regular on the blog which is great to see. Thanks for more good information… I have been thinking about getting started with some physical products. Made the mistake of making my first site in haste, but since starting to use your FREE 12 Part Video Coaching Series I have started to see affiliate marketing in a different light, Keep up the good work m8, and im eternally grateful for a blog like this. If anyone uses Amazon,can they tell me if you can set it up in such a way that it will divert viewers to their own particular country. Hey, Matt here, I'm a full time Super Affiliate, 33 years old, and live in New Zealand with my wife and son. Top 10 Affiliate Networks:Here is the answer for all my students and readers who do not know how to make money from their sites, email list or blogs.
I have used, bought and sold on just about everyone of these affiliate networks and pay on time are trustworthy have cool services or products that people want.
One of the best performance marketing networks where you find high quality affiliate offers. If you are a software marketer, I enthusiastically suggest Digital River’s oneNetworkDirect.
Another recognized long-term leaders in the affiliate affiliate network game that is owned by Rakuten an outfit based in Japan offering foreign language and currency capabilities. Now even though I suggested the 10 Best Affiliate Networks to you here, you need to select 1 or up to 3 maximum. Whether you have 1 or 1000 visits a day everyone wants to increase tDifference Between Persuasion and Manipulation1 of my students had seen my video on Influence The Psychology of Persuasion By Robert Cialdini. There are a lot of interesting affiliate networks to choose from when you want to start with affiliate marketing. Bluesnap works like clickbank but Plimus offers different products and services and it is easier to get accepted. As Seen On PC – Relatively easy to get accepted, but prefers if you can show an example website. Commission Junction – Easy to get accepted, commissions rates vary wildly, some are good, others are terrible. Shareasale – Good ever growing selection of offers, not as large as CJ but on average the commissions are much better.
E-Junkie – Prefer intermediate and advanced affiliates, has some great performing offers and is an up and coming affiliate cpa network. If you just branch out a little, you’ll find there are other networks, with great physical products that convert extremely well and have less competition. When you are considering a product to promote make sure you choose BUYER keywords to target, do NOT fall into the trap of targeting info seeker keywords (end of rant). However although there is still plenty of easy money to be made targeting these keywords in Clickbank, and variations of these, there is a sea of opportunity out there, with less competition when you venture to other networks. So with that said, I have listed below some other networks that you might like to consider. If you don’t have a website, then you can just buy a domain and set up a wordpress blog template of one, add 6-10 articles on the niche topic, make it look pretty, and off you go. So make sure that you do not miss the call from them, or you’ll instantly get rejected. I am not suggesting you falsify information, I am just saying that the more detail, and the more you can show them that you have a clue and know what you are talking about, the much higher the chance of getting accepted. Build an online business with my free 12 part internet marketing video training course now! All that is provided here is a list of alternative networks one can use to promote other folks products…sounds to me like you missed the point of the article. I don’t think writing an essay style would be great for conversions, as it might be too factual and not captivate the reader. The more precise they are they more research they have done and the more ready they are to buy.
I am new at this, been active on the net for just over eight months and five of them wasted by following a load of rubbish. You give my some golden nuggets each time I read or listen to your shared clips or reading material.

Recently I have started putting up some physical product sites as opposed to my IM side of things.
The affiliate earnings vary from around 2% to 90% so there is some great affiliate money on the table if you work it right. With over $1.5 Billion in commissions paid out Clickbank is a Highly recommended affiliate network.
You can essentially market or push everything under the blue sky with the extremely powerfulAmazon Associate Program.
They are fairly huge and have a good identity in the affiliate space so you can feel safe in selecting with them.
There’s nothing too overly radical or crazy with this affiliate network minus the minor detail that it is run by Google, one of the giants in the market. If you want to drive traffic to products and items listed on eBay, then this is your chance to work with a global brand.
I would quickly browse through the list and find whichever ones best fit your website content, markets you know or traffic.
However often has lower commission rates because merchants have to pay a lot for the use of their service and technology. Great because they have a lot of physical product offerings with solid payouts, which is good for your newsletter sequence if you are looking for more products to promote in a particular list or on your website. It would be better to set up and promote a clickbank or other affiliate product first before applying here so you can show an example of your website(s). This is not only an affiliate platform, you are also able to list your own products for sale, list your products in the affilaite market place and create buy now buttons for your website. But there are a HUGE amount of buyer keyword opportunities for products that you can target in here. It does take work to make anything on line, work that involves thought, effort, time and some sacrifice. So if they have brand name in the keyword then they have most likely done a fair amount of searching, so I consider that a buyer keyword. I am paticularly interested in healthcare so thank you for the health affiliate site links. I’m still learning on a continuous basis and enjoy receiving valuable tips that works.
I have put together a super list of the 10 Best Affiliate Networks for you to use so that you can finally make money online. Not because it’s a network of digital products which sell better on the Internet, but also because of high payout. A vast number of the offers you see out there come from ShareASale’s affiliate network. You start with a simple registration and approval process  after that you just select your merchant 1 at a time in order to be able to start selling their products and services. An exceptionally powerful website powered by eBay itself with the highly regarded Quality Click Pricing (QCP) payout system.
Select a cool niche and you can offer similar products from all 3 affiliate networks but the main idea is to focus and match traffic with products that are congruent. Make sure you mention you will be sending a lot of ppc traffic (if you will be) as this is a good selling point to get yourself accepted here. They charge very low overhead cost in comparison to other payment processors and you can find some good affiliate products to promote as well.
The great thing though is that work that is done continues to work for you when you work on other projects. I was going to go with Clickbank but now am wondering if I should re-investigate these other options?
The lions share of this networks products are digital but they do have some physical affiliate products as well. Made some money with SaleAShare promoting some software & based on something I have experience on (much easier).

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