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ModPlug Tracker is a free open source tracker that features MIDI, ASIO, wav-file rendering, and has a rudimentary VST support. Aodix is a tracker based audio sequencer with 32-bit internal sample rate, ASIO and VST support. GoatTracker by Loorni is an open source crossplatform tracker for creating Commodore 64 music using the reSID engine to emulate the sound of the famous MOS6581 SID chip. GoatTracker is quite primitive, compared with other freeware trackers, but it definitely has some of that old C64 feeling to it.
Just getting them to play a VST plugin is very hard indeed, and since they both lack decent documentation, they are simply not worth the energy.

The software studio features ASIO and VST-2 support, 70+ native plugins, and a well written manual. The MilkyTracker software studio features low latency audio driver support, MIDI In support and rendering of songs or patterns to wav-files. The setup is very easy, but be careful not to point Psycle to a directory with too many VST's at the same time. On top of this MilkyTracker features a sample editor perfect for making your own 8-bit drum sounds. The Psycle Software studio is still very much a work in progress, but if you're just getting started with tracking, this might be the right solution for you.

With the download you are given a trial version of the full software and the free version which the trial version will revert to after 30 days.
Studio One free does not support third party vst’s, but comes with a modest array of native plugins for editing audio as well as Presence, a native sample bassed synth.

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