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To ensure that it will run on your computer, you need to meet certain minimum requirements. In the first method, follow the first step in the Update Your Drivers instructions to get the Manufacturer and Name of your video card. Go to the Realtech Website, be sure to select Windows as your operating system, then click the Download button and Save the file to your computer. I am thinking of buying the seiki 39 as a computer monitor (linux) instead of a 30" 2560x1600 IPS display. However, if you want to check if your existing computer does, there are two ways to do this.
Then use the links at the bottom of that page to go to the manufacturer's website and look up that card.

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The set and computer are reporting 120hz and BlurBusters frame-rate tool is reporting 105 FPS with Vsync. To have the best experience, you should ensure that your computer has the latest video drivers. Follow our team for updates featuring event coverage, new product unveilings, watch industry news & more! The display is excellent as a 39" computer monitor even though max Vsync is 30Hz at 4K resolution.
Games such as iRacing look very good with good visual quality and 4K videos look very impressive.

He stated that the display when connected to a computer and the computer is outputing Vsync at 120Hz, the TV will be displaying at 120hz. The issue is that the on-screen display will only show 60hz for frequencies between 60 and less than 120Hz. He mentioned that some manufactuers don't display Vsync on the on-screen info display for this reason.

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