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Managing content and the conversations around it have always been part of the PR job description. While a separate Google Calendar is one option for planning, most clients feel more comfortable with an actual file to review. Solo PR PRO Premium members, click here to access these examples as customizable templates.
In this case, unless you have an additional scheduling calendar, you’re trusting the person in charge of each communications vehicle to express the information appropriately. By including all of your channels on the left and listing out each communication (with color coding), you can see at-a-glance everything planned for a given week, and adjust as needed.
As we know, scheduled updates don’t negate the need for real-time engagement across social networks, but proper planning is a necessity to stay on top of the many communications vehicles at our disposal today.
Hi CMG- We provided screenshots for those who would like to re-create the templates themselves. You can cancel at any time, and all of our hundreds of pages of Premium content is available to new members on day 1, so you can try us out and get these calendars for just $25. Great content provides you with a means to create business relationships, but it won’t happen automatically.
Popular chat apps are quickly evolving from messages between friends to content-rich platforms. Here are the best tips from thought leaders that provide both B2B and B2C brands with tactics for creating a strong Instagram presence.
Follow these tips from the best minds in content marketing and search engine optimization to creating content that both Google and your audience will love. Great collection of brilliant articles- I found the social tips pretty useful too so thank you! Sign up for weekly updates, and learn to create content that will boost your online authority and your business.
In the long run, it pays to extend the reach of your demand generation campaign to include not only those prospects ready to buy, but also anyone else that might be facing the specific issue or problem that your product or service can solve. For example, your company may want to target a competitor’s installed base because support for their flagship product is coming to an end. In these scenarios, one way to accelerate the sales cycle is to present a meeting as the call to action.

For most executives, meeting with a salesperson ranks near the bottom on a list of how they like to spend their time at the office. In my last post, I wrote about the critical nature of personal value in demand generation and B2B marketing in general. This entry was posted in B2B Marketing, Copywriting, Creative, Demand Generation, direct marketing, Offer Strategy and tagged appointment setting, b2b demand generation, b2b direct marketing, Demand Generation on October 22, 2013 by Howard Sewell. You can receive all new posts on Flipboard, by adding us to your RSS feed, or by following Spear on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.
But today, there are many more communications vehicles, with advanced content marketing and management increasingly falling into the PR domain for many organizations.
So once you’ve thought through your strategies, there are three calendar approaches I’ve found work best to manage updates in most client situations (note that these are separate from the blog editorial calendar process).
This calendar can be as general or as detailed as you need it to be (word-for-word tweets, for example), and can be customized for any number of assets. If you’re working collaboratively with a team, Google Docs (now Google Drive) remains one of the best tools for handling content management, since all of the above calendars can be placed online as a spreadsheet and edited by those with permission.
If you’ve used other methods with success (or if you have any lessons learned to share), please let us know in the comments!
Hope that helps, and feel free to use our Contact Us form if you have any further questions! Each post scours through hundreds of articles written by marketing influencers to find the best advice on popular content marketing topics and give you the top answers all in one neat little post. So here’s a handy guide to navigating the 20 Best Tips on a wide range of content marketing topics. So here are the 20 best tips for building authentic relationships through content marketing.
Here are the top 20 tips from content marketing leaders on how to use Pinterest to increase online business.
Here are 20 tips from content marketing and social media experts on creating a calendar you’ll actually use. She has been content marketing since the sixth grade, when she created a neighborhood newspaper to build her babysitting authority. Consider signing up for our weekly newsletter – we publish three content marketing articles per week.

Perhaps you want to leverage a recent sales win by targeting other executives within that same vertical.
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Sewell is president of Spear Marketing Group and a B2B marketing veteran with more than 25 years' experience in direct marketing, demand generation and lead management. While there are some tools that simplify the end-to-end editorial and social media management process, they’re usually outside the budget range of Solo PR Pros and their clients.
By popular demand, save time and purchase a .zip file of these templates in Excel for a one-time fee of just $19. Save time and purchase a .zip file of these templates in Excel for a one-time fee of just $9.
This allows you to take away quick tips or link through to the in-depth sources that can teach you even more on the topic. Success in securing meetings through demand generation often requires expensive, high-impact creative (to ensure you grab the prospect’s attention), along with carefully crafted, highly compelling copy that convinces the prospect that your company is worth his or her valuable time. Construct two or three bullet points that detail the steps you’ll take to make the meeting as efficient as possible. Having a repository of Conversation Calendar Templates can be enormously beneficial in meeting varied client needs. Namely, it should be very easy to curate content, but also very easy to integrate with existing blogging platform like WordPress. An example of a business benefit could be a custom report prepared specifically for the executive and his or her company based on the information collected in the meeting. The personal benefit could be a free gift of some sort – a golf club, cell phone, iPad, etc.

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