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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Thirteen hours of presentations, 20 hours of interviews, and 34 speakers share one common theme: The right marketing technology can help marketers stimulate customer engagement and drive ROI. Top emailers are phasing out messages that customers would consider spam, says Return Path, though there's still room for improvement. The Canadian airline revamps its strategy, tools, and team to deliver better customer insights. WestJet's digital analytics team wanted to find a way to help the airline and its WestJet Vacation brand better deliver this care cohesively by providing company leaders with a 360-degree view of the customer. The ability to track customers' digital behavior is important in any industry, but it's especially important for the airline sector. WestJet had implemented Adobe Analytics shortly after Elemam joined the company at the beginning of 2014. Knowing more about the customer was a greater priority than the bells and whistles best-of-breed solutions could provide. The company decided to implement several products within Adobe's Marketing Cloud suite of solutions throughout 2015 and in early 2016.
Today, WestJet uses Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Media Optimizer, and Adobe Target. The airline experienced some turbulence during the implementation process—mainly, it took more than a year to add and implement all of the cloud solutions. As is the situation with many companies implementing a suite of marketing tools, the marketing and analytics teams also faced the challenge of “running around the company finding tech support.” So, the airline worked with a consultancy and had a single point of contact at Adobe who specialized in the travel vertical to iron out any pressing issues. But it wasn't enough for WestJet to have its tools in place; it needed to have the right people in place, too. Since implementing the Adobe Marketing Cloud, WestJet streamlined its business processes and improved its marketing results.

Despite the benefits gained since the implementation, Elemam points out that the success isn't about the technology itself.
Direct Marketing News sat down with Erin Walline 90 days into her role and uncovered a few of her secrets for generating prime customer experiences.
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For e mail advertising you want excellent content for entice purchaser, write on e-mail about the high quality of what you are promoting merchandise, worth or its options. Lead administration gadget is work for buying new leads, for acquisition, qualification, verification, prospecting, routing and sales closure. In first step through this method tool the entire common or necessary details was once collected and integrate in exiting database of firm. So, the team revamped its strategy, tools, and structure to deliver connected, high-flying insights. The reason: Web behavior is the best indicator of whether a customer is going to purchase an airline ticket or vacation package, Elemam says. A year later the airline's marketing and analytics teams realized that the analytics solution alone wasn't providing the full view of the customer they desired.
The analytics team also wanted to seamlessly integrate its Adobe Analytics data into its new tools and provide a centralized view of the customer; plus, it needed to generate customer insights in close to real time. These tools allow the airline to track everything from shopping conversion and specific hotel bookings to booking-flow metrics, profile and device metrics, and engagement-to-conversion metrics, Elemam explained at the 2016 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas.
The biggest change WestJet made after implementing the Adobe Marketing Cloud was to move its marketing team into the digital group—before, the two departments were separate entities, Elemam says. It did so by having all of its agencies use its Adobe dashboard and paying them based on the performance metrics shown in the one common scoring system the airline uses.

Productivity improved, as well; the airlines was able to reduce employee training time because its staff now uses one marketing suite with a unified interface, instead of several disparate solutions.
Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether companies invest in best-of-breed or suite solutions, Elemam says.
After collecting information in database, in second step all leads used to be labeled by means of the priority of work. So, the airline decided to broaden its marketing technology stack to better identify its customers and understand their intent. Some of the other solutions considered weren't able to stitch this data together, or it took 24 hours to do so. He added that WestJet classifies this data to each user, integrates it into statistical computing suite R, and then can track metrics quickly and identify customer intent. This allows the organization to share insights faster and operate with a bigger, unified budget. And at the Summit, Elemam noted that the airline saved more than one million dollars in marketing costs.
What matters is that they invest in the technology that best meets their goals and ensure that they have the right data, people, and strategies in place to take advantage of it.
When a product will also be identify by means of the people they wish to go together with them. The next decision was whether to add other best-of-breed solutions or invest in the full Adobe Marketing Cloud solution.
Some of these savings, he tells Direct Marketing News, were due to lower agency costs as a result of the unified dashboard.

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