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It really doesn’t matter how good your camera is, or how good a video maker you are, you will always find that the raw footage will need work.
Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a bomb on pro video editing software, so if you just want to edit your clips, add music or other soundtracks or apply cool special effects like transitions, there are plenty of free tools around.
This is a very easy program to use, and all you need to do is drag and drop your video clips onto the interface. There is support for most common formats, and the clips are automatically put in the right order.
Adding a soundtrack, captions and credits is equally easy and you have the option of saving the finished job as a video file or putting it on Facebook, YouTube or other social media. More control is available should you need it, for example, it’s easy to trim clips and tweak some other other options. Windows Movie Maker is very much aimed at beginners, so while more ambitious users might find it restrictive, it does exactly what it says on the tin. We particularly liked the drawing and selection tools and the range of colour and lighting tweaks. This compact program packs a lot of punch considering its modest download size of 327kb, smaller than a decent photo from a smartphone.
Small is beautiful though, as Streamclip enables you to edit, rotate and copy footage and export soundtracks. There were some issues playing back MP4 files, though, and this is very much designed as a program for trimming and file conversion, rather than anything more ambitious. While this program looks a bit long in the tooth and is only designed to work fully with AVI files, there is a lot to like. As well as all the filters you would expect, such colour and contrast adjustments, brightness and sharpening, you can rotate the footage at any angle.
You do have to dig through quite a lot of menus to uncover this program’s full potential but if you are after a reasonably powerful AVI processing tool, VirtualDub this certainly does the job. This is the most powerful of all the free editing tools here, with a highly customisable timeline, powerful support for multi-cams, effects you can apply in real time and industrial-strength trimming tools.
Apparently, the people behind Mission Impossible and Batman used Lightworks, so that is a good endorsement.
This is pretty self explanatory, and is designed for video conversion, but you can also use it as no-frills video-editing program. Simply drag and drop video clips onto the interface and it’s easy to put them in order, edit as needed, rotate and flip or convert. Anthropics is offering Digital Camera World readers an extra 10% discount on its award-winning PortraitPro portrait retouching software – that’s on top of the HALF PRICE sale that’s running for a limited time.
Billed as the world’s easiest portrait enhancement software, PortraitPro enables even the most inexperienced user to enhance their people photos with an intuitive set of sliders. Don’t be fooled by the easy-to-use interface though – this photo-editing software is much more than skin deep. PortraitPro’s powerful engine enables users to make light work of significant retouching, from cleaning up the skin to slimming the face and altering the features or improving the hair. Whether you want to fade wrinkles and retain a natural look or you want to give your model a complete makeover, you can quickly tailor the effect to each individual’s face.

One-click transformations using a series of presets help to speed up your workflow, but all the enhancements remain fully adjustable.
The Studio and Studio Max editions come in both standalone versions and as Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture plug-ins. These editions introduce RAW handling, along with read & write support for TIFFs with 48 bits of colour. The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975.
Gone are the days when people required professional aid for editing a video while creating a documentary or short films.
So, in this article, we will be featuring some of the best Windows 10 video editing software or tools that you would like to use to create and edit awesome videos. Other features like green screen, PIP effect, personalized text watermark, face off, video color correction, tilt shift and scene detection makes it one of the best and easiest to use video editing software for Windows. Filmora is a quaint video editing tool which is perfectly compatible with Windows 10 device and easy to learn as well as use.
It offers the basic features which are available in all the video editing tools like cropping, trimming, merging, splitting. VirtualDub is one of those video editing tools for Windows 10 which offers an all round service or converting the videos and capturing them along with the video editing tools.
VirtualDub offers the facility of batch processing which allows editing multiple videos at once. If you are on the lookout of a device which provides truly professional video editing end results, then you must try out Pinnacle VideoSpin.
Are you looking out for a video editing tool which will give superb end results with minimal effort on your side? Windows Movie Maker is an easy to use yet superb video editing tool which is available for free of cost on all Windows 10 devices. These are some of the best video editing tools which you can use on your Windows 10 device to achieve a good video editing end result. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best free video editing software for photographers with links to download each program.
The easiest way to add polish and professionalism to your footage is to use video-editing software.
Kate makes it simple to trim and join video files, combine videos with transitions and put together movies with a dedicated soundtrack. As with Windows Movie Maker, this is not designed for more ambitious jobs – it’s not possible to expand the program window to take advantage of higher screen resolutions, for instance – but otherwise, it gives you video editing without tears. It’s easy enough to join and cut clips without the need to re-encode them, and there is an impressive list of filers – from the basics, like crop and add logo, through to brightness, contrast and colour controls.
While not as immediately obvious to use as the more beginner-orientated programs, Avidemux will deliver great results when you get to grips with it. The task is made harder by the rather scanty documentation, but stick with this program and you will also get good results. The Export tools gives you a lot of control over the finished movie too, and Streamclip can also open multiple files.

The interface is very clear and logical and there is an impressive range of filters available once you have trimmed your footage. No matter how much trimming you do, video quality is never lost, as Free Video Dub doesn’t actually re-encode your footage. You also get more conventional video-trimming options as you choose the left and right points through the source movie. The strength of the effect is completely down to you and creative enhancements can be carried out subtly or in more substantial steps.
Then you can rely on the software’s automatic face, age and gender detection to carry out adjustments automatically. PortraitPro Standard is standalone software designed with amateur photographers who work with JPEG or 24-bit TIFF files in mind.
For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible. Nowadays, all it takes is a computer and any one of the numerous video editing tools available in the market. This tool is awesome for the creation of a video with professional finish, but comes at a much lower cost than the professional video editors.
You can also apply certain special effects to your videos such as face-off, green screen, mosaic, picture-in-picture, filters, and overlays. The video capturing tool saves you the trouble of transferring the videos from other devices.
Its main features contain the likes of cropping side bars, adding files, deleting files, reordering video parts and rotating videos among the other basic features. It comes with some awesome and helpful features like deleting needless scenes from video, 2D transitions, creating photo slideshows, video effects and adding overlays in the form of either audio or text. This is one of those video editing tools which offers professional grade end results and are packed with various features. VSDC Free Video Editor makes it easy to save your finished masterpiece, or optimise it for mobile devices or DVD burning. Windows 10 offers an array of such video editing tools which can be used with equal ease and efficiency by both professional and novice video editors. This video editing tool is pretty well compatible with the Windows 10 operating system and offers a wide range of facilities like simple interface, texts effects, video stabilization and real-time effects.
Apart from the basics like trimming, splitting and likes it also allows the application of special effects such as slowing down and speeding up video, adding effects and transitions.
Available for just $49.95 this tool will allow you to edit a huge number of various file formats and acts as an all in one video editing solution for your use. It is highly compatible with various formats of files and allows unlimited video editing options.

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