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Send email newsletters, special offers, and invitations to keep your customers coming back again and again.
We all know there is a fine line between email marketing best practices that result in conversion and the kind of marketing strategy that does not motivate people to click the email message open at all, much less clicking through the email to your website or blog. This infographic, found on the Kissmetrics blog, acknowledges that marketing using this medium is effective, and has been over the years.
Sikich’s infographic briefly outlines ways that email is effective for marketing purposes before launching into ten easy email best marketing practices to follow to increase your email open rates. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and Pure360 dishes it out from an email best marketing practices perspective.
The Infographics Archive shares CCLoop’s nod to all that is great about email and acknowledges that things that annoy us. Once you add people to your email subscribers list, use these tips from Leaders West infographic to keep them there.
With this infographic from the Get Response blog, the connection between sharing among social outlets and click through rate (CTR) is revealed. With a nice round up of all the latest trends and highlights when it comes to best practices for your email marketing strategy, Email Monks delivers it in a colorful and well organized infographic. This succinct and concise infographic outlines the top six steps you need to follow in order to ensure that your email marketing campaign helps you to further the goals of your business.
Some 122,500,453,020 emails are sent every hour, so marketers must master the art of getting their email seen in a crowded inbox. The following tips from Madison Logic's infographic features 10 email marketing best-practices that can get your emails noticed. As for the email itself, "focus your message to fulfill the promise of the subject line," Madison Logic suggests.
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There are a lot of new tools in a marketer that are getting a good amount of attention these days. I want to see this infographic because I'm a new user of GetResponse and I want to learn useful stuff. Brian Solis shares why great products, creative marketing, and delightful customer service are no longer enough to win customers.
Presented by: Paul ChaneyIn just 10 minutes, we'll share six practical tips that will help you tap into your online community to grow your business and benefit your customers.
In this 22-page guide, you'll learn how to identify the key hires to get your team started, what traits and skills to look for in your key hires, how to manage freelancers, and much more! Through eight simple to follow, well-defined steps, SmartTools: Email Campaign Planner will help you establish an effective email marketing program to gather and convert leads.

Presented by: Mark Lerner In just 10 minutes, you'll learn three simple steps to source quality influencer video and use it to impact your bottom line in a meaningful and measurable way. MarketingProfs uses singlesign-on with Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to make subscribing and signing in easier for you. Rather, in today's marketing environment, email appears to be more effective for nurturing prospects than lead generation, the study reports. Content types such as freebies, discounted services, limited time offers, and personal, text-based emails are less popular among those surveyed. About the data: Findings are based on a survey of 100 B2B marketers in the US, conducted in June 2012 by Pardot, a cloud marketing automation software provider. I am curious how all of you are using email marketing with all of the increasing anti-spam regulations.
As long as you provide useful information segmented by users, the customer engagement shall remain high. They do add another level to content and help people understand information better, especially in a more appealing fashion. Add to that the fact that everyone these days is super busy and there is not much time to explore the nuances of email marketing best practices. With the advent of mobile devices, however, companies that do not adapt will likely see their return on investment (ROI) decrease. Their infographic points out some statistics about the effects of spam before moving on to outlining some ways to make your emails sizzle via an email marketing strategy that does not involve pulling out the spam card.
Found on the Pardot blog, following these tips will ensure that you are following the path of email marketing best practices now and into the future. Surprisingly, Madison Logic found, punctuation isn't necessary and capital letters produce a lift in engagement.
For example, users are 22% more likely to open an email if they are addressed by their first name. But don't forget about old, yet reliable and faithful tools that can still really help you get the most out of your marketing initiatives. Open RatesOf the most fundamental metrics of email marketing, open rates remain the most important. Among those surveyed, 50% say email marketing will be less relevant in five years; however, nearly the same proportion (47%) say email will still be relevant. Email marketing is a part of the bigger content marketing strategy and you need something that will make people want to sign up and receive your emails. With that, the popularity of infographics (information graphics) has also taken the marketing world by storm, and it’s easy to [literally] see why. Since these are all infographics, you can easily digest the information presented in small, bite-size pieces.

Following their recommendations can help you implement some email marketing best practices to get you the results you desire. Open rates are a measurement of many factors—interesting subject line, content relevance, deliverability, bounce rate, list health, opt-in or not and frequency of emails sent. Ordinarily, most people start prospecting by offering something like a whitepaper or an industry report in exchange for name and email.
Infographics are chock full of interesting stats, actionable items and a plethora of knowledge all wrapped up in a pretty package that’s ridiculously easy to share – A marketers dream! Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to VerticalResponse with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Best of all, even though these only take a few minutes to read, they will provide you with some fresh ideas and email marketing tips that you can implement immediately when you send out your next email blast.
A high open rate means you have got most of these factors correct.If you have low open rates, you probably lack strong subject lines or send out emails too frequently for the liking of a majority of your readers.
It could also be a sign of deliverability issues—quickly investigate the reasons before your email list becomes less and less useful.2.
We're just trying to reach out to people we met at trade shows and meetings who are likely to be interested in our company. Click RatesThe click rate of an email is calculated by dividing the number of unique clicks in the email by the number of total recipients.
If someone unsubscribes, we honor their request and remove them from our database.So how are all of you doing it? How is it lead generation if you can't email them without already having secured that permission? Click to Open RatesThis is the metric that actually decides how effective your email campaigns are. Email campaigns carrying strong deals unavailable elsewhere are a standard tactic used to push sales during slow times.2.
This is more effective as a lead generation tool in a B2B setup than a B2C one, in which case follow ups and selling to individual customers based on email leads can become daunting.3.
Email campaigns with high CTRs are a solid traffic driver to any brand’s website.While many brands use email marketing for generating brand awareness, this is not a recommended platform for creating brand awareness, unless it is intended to inform users of a new brand or product line from a company the recipient is already familiar with.
But these numbers do give you a yardstick to kick off or guide your own email marketing program.Do you see anything familiar in the data above?
It is even more reason to see how you can keep going down this road and make email marketing contribute to your business incrementally in the years to come.Ready to start generating better emails and content for marketing automation?

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