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Mailigen offers regular email marketing features including API, calendar of events, Google Analytics integration, segmentation, split testing, autoresponders etc. Online survey feature is included and they can be sent out just like other messages to your list. Online sign up forms can be created using your own images with font, size and color customization.
SMS marketing is an additional paid feature offered by Mailigen which can be quite beneficial if you also want to send permission based offers by text messages to your subscribers in over 200 countries. You can automatically send a message to Facebook and Twitter and also provide an option to your subscribers to share your newsletter. Inline image costs an extra $10 – which automatically loads images when a subscriber views it. Overall the editor is easy to use and it only takes a few minutes to make changes to an existing template. Speaking from a technical point of view only, Mailigen has a strong system which ensures high deliverability rates.
Create a plain text version of your email campaigns automatically by saving the full email under your Templates. February 2015: Add multiple users to your account and grant permissions, so you can collaborate with your team more effectively. Thanks for your feedback on Mailigen, we are always striving for balance between building an easy to use tool for any sized business and skill level and robust features for the expert or large enterprise. I really believe there is no point of shouting at people who you have no idea how they receive your messages.
For those looking for a service that is easy to use and preview emails before sending them. This review is unbiased and original and offers one of the most detailed Mailigen Reviews available online.
Their website displays Bosch, Japan Airlines, Honda and Lexus as their clients along with many others. Other paid services include dedicated IP, email template design, email audit, campaign management.

They don’t provide any free or paid stock images, however you do get 10MB of free storage (upgradable to 100mb for $5) to store your own images. You can insert content in your newsletter which will only be sent to certain subscribers based on criteria set up by you. They do need to offer some features that may be important to email marketers including more email templates and online archives. If you don’t agree with it or would just like to express your opinions about the reivew, please provide your comments below.
In case you don’t agree with this review of Mailigen, please provide your comments at the bottom of the page. Other features include RSS to Email, time travel, integrations with online tools like Salesforce, OnePageCRM, Quickbooks etc., tracking reports. There are discounts available if you pay for 3, 6 months or annual subscription in advance. You can check the spam score before sending a message, however their system does not tell you what the overall score is or explains in plain English whether it will end up in a spam folder or not. There is no inbox check feature available to see how your email will display on various email programs.
For example, you can specify certain email addresses or use segmentation, like females only.
It is invaluable to us as our aim is to keep Mailigen top of the market and give customers the best email experience they can get.
You will also have great mobile marketing and SMS integration enabling you to get even the old folks (my bad, no customer is old). Please note that Mailigen may have added more features to their product since we wrote this review. However they do charge an additional $10 if you want to edit the footer and remove Mailigen logo.
Mobile preview feature lets you see how your email will look like on a mobile device, tablet and desktop.

You can also contact them for a training session in order to learn how to use their system.
I would also like to clarify that our company does not charge for services that users have not subscribed to. The service is really not revolutionary or ground-breaking, but they sure do the small things elegantly well.
The extra price also includes full reporting data export and additional email addresses to access your account.
Live chat and phone support is offered during weekdays while email support is available 7 days a week round the clock.
I have used it over the past five months and I can satisfactorily tell you I enjoy the analytics page, and the weekly summaries. That said, we even go the extra mile of allowing users a 30 day trial, with money back guarantee in case our products do not meet their needs.
To get additional image storage space of 100MB, you need to pay an extra $5. You can send unlimited messages and the pricing is based on the number of subscribers. We are constantly striving to make Mailigen a top brand in email marketing tool provision and customer satisfaction. It kind of helps me get the picture of the most important affiliate links I must concentrate on. Please get back to me on [email protected] for a detailed outlook of your situation, I will be really glad to help you out.
I also value uniqueness of clickers and I always get the exact number of clicks minus the duplicates with stunning efficiency.

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