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Not all Samsung phones can play HD videos such as MKV AVCHD MTS, so just check whether your Samsung Android smartphone just has got enough grunt. MoboPlayer: One of the most popular video player apps for Samsung and any other Android devices with ARM and x86 architecture, supporting video formats comprehensively without conversion. MXPlayer: A welcomed Samsung Video Player App especially useful for multi-core processor users because of its multi-core hardware support.
There are countless free Android apps on the market for video playing on Samsung, but how to play Samsung videos on Windows OS (means playing the videos both accepted or shot by Samsung phones, or playing any movies on Samsung laptop, notebook, etc)? WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is a simple-to-use program which comes with advanced features for encoding video files. To deal with such issues and get rid of all the worries in playing HD videos on Samsung, you might have to take the advantage of some professional HD video conversion or compression software. Both PC and Mac versions to are available here to help you convert HD Videos for Samsung phones and tabs. Still have trouble about top free Samsung Video Player Apps or how to play HD video on Samsung? Believe me or not, this superb combination will supersede any media player you have been using right now. K-Lite codec is a pack of video and music’s components to enable Microsoft Windows and its software to play various audio and video formats, which are generally not supported by the operating system itself. The installation is pretty easy though, just follow the instruction and you should be able to get it! Windows Media Classic and K-Lite Codec are rather the best combination to play HD movie and music I have found so far. Allows fetching extra data (items descriptions and thumbs) and getting plugin's icon image. The aim of plug-ins is to download and parse web-pages with video content, identifying video links and folders. Lists of links and folders transferred to player for display and playback of selected video. If Perfect Player detects at least one plug-in selecting video source (key 's' or the button on control panel) displays source selection window (IPTV, Files, Plug-in 1, Plug-in 2, etc.). The first time downloading playlist (and new channels appearing) all data from file is loaded into the program (channels, groups, sort order, EPG, EPG time shift, logos).
Adding corresponding EPG URL (for correct binding EPG to channels) before adding playlist is recommended. If you need to reload data from a playlist file you should choose the channels and click drop down menu item 'Remove selected channels' - selected channels immediately deleted and then will be loaded from the playlist file.

Have You think to made this player for Android and move IPTV ( Alexander Sofronov ) from first place to second places of the Android aplication. Recent report shows that consumers spend 85% of time on smart phone in Apps, and the top 5 includes media players to play video and music for entertaining.
As a free media player for Android, MX Player is widely recognized to be the best media player of playback videos on Android. BSPlayer excels in playing video on Android in a pop out windows that runs over other apps which means you can watch videos while carrying out other assignments. DicePlayer is the hardware accelerated media player for Android and is the only Android streaming media player which works on streams from FTP or SMB shares. Other than the top 3 best media players for Android, there are tons of other Android media player apps out there are also solid and stable to play video and music on Android devices.
If you are one of them who fed up with tiny screen and usually like to watch videos on a bigger screen like Mac and PC or you would love to spend the leisure with your family of watching movies on Apple TV.
Best 3 free music downloader Apps for Android are introduced to free download music for Android, and another powerful music downloader 5KPlayer is also offering the best way to download MP3 music for Android with tremendous music resources. It supports popular subtitle formats such as SRT, ASS, and SAA, as well as subtitles built in MKV, MPV, MOV, etc.
In addition to playing Samsung friendly video formats and vieos shot by Samsung devices on Windows PC. For example, the HD video files might not able to be played smoothly on Samsung or they are too large in size to be stored in.
No more searching after this, because we’re here to show you the cream of the crop – Window Media Classic plus K-Lite Codec.
If you haven’t install K-Lite, the basic Window Media Classic can only play limited types of media file. WMC consumes relatively little computer resources, and it is capable to skip forward and back the high-definition video in a smooth manner. Experimenting graphic design with Photoshop is one of his favorite thing to do during his spare time.
LAV filters are used if installed in system, if not, the "built-in" LAV filters are used (special codecs installation is not needed). Loading EPG programs only for non-hidden playlist channels (program startup and working boost, lower memory usage). I haven't Windows but I need to pull out my channels in proper order from the db for IPTVSimple addon. To choose the best media player for Android not merely require a good UI but also the capability of supporting most & new codec.

Let's check out what are the top Android media players have been mostly acquired for Android users.
It works with a plenty of plug-ins so it is capable of playing the vast majority video formats on Android.
And one of the coolest features of this Android video player app is subtitle-friendly, with the ability to search for subtitles, it incorporates subtitles automatically as long as the subtitle file name is the same as video name. Such as mVideoPlayer which is a nice alternative due to its beautiful appearance and the simplest VLC beta video player for Android as well as VPlayer which is another great option. With a handy Android to Apple TV streamer, you can sync Android to Apple TV and enjoy video audio on bigger screen with better sound system. With full compatibility with all Windows OSs, it is the best free video player for Windows 8 and best free video player for Windows 10.
Hence, in order to unlock the full potential of Window Media Classic, it’s advisable to integrate the player with K-Lite Codec. Conveniently, all the packs itself contain the Window Media Classic, so you no need to download another standalone installer for it.
Lastly, please do share with us at the comments, if you found any good media player or you have any tips related to Windows Media Classic. This article is going to share the top 3 best free Android video and music players, if you need a good media player to play videos on Android devices, here it is! And the rank of Android media player apps below is mostly based on the users experience and comments.
But the UI of this Android media player is a bit outdated and the gesture is not so smooth which is probably the reason why BSPlayer is less popular than MX Player. This Android application does not have as many features as other Android media players but the ability of streaming online media makes up for these wispy disadvantages. As a universal video and music player, 5KPlayer is the best media player for Android alternative which Android media player fails to do such as playing multi-region DVDs and listen to radio online free from hundreds of radio stations. Plus, if you want to play QuickTime or RealMedia movies, the must install the program first. As well, it is proven that it is a false positive detection of Kaspersky Internet Security. From its wide array of features, 5KPlayer is the very media player to stream media for playback on Apple TV.

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