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This tutorial will show you how to composite real 3D text into a photograph without ever leaving the Photoshop CS6 interface. The first thing you will want to do is open the image you want to use as your background and double click the background layer in the Layers palette to unlock it. This photo works well because the horizon is immediately identified, and there are lines and railings on the pier that make finding the focal length and angle the photo was taken at easy.
If you know the true focal length of your original image, you can use that to help you later on. In the real world, outside lighting is comprised of direct, and indirect illumination (plus reflections and other things we won't get into). IBL stands for Image Based Lighting and allows you to specify an image to be used to light your scene indirectly.
Set the Intensity of this "skylight" to 60% and the Shadow Softness to 75% to give us a nice even light with soft shadows. You will need to rotate the camera using 3D transformation tools in the top toolbar of Photoshop until you match up the horizon line in your 3D grid with the horizon in the photo.
You will also need to adjust the FOV (Field of View) until the converging lines of your grid become parallel with the converging lines in your photo. Click the arrow next to the 3D material preview render, then click the gear icon and select New Material.

Highlight all of your different surface layers and click the arrow next to the 3D material preview render, then click your new material to apply the same material to the front and back inflation surfaces, the bevel surfaces, and the extrusion surfaces. Once the 3D text is rendered, you can switch back to the Layers palette and continue working on other layers. Enter your email address now for free updates on freebies, tutorials, and exclusive subscriber discounts.
One of the newest graphics cards on the block, the just released Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC Version will make your games scream.
Ok, so we usually go with flashy cases and stuff like that, but this time around we wanted to tone it down a bit and make it classy. Sorry, unfortunately we don’t have anything on DVD however, we are planning something on YouTube in the future.
Un Blog des Blogs jblog est une plateforme logicielle en ligne gratuite qui facilite la publication d'un blog.
The new rendering engine allows you create realistic 3D shapes and text quickly and easily. The sun is a direct light source since it comes from a single spot, and the blue sky is an indirect light source because it illuminates the scene from every possible angle. Be patient, depending on your image dimensions and processing power it may take more than 5-10 minutes.

You also have the freedom to go back into your 3D objects at any time and make whatever adjustments are necessary.
Being able to outperform the last generation champ, the Nvidia GTX 580, this graphics card is the second fastest single gpu graphics card in the world. That said, there are currently videos on YouTube that will walk you through the process once you have all the parts ready to go.
In turn, 3D editing with Photoshop never really caught on to become part of anybody's regular workflow. Since it has a dual fan setup, we will also get plenty of peace and quiet even during heavy gaming. It also features synchronous NAND which means it’ll perform great even in situations where data being transferred is highly incompressible. This high quality Seasonic built power supply features an industry leading 7 year warranty, very high efficiency, and very quiet operation. It would be great if you subscribed to our RSS feed or signed up for email updates to get more goodness.

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