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Every detail of your page should have a deeper purpose for being there other than a need to fill up space.
Start generating more conversions from your landing pages today with HubSpot's free tool, Leadin.
Damien Newman, a previous IDEO design analyst and current CEO of the transformation consulting firm Central, came up with an image that illustrates the design process. His model, a€?The Squigglea€?, essentially breaks down the design process into two stages: when you dona€™t know where youa€™re going with an idea, and when you do. The a€?fuzzy enda€? embodies all your formatting changes, copy edits, headline adjustments, color changes, image placements, etc. Dona€™t be one of the businesses that lets the a€?fuzzy enda€? overwhelm and devastate them from reaching their purpose. While it is important to continue innovating and improving the elements of your landing page, too many changes at once can overwhelm your visitors and cause drop-offs that decrease your conversion rates.
Sometimes businesses are so focused on revamping their landing page that they forget to think from a clienta€™s perspective. Additionally, incremental changes allow you to monitor precisely which changes triggered an increase or decrease in conversion rates, rather than just guessing which features of your complete revamp had the greatest effect.
By gathering data and using that data to make incremental changes to your landing page, you will know more precisely what the cause of a drop off was and then reverse it. Additionally, the only form fields that you should be asking for should be those that are most valuable to your company and do not cause any friction. The way you phrase your call-to-action, value proposition, and headline can make or break your landing pagea€™s conversion rate. Keep your value proposition simple and clear by limiting it to what your business is offering and how it will benefit your client in two short sentences.
When phrasing headlines, the most successful are those that use emotional triggers that insight empathy, humor, or any other comforting feeling. The color of your button should be different from everything else on the site in order to attract attention to it.
Creating a sense of urgency or scarcity is an effective approach that can be implemented into your landing page.
For instance, if your call-to-action includes a free e-book or webinar in exchange for signing up for your email list, you can create a sense of urgency by saying that only the first hundred to sign up will be given access to the free ebook. Since you cana€™t always be physically present for potential clients visiting your site, try the next best thing for directing their attention to whata€™s important: directional cues.
Landing pages are not read like a book, which is why directional cues are essential for showing the visitor how to read it. Use previous client testimonials to supplement the point you are trying to convince your potential clients of.
Implement positive testimonials on your landing page and include a picture of that person next to it to enhance credibility. The ad should be as identical as possible to the landing pagea€™s graphics, header, and information. We are pretty excited to have discovered a new way of featuring some of our favorite personalized housewarming gifts from Shutterfly. Although these might not be a real estate client gift, these realtor checks are yet another way to market yourself.
We just wanted to let you all know that custom self inking stamps and embossers, one of our most popular realtor gifts, is once again on sale for one day only at Tiny Prints! We definitely want to make sure you all know about this fabulous women’s aprons flash sale at Flirty Aprons.
Consumer Reports, the number one consumer advocate magazine in the country, has selected Wine of The Month Club as their favorite wine club for gift giving.
Make gifting simple for your agents - let Real Estate Client Gifts create a personalized page of gifting suggestions for the brokers & agents in your firm. Presenting your real estate clients with a small gift or token of your appreciation upon closing is not only thoughtful it should be viewed as an essential component of your marketing strategy. We can help you project more of your talent, power and influence when you present yourself and your ideas to others.
Motivated and engaged employees and managers who can change attitudes and behaviors from reluctance and indifference to meaningful productivity by engaging the hearts, minds and passions of themselves and their teams. For a dose of fresh ideas that can stimulate your professional career and business growth, please call Kathy McAfee, America's Marketing Motivator at (860) 408-0033 or send us aA  note outlining your specific needs in the REPLY box below. Some say a€?therea€™s nothing new, only recycled old stuff.a€? If this is true, then perhaps innovation is easier than we all think it is.
If this grabs you, please download this one-page thought-starter on how you can begin to drive innovation into your company. Find out why you need to reduce your PowerPoint emission and how you can stop global boring with your very next presentation!
Read more about how the Clean Sheet Thinking presentation pre-planning tool will help you prepare in a way that is faster and more focused than ever before. Download theA Clean Sheet Thinking template and plan your next presentation in less than 30 minutes. If you're a woman in business, you'll want to build and maintain a solid professional image. Keep your leadership pencil sharp by reading some of my favorite books on the subject of leadership. The core elements of a professional handshake and why it is critical to making a positive first and last impression in networking, business and job interviews.
Find out how you can become moreA  memorable and relevant in your networking follow-up by sending personalized greeting cards through the snail mail.
For help with increasing the productivity of your meetings, please ask about our Overcoming Meeting Mania, offered as a Motivating Lunch'n Learn Seminar. Get involved with the Soroptimist International organization and add your talent, time and energy to help improve the lives of women and girls in your local community and around the world. If you care about social justice and the lives of women and girls, then join forces with the YWCA whose mission is to eliminate racism and empower women. Learn how to stand out from the crowd and your competition by leveraging grassroots innovation.
Check out our digital downloads for motivating training programs to help advance your presentation skills and networking success. Club 529 is an exciting new program that teaches kids to build their own business and to invest their profits into a 529 college savings plan. Kids age 8-19 can join the club for a nominal membership fee.A  They will get acess to our web-content giving them the information they need to develop their own business. Chicago's Finest Tours was the perfect way for me to show off my beautiful city to family visiting from France.

Far into the second half of the 20th century, the south side of Chicago was an industrial powerhouse. Chicago’s Finest Tours is proud to present our Fifth annual History & Holiday Lights Tour. This unique holiday experience combines a fun and dynamic history walking tour with a highly entertaining bus tour showcasing Chicago’s festival of lights.
After a ride along the Magnificent Mile adorned in thousands of dazzling lights, the tour concludes at 6:30 pm at Chicago’s unique Holiday tradition–Christkindlmarket” (Daley Plaza).
After a stop at Macy’s world famous Christmas Tree and Walnut Room, guests will then board a bus and be driven around the city stopping at some memorable Holiday Hot Spots. Plan to make an afternoon and evening out of it with good old family fun with Chicago’s Finest Tours.
In addition, please plan to don your most unappealing holiday sweater (you know the one, the one Aunt Edwina gave you 12 years ago and is stored deep in the back of your closet, that one). The “story” of Chicago is an amazing account of how a swampland located at the intersection of a lazy prairie river and Lake Michigan transformed into one of the world’s leading “Alpha” cities. The Pedway (Pedestrian Walk-Way) spans nearly 5 miles in length and it is an assortment of underground corridors, building concourses, food courts, train stations and sky-bridges. Our highly acclaimed weekend Brunch tour features a little of everything; history, Pedway, great storytelling and of course, a delicious breakfast buffet. While inspecting the secrecies of the Chicago Pedway, guests will stop at several food stops and savor the unique tastes of the Pedway! August 18, 2015 - I am a history professor and therefore I can't help but be a tiny bit picky when I visit historical sites or go on tours. In addition to our rich offering of River Walk and Pedway Walking Tours, Chicago's Finest Tours is proud to announce it is extending its tour portfolio by adding four new bus tours. Reviewed February 17, 2015 -NEW - I've taken a ton of tours over the years both personal and group tours and I can say this one was the best.
Higher conversion rates means more customers, and more customers means more profit potential.
From the size and color of your call-to-action button to the length of your copy, every choice you make should have a strategic reasoning behind it. The first half of the model, referred to as the a€?fuzzy enda€?, relates to the early stages of creating your landing page. Complete landing page redesigns can lead to confusion and stress for clients who previously felt comfortable and confident when visiting your page.
Instead of letting this happen, ease them into the process with gradual improvements that excite and educate them one step at a time. More calls-to-action means more confusion for the prospect, so make it as clear as possible for your prospects what it is that you want them to do.
You also shouldna€™t have any links on your landing page leading somewhere else or you may possibly lose the potential prospect.
Always make sure that you are proposing a unique solution that your client would not find anywhere else. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) expert, Oli Gardner, expressed that a strong headline and copy can compensate for a poor design.
Directional cues can range from arrows blatantly pointing towards the information you want the visitor to see, to more subtle ones such as the person in the image looking at the call-to-action button.
In general, potential clients are going to trust other clients more than they are going to trust you.
Skip the cliche a€?They were great!a€? or a€?Highly recommenda€? testimonials, and use the personable ones that truly represent what your business did for previous clients. If your ad makes a promise, make sure that your landing page immediately assures the reader that they will still find that promise after clicking.
The chart below from a€?The Smart Marketera€™s Landing Page Conversion Coursea€?, demonstrates these necessary parallels.
You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better and safer experience. We truly believe that if you gift quality items, the extra costs will be reaped in benefits tenfold in the long run.
Motivational Speaker and thought-leader Kathy McAfee can help you motivate the troops so that they can contribute greater value to themselves, their organizations and the world. Success or failure may be determined simply by timing and onea€™s ability to execute with excellence.
The Marketing Motivator is our free e-newsletter which highlights innovative companies, people, products and ideas. Here are some pre-selected quotes on leadership that you can use in your next meeting or presentation. Call Kathy McAfee at (860) 408-0033 to discuss how sending cards can help you stand out in the marketplace and stay more visible and valuable to your clients,A  prospects, hiring managers, networking contacts, family and friends.A  If they are important to you, you should be sending them cards and showing your appreciation.
Watch the video below which re-enacts Kathy McAfee's "Green Shoes Story" presentation at the YWCA In the Company of Women luncheon on March 26, 2009 in Hartford, Connecticut. Read about the six imperatives of grassroots innovation in this article Is Your Business Weird Enough?
You no longer are required to spend lots of money on TV advertising appealing to the masses to create opportunity for yourself. They will graduate with hands-on experience in business and a confidence in their own abilities to be successful. Our guide, Dan O'Connell, was fun, informative, knowledgable, patient, good with questions, caring about all the tour participants, and just overall great! The buffet had all sorts of good food: omelettes to order, a couple of different sorts of eggs, thick bacon, chicken sausage, cheeses, pancakes, potatoes, yogurt, all sorts of fruit, juice, teas, veggies, chocolate and plain croissants!
I was hosting about 15 aunts and uncles who were in town for my sister's wedding and wanted a way to show them around the city without having them walk around too much.
Take “Devil in the White City” and multiply that by a “Century of Progress” and the result is one amazing tour experience! Our tour host will entertain guests with stories of Chicago's rich history and Holiday Traditions.
Stops included in this part of the tour include; Blackstone, Hilton Towers, Drake and Knickerbocker Hotels, Daley Plaza and “Christkindlmarket”.
Listen as our tour guides thoughtfully describe those forging events that help shaped the city in to perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in the world. For one price, guests receive a fascinating walking tour inside Chicago’s heated Pedway and a scrumptious breakfast buffet at Houlihans! Tour guide gives you history, stories, teaches the culture of different neighborhoods, explains the cycles the city has gone through, offers snacks and beverages, is very courteous and there is seemingly few things he doesn't know about the City of Chicago.
For visitors to really understand the depth and greatness of the "Windy City" they must be willing to explore Chicago beyond the "Tourist Triumvirate "- Navy Pier, Millennium & Grant Parks!

Dan was super knowledgeable, excited about the subject, personable, interesting, and even gave us several small unexpected gifts along the way.
The purpose of your landing page is to capture leads and warm them up before sending them further down your sales funnel. But, as the image depicts, your path of direction gets more narrow as you funnel out what is effective from what isna€™t.
Try cutting your copy in half to ensure that everything you say is relevant to the one product or service you are trying to sell. This will make it immediately clear for potential clients what you offer and what they should do next. Our previous article, a€?4 Steps to Headlines that Make Your Readership Skyrocketa€? offers more tips on creating effective headlines. All of these are elements of conversion psychology that can make significant impact on whether or not your visitors click the button.
Previous studies have shown focus levels more than doubled when directional cues were used on a landing page.
The Marketing Motivators at Kmc Brand Innovation, LLCA have a few thoughts to share on the subject of innovation and its role in our business success. So rather than focusing so intensely on driving up your share price or crushing the competition, why not focus some of your time, talent and energy on Helping Others be more successful.
We all had fun with the trivia questions, which covered historical facts, art, and public figures of all types.
Dan worked hand in hand with me to provide a custom tour of the downtown area as well as the north and south sides of Chicago. Our tour guide was fabulous and entertained us with stories and history for the entire time. Enjoy viewing the numerous archival photos and listen closely to our stories that were each chosen specifically to bring Chicago’s history to life right before your eyes. During this “Urban Safari”, guests learn all about the history of the Pedway and by use of our special tour map, navigate nearly 2 and ? miles of this unique urban terrain. While this excursion is held mainly inside the heated Pedway, guests will listen to heartrending stories of some of the city’s worse disasters, explore under the city in the mysterious Chicago Pedway and view some of its oldest architectural wonders.
Guests begin by embarking on our highly rated walking tour and hear fascinating stories of the city’s jubilant and at times, tragic past. Chicago is a city of over 200 vibrant neighborhoods and much of what has happened or will happen in this city takes place here - not at Navy Pier! Eventually, the path will straighten and the single, crystal-clear purpose that you have been trying to convey all along will gradually become more visible. For instance, if your site says youa€™ve helped 300+ clients on your landing page, but says 250+ clients on your actual site, your credibility will immediately shrink.
Try limiting your value proposition to two lines in order to keep your content clear and concise. The first one sounds selfish, implying that them creating an account will benefit you, whereas the latter reminds them of the benefits that are being provided to them. This is an ambiguous promise that would be much more effective quantified, such as a promise to deliver results a€?in 2 days or lessa€?.
Do this as part of your incremental changes and run tests to measure the impact each change has on conversion rates.
With the help of the Internet, we now have an accelerated word-of-mouth marketing vehicle within our grasp. Your customers care about more than just the features, benefits and price point that you offer them.
In addition, our tour guides take you to some interesting locales like City Hall, Chicago Cultural Center, Macy’s and many more. After building up a hearty appetite for the first hour, guests stop at Houlihan’s for a fabulous breakfast buffet.
He clearly loves Chicago--his enthusiasm for the city, the architecture and the history was infectious.
I was so impressed, and will definitely take any other tours they have to offer next time I'm in Chicago.
The bus was large enough to see the buildings and we did not feel like it obstructed the views at all. This tour was a lot of fun with trivia contests (and prizes!) Part of the tour was in the pedway, part by bus, and a small amount of walking outside between historic hotels. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole tour and I have been recommending it to our friends and neighbors. Along the way, guests hear interesting stories about Chicago’s past, present and future and revel in the stories of many of the city’s most colorful characters! The brunch features everything a traditional breakfast buffet has to offer including; fruit, eggs, omelets, toast, muffins, bacon, sausage, French toast and so much more including coffee and soft drinks. It was probably one of the best history tours I have been on and my favorite thing from my recent trip to Chicago.
Dan sat with us at the front of the bus and gave us tremendous information and facts about the sights around us, all with letting me enough time to translate all he was saying to my family in French.
Some succeeded; others found opportunity limited by race, gender, economic status, or position. I learned a lot about not just the pedway but about Chicago and the people who made important contributions to the city. After brunch, guests return to the Pedway for a second hour of entertaining storytelling and calorie burning! And most importantly, guests sample a melange of exceptional tastes at some of the Pedway’s best eateries!
Dan's knowledge of the city is unparalleled, he seemed to have answers for all of our ridiculous questions. Their stories came together in the town of Pullman, a planned community famed for its urban design and architecture. The case studies in the attached white paper are PROOF thatA positive results can be achieved by employing of the principles of Grassroots Innovation. My family could not stop talking about how wonderful the tour was for the remainder of the weekend.
It was designed as a utopia—a place to provide workers with a safe community, a better standard of living, and an environment free of social ills.
I would not hesitate to book another large tour with him in the future and will definitely be coming back for some smaller and more intimate tours of the city.

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