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Experience with social and emerging media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest a plus! We define "hotel marketing" as creating better travel experiences for hotel guests and driving revenue growth for hotel owners. Research by Neilsen and others have indicated travelers are using consumer reviews as a deciding factor in which hotel they book. ReviewPro is resolving this problem with the introduction of the Global Review Index, which is becoming an industry benchmark by which hotel groups are measuring their success (and progress) in online reputation scoring. While this research might be valuable, I would prefer that hotels in the future are so unique that for e.g. It’s a valid point, Mihir, and all hotels should seek to create a category that makes competition irrelevant.
Just because you are throwing out books name (and I popped over from Happy Hotlier that totally made me think this) -Blue Ocean Strategy.
With these numbers in mind, it’s critical that your site is clearly navigable and mobile-friendly. As we continue our series on superb hotel sites, let’s look at some more examples of sites we find remarkable (to see past examples, click here and here).
This gorgeous and easily navigable site does an exemplary job of showcasing the property’s incredible views. This site features a “scrolling” design that is a very powerful contemporary technique to convey warmth and luxury.
As soon as you log on to this property’s site, you immediately feel like you’re already having a fantastic vacation. As with any real estate, it’s all about location, and that certainly holds true when the real estate is a luxury hotel.
If your hotel is positioned at the most magical place on earth, Disneyworld, your site has to convey a sense of magic. In the end, you should be passionate about your hotel web design.  Does your site inspire passion in you? If our suggestions have inspired you, then contact us at Hotel Marketing Works, and our team will start working to inspire passion through your new hotel web design today! This entry was posted in Hotel Digital Advertising, Hotel Marketing Strategy, Hotel SEO, Hotel Social Media, Hotel Website Design.
Serving clients located around the globe including USA, UK, Europe, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, our team at hotelmarketingWorks has the experience and expertise you need to dominate the online channel and maximise your hotel revenues.

The NYLO hotels website was a result of extensive collaboration between NYLO hotels and Milestone’s award winning design and promotion teams. The results from the website even in the three months it has been live have been spectacular. Brookfield Suites Hotel – the website was designed and optimized while keeping in mind the usability, relevancy, and the target clientele for the property.
The Inns of Monterey Blog is part of a comprehensive Social Media Optimization plan for the group of five boutique hotels in Monterey.
How to Change your Facebook Profile Page to a Business Page Top 10 Things You Can do to Market Your Hotel in Today’s Economy SEOmoz Webinar - All About Google Places Are You Blogging Yet? Great Resumes Fast is a professional resume writing and interview coaching firm that assists job seekers at every level secure interviews and job offers. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. Add it here…Hotel Marketing Strategies is a crowdsourced collection of photos and screenshots showing creative hotel marketing in action. You won't find articles, interviews, videos, infographics or press releases published here anymore.
More importantly, how will consumers and industry influencers identify the best hotels in your city? The title of this post sounds consumer focused for a reason.  To succeed in hotel marketing, it’s important to think like your customer. It produces a score from 1-100 that reflects the overall sentiment in guest reviews and ratings.
If you can create a special page that matches your email offer, conversion rates will improve dramatically. If you’re currently sending email traffic to a generic page, experiment with a basic web page that mirrors the offer.
And building email campaign-specific website landing pages is the first thing you should do to integrate. Also, the site clearly lists the numerous local activities, which helps the potential client in trip planning. In essence, the site is a “visual vacation”, telling a story about the incredible experience you’re going to have when you stay here.
Also, it lists the hotel’s options for that rite of passage of any Hawaii vacationer – the classic Hawaiian-themed dinner, grass skirts, tiki drinks and all.

Not only does this site do just that, but it also focuses on the nearby attractions, which, in this case, are what brings guests to this hotel in the first place. Since the website went live in July 2008, Brookfield Suites has experienced an estimated 15% increase in monthly bookings compared to the previous year despite the current economy.
They create dynamic, best-in-class resumes and cover letters that consistently  deliver results. Specifically, a measurement that considers ratings in aggregate, and doesn’t rely on any one website. Having all this data in aggregate is perfect for a study like this to discover the best hotels in a city. This is because these pages can focus on the offer received by the email subscriber, so that when they come to your website, they are more inclined to act on that offer. By showing off it’s luxurious spas, catering to guests looking for the five-star spa treatment, this website does a great job of enticing end-user. The site shows that lovers of the links will be able to enjoy more than just a good day on the course.
Their sites not only showcase the Disney magic, but they also make it easy for a potential guest to plan their trips to the many nearby attractions. Their beautiful website shows us something that is essential for any property-based site: incredible graphics and design. The website won the award for greatness in appeal, richness of content, and search engine optimization, which drives website traffic and online revenue. Great Resumes Fast also offers writers with specialization in Federal Resume Writing, Executive Level and C-Suite, Information Technology, Sales and Management. The websites were judged using six criteria including creativity, innovation, campaign impact, design, copywriting, and use of internet medium. The sales and marketing activities should be the highest during this period.  Prev Next Hospitality Basics Banquet Sales Marketing Sales Formats Looking For Something else ?

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