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By Janet Richard On May 24, 2012 · 28 Comments One of the most exciting buzz these days in web circles is about HTML5 and specifically video on HTML5.
In this post I will showcase to you a list of best free HTML5 video players and relating tools. Note: This round-up is done specifically for you to decide which HTML5 video player is better for your website design project, so check out a few of the solutions that we particularly like. SublimeVideo maximizes the use of HTML5 Video in latest browsers while providing full support for legacy browsers thanks to its integrated fallback to Flash. Video.js is an awesome HTML5 Video Player, built with Javascript and CSS that helps codec detection and will fall back on Flash if it is not supported. Vimeo, like YouTube, is a popular site for sharing your videos that implemented HTML5 video playback early this year. FlareVideo is an open source and free HTML5 video player that automatically fallback to flash when a browser is incompatible or not supported to HTML 5. In Safari, if you go the YouTube page (or most other streaming sites) and select Activity from the Window menu, you can simply find the video file. Whilst I agree to some extent, I always like to check them out as a way of finding out new things, in this case apps. Hi I am Scott Lee, an analyst, consultant, speaker, strategist and writer on topics related to digital content technology. When I play youtube in Safari with HTML5 enabled a separate Flash player pops up in the Activity Monitor and shows 30% CPU useage while Safari shows 15% CPU usage. If you want to embed and manage a plugin on your WordPress blog that plays audio files then you would need an audio player plugin to do that. Freemium plugins are plugins that offer a free version and an upgrade version that charges a fee. The paid version of HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist gives you a bigger player with the option for your visitors to download the song.
The PRO Version lets you make several playlists and embed as many of them on your site as you want.
The MB Mini Audio Player WordPress plugin audio player gives your blog a small audio player in HTML5. The Haiku Minimalist Audio Player WordPress plugin can be displayed as a graphical player or you can get a text version of the audio player. The CodeArt Google MP3 Player for WordPress plugin for audio can be embedded on your blog’s sidebar, page or on the post itself. If you want to host a podcast on your website then the podPress WordPress plugin is the one you want. The Audio Tube WordPress plugin audio player lets you display the audio from any Youtube video. Get exclusive web hosting special offers, helpful tips and tricks, or updates when we add content just for WHC subscribers! Disclaimer: Please assume all outbound links from this site are going to pay a commission to the owners of this site.
Audio and Video player is must need for a Radio website or if you want to play your video you can use this one of them within 15 plugin.
This plug-in let you transform any mp3 file uploaded inside a post into an essential small HTML5 audio player with: This is totally a free wordpress plugin. Tiny Music Player is the perfect solution for webmasters who want to play music on their web pages but don’t want the player itself taking up a lot of space. Lazyvideo is a jQuery plugin that allows you to customise the controls of any HTML5 video element that you have on your website. Make use of the themes that are bundled with Lazyvideo, or create your own with some simple CSS.
The interesting feature: you can clutch and turn the vinyl records with a mouse or your finger like in a real dj-mixer. You can easily switch tracks, change volume and use playlist just touching the screen on your phone or tablet PC. The player can adjust to different display resolutions or can be fixed in breadth for being reflected correctly on any device. Paly List : Users can create playlists with their favorite names and add or remove music and videos from the list. Full Responsive Design : With this feature you will not have any problem watching the player in different devices because player has the capability to adapt with every resolutions . Simple Metro Music Player is a Music Player with Playlist, very useful for any web site, very simple to use and with a minimalist appearance, modern. MP3 Sticky Player is a powerful responsive HTML5 mp3 player for your website that can be added at the top or bottom of the window, it runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android, Windows8. Acorn Media Player is a HTML5 media player with a focus on accessibility and customization.
Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player plugin that allows you to link to your amazon S3 bucket and sets up a HTML5 playlist.
If you want to create a website related to music, you may of adding a music player in your website.

Background Music Player is a WordPress audio player Plugin which lets you play audio songs on your website. Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest updates, web design resources and tools. Html5 had travelled long way now and many templates and extensions are available across web. Flowplayer is a beautiful and minimalistic, yet full-featured HTML5 video player that lets your video be the star of the show. Projekktor is a self-hosted, open source video (and audio) player for the web, written in Javascript, released under GPLv3. It simplifies the way you implement and work with web video by solving tons of cross browser- and compatibility- issues, adding eye candy and by providing extremely powerful non standard features. HTML5 Enables Web Pages to playback and manipulate video and audio across platforms and devices – powering amazing rich-media applications that work everywhere. Designrazor is a webdesign blog that provides the best free Html5 templates, Css3 codes, jQuery plugins, Wordpress themes & plugins, Icons, Vectors and all other resources for web developers. HTML5 Video players is one of the most notable new features in HTML5, it allows you to embed video without the use of flash. We invite you to rate the content, quality, and genre of these great HTML5 video players and opt for the choices according to your needs. There are millions of videos on YouTube, covering virtually every topic and style imaginable. It uses the new element of HTML – video tag that is built into modern browsers and javascript to add custom controls, new functionality, and fix cross browser bugs.
There have been reports of difficulties with the Vimeo player for some users, though other users definitely prefer the Vimeo player to many others. I did a search on the topic and found nearly all folks will have the same opinion with your blog.
There are many options out there considering WordPress has thousands of free and paid plugins available.
This allows you to test the plugin and if you like it or need a feature only available on the paid model, you can purchase it in confidence.
It supports all types of browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox and others.
You can customize the color and the size of the playlist and also customize the social links. If you’re looking for an audio player that looks cool then you need not look any further as this audio player is the trendiest one on the list. You need to upload your mp3 file through this plugin and you can’t create a playlist rather just a single file audio. You need to first upload the audio file then copy the URL of the mp3 file you uploaded and put this code on your post or wherever you want the audio player to be displayed.
By choosing one of these audio players you’ll surely get a wonderful experience and so will your site visitors. It includes Multi-server Shoutcast & Icecast Stats PHP Class to parse current playing track and its playtime. It’s the type of player that could fit elegantly into any site, and since all 3 skins are built with 100% CSS, changing colors to fit your site is super easy. Just imagine Music Player which really easy to use with wonderful mix of classic and modern taste. MP3 Sticky Player supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited tracks. Quite often , you simply choose one of the available players, often it was the flash player. I’ve added Youtube and Vimeo in this list because they are the best html5 players used by millions. This is the best Html5 video player ever.  Also have many customizable options like skin and style. is an online community of web developers and the home of the Kaltura open source video player Javascript library.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This HTML 5 video player comparision chart covers some key features to show you which video player has the options needed for your project, and additionally offers links to demos to see each video player in action.
The point of html5 is to have an open platform that works in all browsers, not to try and make money on it.
Some plugins need not be a pro version in order for you to get exactly the audio player plugin you need as many of these plugins can be yours just by simply downloading and installing them to your website. It can support MP3 format audio files and supports the XML song playlist and also supports Unicode.
Lastly, you can offer a volume control option and offer the ability for your visitors to embed the player on their websites with an embed code option.

Drag n Drop feature for managing your playlist makes it easier for you to organize the music you want.
It features volume, seeking control, rewind, mute, and play buttons and a title bar of the audio track.
It runs on HTML5 on any web browser but if HTML is not supported then its fall back would be the flash player.
You can choose where in your blog you want to display the audio player and how you want it to look like.
18 Comments AdvertisementHTML5 is sure to be a big hit this year as far as web design trends go, and rightfully so.
The playlists can be loaded from a simple HTML markup, XML file, Podcasts, and SoundCloud playlist. In this post, we are listing best HTML5 WordPress Music Player plugins to easily add audio player in your website. If you’ve tested on a browser or device any of the above-listed players or maybe some other ones not mentioned in this list, please let us know your impressions and give us a short feedback in the comments. It lets your site visitors choose to repeat the playlist, put it in random, control volume, stream seek and choose to play the next audio file or the previous one. With this WordPress plugin you can add a solo audio track or a playlist and these audio tracks can display ratings, cover photo and you can also include a buy link or a download link if it can be downloaded for free. It also lets you distribute your own music if you want to sell the track as it can also have a buy button where you can even sell your music to places such as iTunes. One drawback is that when you have other audio plugins in HTML5 you need to deactivate them to avoid conflicts with it.
You can opt to have the paid version as well but the only difference really is with the technical support. Packed with a huge amount of features like, external API, deeplinking, popup window and facebook share button, it is one of the most impressive HTML5 mp3 players available on sale. Today I am going to tell you about how to create your own audio player (using HTML5 technology). By using shortcode, you can place it multiple instances of this responsive audio player in post, page, sidebar or theme. To activate this feature, you need an html5 video player which can makes this process quicker. Up until recently, we have had to navigate a grey area in terms of compatibility and definition, and as a result, many of the early adoptions of HTML5 have been partial or complete disasters.The first thing to understand is where HTML5 ends and CSS3 begins. This player also allows your visitors to customize their experience, they can choose between different streams, enable or disable auto start feature, enable or disable flash as primary player and change player background.
Player is completly resizeable and responsive so it fits perfectly in every website design. HTML5 is just the markup – a set of standards that define how a document should be structured and how browsers should interpret it.
It uses HTML5 but if this format is not supported then it goes to its backup which is Flash. Rather than shouldering all the responsibility for presentation and functionality, HTML5 gets back to basics, allowing us to tap into APIs and native browser functionality, while looking to CSS to create the visual look and feel. In the end we are left with a straight-forward and simplified language for creating websites and applications.Previously, the ability to play any type of audio within a browser involved using Adobe Flash or other browser plugins. Instead of spending time on researching for the ones you needed, Here in this compilation, we pick the some of the best website HTML5 audio player options freely available to use.Media ElementMediaElement is an audio an video player which is written in pure HTML5 and CSS. It provides a consistent html player UI to all browsers which can be styled used standard css. More detailsHTML5 Audio PlayerA very lightweight audio player written in HTML 5 with JQuery and CSS3. A jQuery plugin, jPlayer allows you to rapidly weave cross platform audio and video into your web pages. In this tutorial you’ll run through the code to understand how it works, covering a few caveats along the way.Like it? HTML5 doesn’t seem to be able to pick up a stream url without an additional media server. Reply Kindle August 16, 2015Very rapidly this site will be famous amid all blog users, due to it’s pleasant content Reply manmeet October 6, 2015Great Post !
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