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This is 10 teeny tiny thumbnails of the soon to be heretofore thought of as the greatest landing pages ever seen on November 23rd, 2010.
And that’s exactly what your visitors do when your design sucks, you have a video auto-playing with no mute button, there are no indicators of trust or security, the form has a million fields and the testimonials look like you wrote them yourself.
Soooooooo, today we’re going to take a trip down to the Top-Notch Landing Page Store and see if we can rustle up something to inspire your next design.
Each of the following pages exhibits excellent qualities of conversion centered design, but most of them also do a couple of things wrong.
Even with a clean and conversion oriented design, many pages still commit the cardinal sin of providing outbound links that aren’t part of the conversion funnel. The links at the bottom of the page still go to external microsites (click the image to see the full screenshot).
Social proof in the context of landing pages refers to the idea that your visitors will be influenced positively (although there can be negative effects) by showing evidence of others participating in the use of your product or service. I was a little underwhelmed when the next page was a blog, rather than a continuation of a marketing experience, so I’d do something more engaging at that point. They have used geo-targeted segmentation to set up my location, and are presenting a big bold value proposition statement (50%-90% off) to get me interested. Simple forms: In step 2 (the lead gen portion), they ask for your email address only, reducing the barrier to entry to a bare minimum. It pains me to repeat the same thing over and over, but the call to action on your buttons is REALLY IMPORTANT. It tells a simple story: As a click through page, it provides enough information and interest to warm up visitors and encourage them to continue down the intended conversion path. This is the modern apple-esque equivalent of the old-school long sales letter landing page.
The price and call to action to buy the app are nicely positioned above the fold, leaving you to explore the page knowing how to interact when you are ready. Proof of concept: The photo gallery at the end caps it off nicely by showing that you can take great photos with this app. The reviews beneath the phone are highlighted in red, making them the most important visual aspect of the first screen. Despite how much this looks like a standalone landing page, it’s actually their main pricing page. Trust and credibility: The Verisign symbol is placed next to the purchase button and the grouping of worldwide brand names directly below helps to reinforce the value of the product.
Attention to different reading styles: There is a nice mix of bullet points, coupled with detailed descriptions for those who need to dig deeper. Would love to know how this converts in comparison to a similar page that had the regular global navigation and footer distractions.
As one of the world’s biggest newspapers, they clearly need to keep up with the times when it comes to marketing. It’s a great video that really demonstrates the power that video has to tell a story.
Like I said at the start, I don’t want to link to the campaign page, to prevent skewing the stats just for editorial purposes. If you have other great examples of landing pages or have any questions, please jump into the comments. I just thought Group On page was very generic and can?t convert well depending on the users intents when landing there. It does give you a complete registration form at the 3rd step so they do lose a bit of their street cred for simplicity. I think the Theme Forest ones (and the ones we provide) are a great way to get started when you don’t have a designer. The Theme Forest ones are nice, and if you biught one of them, you could re-create the page inside Unbounce (either by chopping up the PSD) or getting an HTML version that has pre-chopped images and just importing them and laying it out in Unbounce.
Do you think they started off from scratch, or have they bought any of the templates that you can buy? I think most of them will have internal design teams or design agencies that they pay to do this kind of thing.
If you are working on a smaller scale (most of our customers are SMB) – then starting with one of our templates is an easy way to get going. I notice that all the links in your nice piece here open external sites in the same tab, thus removing viewers from your page. If this were a promotion specific landing page I would open them in lightbox modal windows most likely.
Here the links are more there as a thank you to the owners of the content rather than a place to drive readers as they go to their main homepages (for the most part) rather than the landing page in question (to protect their conversion stats).
I prefer opening a link in a new tab because that way when a person ventures off down the internet rabbit hole and gets distracted, they don’t lose the original place they started from which can happen when you have tons of tabs open and click through many links in one session. The biggest turn off to building your own landing page is the time it takes, but mostly because so many people don’t know how, or even where to start. This post will be the first of many, and will provide you with many different ways that you can start creating landing pages without having to stress out and master the arts of web design. You can click here to read the landing page post, or simply follow along with the screenshots below.
The first screenshot we have below is the simple landing page I created, which is one of the files included in the download. After taking some time to select an offer you would like to promote, then filling in the landing page template with your desired information, you may end up with something like the result below.
Please feel free to leave any comments or recommendations for other landing page design work in the comments section below.
Today we’ll continue with another roundup article containing 22 of the best Bootstrap landing pages, some free and some premium.
Jedy is a free responsive landing page made with Bootstrap that comes with modern minimal design, fullscreen backgrounds, CSS3 animations, Font Awesome icons, iPhone and computer mockups, etc. Jesis is a perfect Bootstrap landing page for presenting and promoting your new mobile app. Sssoon is a nice free coming soon template built with Bootstrap for your new product or service.
Marco is a premium Bootstrap landing page to present and promote your product, service or application. Some of its features include: responsive layout, fullscreen backgrounds, working AJAX email subscription form, working contact form, font icons, pricing tables, responsive videos, testimonials section, CSS3 animations and more. Landing Sumo is a premium bundle with 20+ Bootstrap landing pages to use in a variety of projects: mobile Apps, eBooks, restaurant websites and more. Eventix is a responsive landing page made with Bootstrap that can be used to present your events.

Pratt is a simple App landing page, really easy to use and customize, made with Bootstrap 3.0.
Drew is a premium responsive landing page made with Bootstrap with different layouts and a lot of features for all your marketing needs.
Teris is a free responsive Bootstrap landing page that you can use if you are planning to launch a new iPhone App.
Sleek is a multi-purpose landing page built with Bootstrap that comes with different layouts and features.
Celic is a premium template made with Bootstrap, a fully responsive multi-purpose landing page to present and promote your product, service or application. Flatty is a free Bootstrap landing page with a flat design to present your app, website or product. Creatorica is a cool and creative landing page based on Bootstrap to showcase your application or your own studio portfolio. LandX is a multipurpose responsive Bootstrap 3 landing page with 4 homepage styles and 8 pre-defined color schemes. It also comes with some nice features to help you launch your mobile app quickly and easily, like: fullscreen backgrounds, working AJAX subscription and contact forms, Font Awesome icons, iPhone PSDs, screenshots section, video section.
Kane is a clean landing page for your new mobile app built with Bootstrap that comes with different homepage styles and color variations.
It’s fully responsive, flexible, clean, with a professional design, Search Engine Optimized and comes with an advanced framework with tons of theme options. Bivio is a premium WordPress landing page theme made with Bootstrap, responsive and with a lot of features. If you want to have a landing page, you need to decide, think and make a plan but before you get started, it is important when you check out examples online.
Bold: It is important to ‘bold’ the keyword and ensure it will appear in the body of text of your page. Another heading: If you have another heading, it should act as your sub headings that include keywords that are completely related or similar with main keyword. Links: In showing search engines how your landing page is related to some pages on the internet, placing few links or including references is important.
Here's some food for thought: Companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from just 10 to 15, according to our 2012 Marketing Benchmarks Report. Landing pages are a fundamental -- and undeniable -- part of a sucessful inbound marketing strategy. Start generating more leads from your landing pages today with HubSpot's free tool, Leadin. But while having more landing pages can have a huge impact on lead generation, the other takeaway here is that your landing pages also need to look good to perform well. Well, we want to make that a little bit easier on you, since we know how challenging great design can be -- particularly if you're not a designer, per say.
We all know people have short attention spans -- so why arena€™t we considering that in landing page creation? Keep in mind that you always want your main call-to-action (CTA) to really POP off your landing page. Keep your brand top of mind when they're downloading your content and offers by making sure the viewer knows exactly where they are.
Similar to adding case studies or recommendations, try adding some social proof to your landing pages.
Rather, I’m going to cling to the assumption that it sucks simply because most of them do. If you’re looking anywhere for design inspiration for lead capture forms, this is a good place to start. To get around this they’ve placed a directional cue (arrow) at the top of the form to point the way to the action area below. This keeps visitors on the landing page instead of wandering off onto another page – and away from your conversion goal. This can be presented via counters showing your social followers (Twitter, Facebook etc.), and testimonials that describe the emotional reaction to your offering from real world customers. Instead of showing people following or registered for the conference, they are showing the photos and names of a huge collection of famous players in the marketing industry. Here, they’ve added a Twitter sharing button to help visitors spread the word on their behalf.
But there’s no denying that the click through rate of this landing page would be very high. The progress indicator below the form lets you know that there are 3 steps and where you are in the process. The imagery indicates alcohol which might be why I agreed to enter my email, but some qualification of the offer details would be good. The branding is so powerful in this case that it can be safely relegated to the bottom of the page. Any doubt in the visitors mind as to what will happen can lead to little leaks in confidence. You’ve probably seen the less trustworthy ones before, where the writer uses reams of ultra persuasive copy to convince you that, despite being an average Joe, they have managed to build an online internet business that prints money. The target customer already has an iPhone, so they are used to seeing beautiful design with apps placed in context with their intended use.
Professional photographers that just want a cool app for their phone will find this convincing. While I would normally recommend the CTA get this level of attention, it really pushes you towards what is often the swing vote in a purchase – what other people say. They’ve taken conversion design principles and applied them directly to the most important page on the site. Coupled with the name and company name, you’d be able to verify that these are real business people quite easily. However, the video from this landing page is freely available on YouTube, which as I mentioned earlier, is a great re-use of campaign content to help your organic rankings. If you see it in action its quite nice too as the forms for each stage just scroll in from the side. I’m actually about to release a product in the next few months and need to create a solid landing page. Yeah, it’s hard work finding the good ones, but when you do it can make everything very clear for people. I like UPS lander, but instead of the text I would place opt-in box next to the video player, and not bottom left. Obviously it’s a random sample but it will be an interesting ration to keep tabs on to see if it climbs as awareness of video effectiveness grows.

Just going to prove that what we learn each day is that we’ll never know it all, but instead can find satisfaction in our attempts. Most of these would have been designed and put online by marketing professionals, so do you have any hints and tips for those of us who doing this for ourselves rather than a big multinational? Then if you want to step it up a bit, I’d recommend 99designs to get a really great design for your page. Some like external links to open in a new tab, some in the same (so that they can go back rather than close). So many affiliates will want to direct link campaigns, just because it is easier and saves time, but in the end, creating a landing page allows you to target any niche audience and pre-sell them before hitting your actual offer. Over the next several weeks, I will be creating a series of landing page template related posts which will review different ways for you to build your own landing pages.
Everything is already laid out for you and you just need to put in the necessary text and content to match any ad campaign.
Sometimes the best looking landing pages will bomb, while ugly pages turn in the best profit. It comes with a responsive layout, an elegant modern design style and has all the features you need: fullscreen backgrounds, working AJAX subscription and contact forms, video section, screenshots section, FAQ section, etc.
It comes with a clean, modern and flat design, different layouts (10+ layouts), different color schemes and a lot of features. With this theme you can set up a coming soon landing page without touching a line of code from the Options Page inside the WordPress admin panel. It’s developer friendly, easy to customize and includes 3 ready to use color options. You can use it if you’re planning to launch a new project or service and you want to begin creating your email list before the launch. It also includes Visual Composer Page Builder which gives you freedom to create web sites in only a couple of clicks. You can able to attract numerous traffic from search engines which means you have a higher conversion than before.
In addition, do not forget that you need to optimized it for a better results, higher conversions or traffic. They are the hub of your lead generation efforts, and that's why every campaign you run and offer you create should be tied to a custom landing page -- as opposed to an ambigious homepage where visitors have to guess what to do next. So to help you build good looking and high-converting landing pages, we wanted to share some design-related best practices. So when you're encouraging visitors to fill out a form and click on that 'submit' button, make sure it's easy for visitors to see where they should complete that action. In fact, oftentimes it distracts the reader from the main point of the landing page, creation more friction on the landing page instead of supporing conversion. Despite the potentially long copy (one formatting solution would be to convert that into shorter bullet points), the landing page is easily digestible due to its aesthetic formatting.
This adds third-party credibility to your content and offers and can help boost conversions. A sense of consistency can help the end user know how to navigate your pages over time, eliminating the friction caused by having to get the lay of the land each time, and resulting in drop-offs in conversion rates. You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better and safer experience.
Sorry Webtrends, as much as I love you, this is a rookie mistake that should never be repeated. You can see what I’m talking about on one of the Unbounce contest landing pages (click the contest rules link near the bottom to see the modal window).
Best of all, this was all done through a simple HTML editor, no need for photoshop or programmer skills. If you want to have the best landing page for yourself, check out premise landing page examples. They will, however, a€?foragea€? for information by visually scanning the screen until they find what they're looking for. That's why using complementary and contrasting colors is a great way to call a visitor's attention to exactly where you want it. While you dona€™t need to make it the focal point of the page, it's important that it's apparent enough that people will recognize the landing page as being a publication of your business.
And while graphics are certainly attractive, they can also increase the load time of your website.
Well, when analyzing which elements of a landing page has the greatest impact on overall website performance, page layout came out on top.
It’s becoming increasingly common (for good reason) to include testimonials on pricing pages.
This is particularly critical for visitors who come to your landing pages from external non-branded sources, like social media and search. In fact, according to the Aberdeen Group, a one-second delay in page-load time results in 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and a 7% loss in conversions. Yikes! Furthermore, try searching through social networks like Twitter, Facebook -- or another social platform of your choice! This is likely because page elements that alter the layout of a page can make it harder for visitors to navigate the pages on your website.
Video marketing specialists Turn Here highlight good conversion improvement numbers and the side benefit that properly optimized video can be 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google search results. People came to the page for a reason, so make sure you address that reason clearly and succinctly by highlighting the value of what you're offering and how it addresses their needs, interests, or problems. Once you've decided on placement for your logo, maintain that position on all your landing pages to maintain consistency. Talk about low-hanging inbound marketing fruit! Keep things simple, and make sure the images you use on your landing pages support -- not distract -- the pathway to conversion.
Consider embedding tweets from users who have downloaded your content and said nice things about it, or asking if you can quote someone who left a nice message on your Facebook page. Use clear headers and sub-headers, use easy-to-scan bullet points to explain what they'll get from the offer, emphasize key points using bolded text or italics, and keep things as brief as possible. Do you have data about how many people have already downloaded this specific offer that you can highlight on the landing page (e.g.

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