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But as important as the presents themselves are, there’s a lot to say about the wrapping.
At the 2013 ATA Show in Louisville, Ky., Bowhunter was on hand to watch as all the big players revealed their flagship products for the new year.
As a part of our exclusive coverage of the 2013 ATA Show, we’ve put together five great marketing campaigns that made it to the trade show floor.
Like most years, BowTech went out of the way to make its presence felt at the 2013 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in Louisville, Ky. If you think they forgot about having a pair of tattoo artists there to engrave anyone who wanted with a free BowTech graphic, you'd be wrong.
Easton welcomed Jake Kaminski, Brady Ellison and Jacob Wukie to show off their silver medals and talk archery with a pretty sizable crowd. When you bring in a full-size semi trailer that's decked out with every bow tool under the sun and fully covered in state-of-the-art graphics, you tend to catch a few eyes. PSE was on hand to reveal their DNA and Prophecy bows, which according to them are some of the fastest and smoothest yet. Although bowhunters don't usually spend too much time hanging around fashion runways, they did this year at the 2013 ATA Show. Fresh in the mix was the SpiderWeb bibs, which integrate the Tree Spider harness system into a ScentBlocker bib. Not only did Wildgame Innovations unleash the new Razor Series trail cameras, they also brought a custom built motorcycle that would make any bowhunter drool.
Social media strategies have become a critical element of any comprehensive marketing and media campaign. With so many social media avenues, brands and marketing people are showing keen interest in developing strong campaigns by investing heavy budgets. Despite the options available, Facebook remains the strongest among them and always is a strategic part of any social media strategy.
Over the years, Facebook has evolved so much that it has allowed brands to create history by working on some of the most inspiring campaigns they could ever imagine. Believe it or not, campaigns on Facebook have had a far better reach, sentimental value and contribution to the company’s revenue than any other TV campaign. However, not all campaigns go on to become a resounding success when it comes to social media marketing. This blog is going to help you take inspiration from the best Facebook marketing campaigns over the years.
Nat Geo started a great campaign, where users were given an opportunity to appear on the cover of the National Geographic magazine. The social media users on Facebook were asked to take a picture of themselves with a certain caption and paste it on their page. Coachella is known to be one of the most highly anticipated musical events of the year, filled with hipped fashion and celebrities.
Urban Decay, a growing brand of cosmetics, invited users to create a collage of their personal favorite fashion moments from Coachella and submit them to their pages. If you really want to see one of the highest visible awareness campaigns of the year, then the Human Rights campaign for marriage equality is a must follow. The original photo had a reach of over 9 million people on Facebook and was shared by over 70,000 people across the globe.
The idea was to shoot a video where an artist will draw a picture of a woman describing herself without seeing and then a stranger describing the same woman by looking at the sketch.
The campaign was surrounded by the idea of promoting cereal sales by letting people know ways of having cereal outside the bowl. To celebrate its campaign, Kenneth Cole created a Facebook hashtag called #30yrsbold, which asked users to post pictures and videos in relevance to the hashtag. Everyone loved the show Breaking Bad and since its conclusion, fans were missing something. For the first time in 75 years, Lays asked its fans to create a flavor of Lays they would like as the next variant in the product. The initial campaign results showed that videos were viewed by more than 440 million people across the globe with tons of user generated content.
Procter and Gamble, who has always been one of the favorite brands for girls started a hashtag on Facebook, called “Like a girl”.
The Department store called Kohl’s, started a campaign in relation to societal awareness and corporate responsibility by giving away funds to the best and most deserving school through votes on their Facebook page. Ford company designed a whole new campaign in relation to their new upcoming model in 2011. The popular fast food chain Jack in the Box made a mascot on social media who would virtually add every cent to a jar for the number of fans they got on their page. If you really want to learn how to make an engaging game for users to stay glued to all the time, then Farmville is one of the biggest examples.

Want to enjoy the real life situations of poker with a lot at stake, then play the Texas Holdem Poker game on Facebook. Let’s be frank: Americans, on average, seem more unsophisticated about the rest of the world than their counterparts in other developed countries, good intentions notwithstanding. The rest of us in the B2B world don’t have platinum-coated brands, so we need to muddle through a very complex world in a more conventional manner.
You must disabuse yourself of the notion that domestic segments you’ve worked so hard to define and manage are more or less the same outside your country.
You may not be ready to go global quite yet, but there’s a lot you can do to prepare in advance and eliminate rework later. Great marketing in fact depends on cultural references, humor and other local signals to evoke specific feelings and responses. If you have equivalent content options available, choose the one that’s most culturally-neutral. If you’ve done your internationalization work correctly, you’ll be in a much better position to localize your marketing assets.
Make the investment in appropriate research to determine what aspects of your marketing need to be localized and how you should do that. In many parts of the world, personal relationships are the bedrock upon which business is conducted. This holds true for consultants, agencies, partners and other organizations or people you might work with.
IN THIS BLOGWe share our collective wisdom - based on many years of experience and insight - about marketing automation, sales processes, and lead management.
Ambush campaigns come in a variety of forms, but at its core they are focused on drawing attention from one brand, usually the lead or official brand, onto another through various creative efforts.
And there was a lot to see, as companies like BowTech pulled out all the stops for their new Experience bow. With the Locash Cowboys on hand for a 30-minute rockin' concert, a custom built Harley Davidson to escort the new Experience bow into the limelight and a big screen countdown clock center stage, the real question is, what didn't BowTech do?
It probably didn't hurt that Easton also had a stable of great new arrows to show off, including the HEXX and da'Torch, which are as visually pleasing as accurate. Great bows, great people, a great big semi trailer and a great marketing campaign for 2013. That's because ScentBlocker brought a cast of models and a full-size runway to show off their new line of clothing for 2013.
This is why the presence of a strong campaign on Facebook is so important whenever you are working on a social media strategy.
There have been campaigns which are an utter failure and completely disappointing both in terms of value and return on investment. To try and stand out, Qdoba used their exclusive graphic content to update the results in real time and this created a huge appreciation amongst users. This would make them eligible for a draw and as a result, a chance to travel with a featured photograph. For people, who are interested in bridal fashion, this account is a must follow as they post some of the most engaging fashion boards on their pages. It created an amazing campaign related to natural beauty and woman confidence with really strong female sentiments.
The campaign was engaging as there was highly insightful content; like recipes and recommendations which completely bamboozled the users. So the Breaking Bad people created a virtual lab where users could make content similar to the font designs and theme of Breaking Bad as well as share the same on their profiles.
They compiled over a 100 different Instagram photos and posted it on their pages, these photos were of all the best tennis stars in history as well as present.
They also went insane by posting $1 million prize money for a winning flavor, which has the potential to become the next Lays variant. Make A Wish foundation arranged a scenario where the entire place was made like Gotham City and the kid was suited up as Batman. They slowly unveiled all the details of the launch and the car through an engaging day to day list of activities on Facebook. A game made on this basic model made the users go crazy with its imagination and innovative techniques. It started with a basic idea of poker and is now an entire brand with millions of users playing every day. Jamie likes to observe different social media trends and post it as research blogs on the site Dissertation House UK. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.As a practical matter, there are none beyond what you learned in Marketing 101. That may in fact be true in some cases, but you’re much better off with a default assumption that segments in other countries are completely different unless proven otherwise.

That’s fine – but you need to be aware of possible adverse consequences in other places when you make this choice. You may find that it makes sense to postpone entry to a new country until you have the resources to do it properly. That’s true in all cultures to some extent, but some societies require far more time and effort to create a level of trust that’s needed to do serious work together. If people perceive that you are there to make a quick buck without creating value for the long term, you’ll have a tough time. The Olympics isn't just the world's stage when it comes to premier athletes, it's also the flagship event for ambush marketing. Your Brand is You, Know your Brand!Before design, before organization, even before contacting potential channels define your brand. Custom built motorcycles, a country music concert and free tattoos were just part of the ensemble for their new product launch. This is why it is important to follow certain effective practices when it comes to Facebook Marketing. The same art is then judged by online users and the most liked artwork goes directly on the new models of the helmet. The whole episode was shot and made as a small movie, which went completely viral on Facebook. They now make money through the same game by allowing for premium subscriptions with added benefits. The company is now going on the stock exchange and that is the kind of growth they have seen. This starts with the recognition that every aspect of your marketing may need to be used eventually in a foreign country.
You may choose to tune your campaigns to domestic needs, but make this a conscious decision, not a mindless default. This can be frustrating and annoying for people who are accustomed to quicker gratification.
You probably remember Michael Johnson's gold shoes more than Reebok's official sponsorship. As such, the rest of the world ought to respond similarly to the messages and stimuli we use at home.
To save yourself aggravation and expense later on, think about culture-specific nuances in writing, graphics and overall design. Build your portfolio of marketing assets in a way that allows them to be customized easily for other environments later on.
It MIGHT work, but not as well as if you try to meet prospective customers on their own terms.
Don’t move forward with campaigns until you understand who your local competitors are, how they market and which channels they use to reach prospective customers. We fervently hope that employing outstanding translators will overcome any barriers to creating demand for our products and services.
One of the most effective marketing tools to communicate with customers happens to be through creating an experience for them, a la experiential marketing. Be able to clarify this to everyone involved in the campaign and you’re guaranteed to receive the results you want.2. In-Line Team Transparency Now that your brand is clearly defined, relaying that image to your team is essential. Allowing your customers to truly experience; see, touch and feel is what experiential marketing is all about. The best experiential marketing campaign is one that attempts to address as many senses as possible.
All outbound marketing including paper ads, radio ads, and commercials as well as inbound marketing such as social media, blogs and websites should be clearly conveyed to the potential team. This will ensure your brand image can be transferred to a potential customer in a clear and concise manner.3. Whether the response is good or bad, it gives you to improve or revamp your message within a relatively short period of time with reduced uncertainty. All this take away can then be reapplied at the next event to further narrow down and gain potential customers.
Brands have been known to create TV commercials based around the responses they received from experiential marketing programs.

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