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Strasbourg accueille la semaine prochaine la ville de Rethymno qui mettra les petits plats dans les grands pour faire connaitre aux Alsaciens les arts et l'art de vivre cretois. Organisee en cooperation avec l'association Alsace Crete, l'operation Rethymno propose du 22 au 27 octobre, sous un chapiteau de 600 m2 place Kleber, toute une serie de manifestations destinees a mettre en valeur l'art de vivre cretois : petits-dejeuners, initiation a la cuisine et au "regime" cretois, kafeneion, degustation d'huile d'olive, de fromages, d'olives, de vins cretois. Du 23 octobre au 11 novembre, exposition d'art contemporain, "Cosmographies", par quatre artistes cretois.
Conference sur l'archeologie, "l'ancienne Eleutherna", par Nikos Stambolidis, archeologue, le 24 octobre a 15 h, a la MISHA, maison internationale des sciences de l'homme, 5, allee du general Rouvillois. Mobile Ad Prices Up 50 Percent In The Fourth Quarter (MoPub via Mashable)Mobile advertising prices rose dramatically in the fourth quarter of 2012. Click-through rates during the holiday season not only performed well in December, but remained high on both iOS and Android platforms well into January, even surpassing click-through rates in December. Much like previous studies, the overall traffic distribution between iOS and Android has changed little over this long time period, with no noticeable long-term trend emerging. At the same time, the percentage planning to buy a Samsung smartphone in the next 90 days has soared from 13 percent to 21 percent, an unprecedented eight percentage point gain. The big surprise is that users of Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system (53 percent) now rank it higher in terms of customer satisfaction than do users of the Android mobile operating system (48 percent), a clear sign of strong user satisfaction with Windows Phone 8. The highest priority, as per most marketing objectives, were sales conversion and revenue (63 percent), followed by lead generation (55 percent), engagement (50 percent) and brand awareness (49 percent). Mobile Was Huge At CES This Year (Digitas and Brandwatch)Digitas and Brandwatch released new research that reveals what truly resonated at CES. Cette cite de 30 000 habitants a etabli des liens avec Strasbourg il y a trois ans, dans le cadre d'une residence d'artiste de Raymond Emile Waydelich en Crete. Mais on decouvrira aussi sous ce chapiteau l'artisanat cretois : ceramiques, bijoux et objets en argent, instruments de musique, peinture byzantine.
Ils sont genes d'etre le pays europeen le plus atteint par la crise, touches dans leur orgueil. In fact, you probably have a laptop and a tablet to go with it, according to Forrester Research.

The metric for effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPMs) was up 50 percent, new data suggests. As of early January, Chitika Insights took a look at how Web usage shares compared between the two systems, spanning from May 27, 2012 to Jan. That's down from 71 percent in last quarter’s survey, conducted just as the iPhone 5 was being released.
Nous avons le devoir de la rembourser, notamment en exposant les atouts et l'attractivite de la Grece". Et, comme la-bas, les soirees se termineront en musique et en danses autour d'un verre de raki.
Generation Y (defined as 24 to 32-year-olds) are at the pinnacle of Internet adoption and activity.
A new report from real-time bidding exchange MoPub tracked its network of 30 billion ad impressions in the fourth quarter of 2012 to reveal spikes in mobile ad prices.
Les maires, Giorgios Marinakis et Roland Ries, avaient sympathise et noue des liens d'amitie. Le projet "e.cite" a ete concu pour "participer au rayonnement international de Strasbourg, capitale parlementaire de l'Europe", dit Dimitri Konstantinidis, directeur d'Appolonia. Pepi Birliraki-Mamalaki, adjointe au maire de Rethymno, espere que cette semaine a Strasbourg permettra "d'inverser le climat negatif qui pese sur la Crete et la Grece. They are the most likely to own multiple connected devices (like smartphones, tablets and PCs), and are increasingly mobile. Cette annee, c'est Rethymno qui s'installe a Strasbourg, dans le cadre du projet "e.cite" d'Appolonia, plateforme de cooperation dans le domaine des arts visuels entre les pays europeens. Generation Y has a 72 percent adoption rate for smartphones and uses them for all varieties of interaction with information and communication and commerce. About a quarter of the denizens of Generation Y have tablet computers, like iPads, or Android slates. Mais avec Rethymno, on depasse le simple domaine des arts et c'est tout l'art de vivre cretois que pourront decouvrir les Alsaciens.

Walmart announced that it will sell the iPhone 5 off-contract for a plan that costs just $45 a month with unlimited data, text, and voice, and another that gives you unlimited international calls for more than 1,000 destinations in a bunch of countries for just $60. That creates a whole new opportunity for developers to reach a part of the world that is only just waking up to a reality of always-on and always-there Internet. It's worth noting that native applications are no better than HTML5 applications when it comes to the network. There are three key problems in mobile networking to consider: high latency, unreliable networks and switching network conditions and battery life.
Your application still needs to work and this is where the HTML5 networking APIs fall short.
To make this work for users, we need to tell the user that everything is done, while decoupling the user interaction from the state of the network request.
One day there will be a HTML5 based API which take these problems into account and solves them universally. This is the second time in the past three years that Starbucks has received this prestigious award, which is an impressive feat in the competitive world of mobile advertising.
In recent years, the company has implemented a mobile-first strategy never before seen in the mobile marketing arena. Their approach spans the spectrum from the advanced technology of augmented reality and QR codes, to the more traditional channels of mobile apps and SMS.
Facebook is still in the early stages of developing ads for users who access the social network via mobile devices instead of desktops. Features such as Facebook Exchange, which helps companies target ads based on users’ past Web activities, will help boost sales this year.

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