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There are countless media players out there and they are only growing in numbers with everyday passing by.
Many people don’t even go beyond Windows Media Player as the software comes standard with most computers, but they think of a new media player when they get stuck with some video that doesn’t play with Windows Media Player.
Cyberlink PowerDVD: Now this one is certainly not free but you can download a trial version to begin with and check if it is worth it or not. One of the best things that this media player offers is to convert 2D videos into 3D videos. Author Bio – Austin Field is a professional videographer with over 15 years of experience.
If you are a regular computer user then there must have been so many occasions when you feel like to listen to some good music or watch different videos or you may also feel to watch movies.
The very following list of the top ten best PC media players starts with the media player named as Winamp at the number tenth place. Developed by the RealNetworks, the media player at the number eighth place in this list is Real Player.
K Multimedia player which is known by the name of KM player is at the number fifth place in this list.
The Window Media Player is at the number fourth place in this list which shows the top ten best PC media players. CyberLink PowerDVD is the PC media player at the number third place in this list which shows the top ten best PC media players. The Media Player Classic is at the number second place in the list which shows the top ten best PC media players. A media player was earlier a term denoted to any computer software that played multimedia files but with the advent of portable device it has even come to encompass the wide variety of android and other open source media players. Copyrighted by Ventis Media Inc, MediaMonkey or MM is a digital media player and a media library application. This is propriety multimedia framework of Apple inc., and is a pre requisite for Adobe Photoshop and many other video editing softwares. The Participatory culture foundation came up with Miro whose sole motive is to enable and support creative, non-corporate and independent ventures. SMplayer is yet another free software, released under the terms of GNU General Public License.
Banshee or Sonance as it was called till 2005 is an open source media player (cross platform). Available in over 25 language Media player classic is the third most downloaded media player in the virtual world.
VLC Media Player has been one of the most popular media players for Windows, but when it comes to interface and UI, VLC has a very simple, clean and an elegant UI with very basic and simple controls. Slim Bean skin is somewhat similar to the MinimalX as far as the UI is concerned, but there are some differences that have made me put Slim Bean in this list.
Plays all known formats flawlessly (even animated GIFs and SWF animations and games) and has the best minimalistic interface I’ve ever seen.
I’ve tried VLC, KMPlayer, GOM Media Player, Winamp and several others, but K-Lite is still the only player I need on my Windows laptop.
This is a popular and most useful video player for any users of Windows including windows 7, windows xp, and others. This is another free video player, along with online media streamer, media downloads as well as media software from Real networks. This free software will help you in organizing videos, music, audio books as well as podcasts on your computer.
This software has many features like automated media importing, automatic media library, adding of metadata from the Internet and also downloading MP3 files.
This is an all in one player, iPod connector, music collector with customized tagging techniques.
BSplayer is an application that plays back all kinds of media files (avi, mpg, asf, wmv, wav, mp3…) and specializes in video and DIVX playback.
Regardless of which type of user you are, there’s definitely a music player that suits your taste. Also, MusicBee has tons of great features such as Auto DJ, MiniLyrics, CD ripper, audio converter, radio player, music synchronizer, 5-band spectrum visualizer, 10-band equalizer, DSP effects, etc. AIMP 3 also emphasizes on sound enhancement features with its 18-band equalizer, 32-bit audio processing, and built-in sound effects. However, iTunes is bloated and demands high system resource usage, which is certainly a turnoff for performance enthusiast. Winamp is one of the oldest media player in the market and remains as a top media player for more than a decade.
The new version also comes with Android Wi-Fi and USB sync support, which allows you to sync music to your Android phone. VLC isn’t exactly a music player, it is a media player that excels in both playing music and video. In fact, in last few years this was easily considered as the number one media player out there and even today it is certainly one of the best. For this kind of work there is always the need to have a good media player which should be capable enough to play different kinds of audio as well as the video files. This media player was first released on 21st April 1997 and from then on it is among the best media players. This media player was first released in the month of April 1995 and since then it has been launched with slightly modification in each new issues. This media player supports almost all the file formats which are used by people all over the world and so it quite popular. This media player has the capability of playing all the video as well as the audio file formats and so it has a very large people using this media player. This media player was developed by the tech giant named as Microsoft and is the media player which is probably used in the largest scale. This media player is available for the Windows operating system and is developed by the CyberLink.
Through the download and additional plugins available from the website it can be run in compliance with many different videos and other media formats.
What gives it a subtle edge over other media players is the efficient handling of not just digital audio and video but panoramic views and JPEGs as well. On a completely different note everything that starts with an ‘i’ is known to be an inextricable mixture of creativity and compatibility. It was originally meant for GOM-TV but its ability to play broken media files and find missing codecs using its codec finder service made it one of the most popular media player outside South Korea (if you are wondering what is with the paw then the word GOM means bear in Korean).

If you are looking for the best video player for your android device then Mobo player and MX player is the best video player to have on your android device. Some of us may not like it or may simply want to change it to something newer and different.
It comes with a nicely designed interface that gives out a premium look and a bit of colorful graphics. It has buttons that almost resembles Nintendo hardware and it has got a good UI and definitely it is different from others due to its unique Nintendo design. He loves to try out new Windows based software and gadgets and is currently learning JAVA. This is a default video player of Windows OS, you can use it to listen to music, view images and play videos. This is fundamentally a video organizer with which you can buy songs, tv shows, videos and apps from iTunes store. Further, you can even connect it with your iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles with your computer. This software can scan your computer or any particular folder, and will let you download videos and torrent files from internet. There are also custom skins and plugins available for users to customize the music player according to their needs.
After installation, MediaMonkey automatically searches your computer for media files and sort them in the library based on their ID3 tags. MediaMonkey also has addons for appearance, foreign languages, remote access, codecs, and more. Also, some of the free functions in MusicBee are limited to MediaMonkey Gold users (costs $24.95) only.
Supports ReplayGain, auto shutdown, configurable hotkeys, custom skins and plugins, Internet radio browser and recorder, and over 20 popular audio formats. It is rated as one of the fastest and lightest music player which works as a basic music player, without a library for organizing music.
The UI skin technology allows users to customize appearance of the interface, and it has superb Web connectivity, which allows you to share videos with social networking sites, and upload your favorite ones on Facebook and YouTube too.
In the following list we have gathered information about the top ten such PC media players. At this moment this media player is available for the Windows, Android, Mac OS X, Unix and Linux operating system.
Jet Audio Player was first launched in the year 1997 and since then there has been many updates done to this shareware so that it can be better than the rest media players. This media player belongs to the Gretech Corporation and is extremely popular in the South Korea. This media player is an excellent way to watch video file or listen to audio files and also for viewing the pictures. It was first released in the year 1996 and has been satisfying the various needs of the people since then. At first this media player was released for the first time on 29th May 2003 and is developed using the C++ programming language. The interface of this media payer is so eye catching that you will love when you use it and will want to continue with the same. Listed below are some of the most popular media players on the basis of downloads and compatibility.
It is a freeware program but the version can be upgraded to “Gold” license which lets you enhance its skins, use extension scripts and run third party plugins. It can also import CDs and is compatible with Apple devices as well as Android and Creative’s Zen players. It was transcended into its current freeware form under GUI it was earlier a closed-source application. It is really good for playing media with subtitles as it offers to support over 12 subtitles formats including Unicode, srt, sub, idx as well as embedded subtitle formats like ASF and MKV.
For normal users, it’s as simple as possible while professional users will find it easy to change every aspect of the player, codecs and decoders settings. If your answer is yes, then you just require a best video player to make the past time more fun. Audiophiles with extensive music collection will look for a music player with superb sound quality and advanced music organizer. MusicBee is one of the best free music manager with superb tagging and organizing features. Supports gapless payback, ReplayGain, keyboard shortcuts (customizable), tagging, DSP effects, CD ripping, and components developed by third-party developers. Also, it is hard to ignore the world’s largest online music store, especially for music lovers. It is very extendable, with thousands of skins, plug-ins, visualizations, and online services available. All these advanced features are actually missing on some of the popular Media players like PowerDVD, which are next in our list.
You can easily upgrade CD contents to HD contents and give more number of fixes to the videos. These have been listed according to different specification which makes them well ahead of the other.
Nullsoft is the company which developed Winamp at the first place but now it has been taken over by the AOL. Quick Time Player has been designed in such a way that it can handle all the formats of the audio and video files without any difficulty. Real Player is available in different languages and is a perfect PC media player and will satisfy all your need regarding it. Jet Audio Players is available in as many as 11 languages and is available for the Windows and Android operating system. It was first released on 1st October 2002 and has been designed to support many leading language used in different parts of the world. This media player is only available for the Windows operating system and its size is also very small.
This media player is available for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and BeOS operating systems.
It can be upgraded to QuickTime pro which enables editing clips, merging audios and video tracks. The most recent version available for upgrade is 11.0, it is even available for windows however the features offered are comparatively less.

Released in the year 1997 Winamp became popular for its MP3 file sharing services, extensible plugins, skins and graphical soung interactive visualizations. Miro integrates A media player; vlc,windows or quicktime and xine or GStreamer for LINUX based Operating System along with a RSS new aggregator and and podcatcher and finally a Bit Torrent Client. It is available in over 30 languages and remembers your previous settings and time position so you don’t have to rewind the media all over again.
Alike iTunes it includes album artwork fetching, smart playlists, podcast support and integration. One doesn’t require additional plugins for external media playback that just saves a lot of internet surfing and downloading times for codecs. The most significant feature as mentioned is definitely the codec finder which uses GUID which in case the codec is not apt will direct you to the suitable webpage. It supports audio-video compression methods and numerous file formats including DVD, CD and streaming protocols. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software is always recommended, he feels.
You can find many best free media players for Windows, you can check them out in this article. If you have an Apple device, then you should definitely have this software as it officially lets you to transfer the files.
A casual user will probably cool with a music player that is able to play most of the audio formats, whereas a performance enthusiast hates bloatware and prefers a lightweight and responsive music player.
Easily remove duplicates, edit and add tags on tracks, sort and rename music files and folders based on tag values, and more.
TMT even allows you to change region code up to five times, which is yet another useful feature. Another advantage is that it doesn’t even need an installation like other media players mentioned in this list.
Some of the good features of Jet Audio Players are CD ripping, metadata reading, sound recording and amazing interface.
It is only available for the Windows operating system and has support for the English, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Japanese language. There is the language support of as many as 53 languages and is capable enough to play any type of video files.
It also has automatic volume adjustments through Replay and MP3 Gain which lets you work freely and not bother about changing the volume levels.
You can surf the in-house i-tunes store for podcasts, audiobooks, music and even rent a movie or stream the latest episode of your favorite television show.
Upon its release Mozilla Firefox and The Pirate Bay gave a download link for MIRO on their first pages and Pirate Bay had a message attached that read “We love Free Software”. It is compatible with both windows and Linux based operating system and is distributed with a NSIS generated setup.
The very first version had remarkable lists of module which went beyond 350 crossing what every other available media player had to offer. Though Windows has a video player named Windows Media Player, it does not work pretty well due to lack of good features, therefore it’s not always recommended. The player also allows its repair the broken files if you have any and everything just seems to be working great with this one.
You can easily play video from an external hard drive or from one of the flash drives you have.
With the passing years many new features along with support for various languages has been added to this media player and so it is the perfect option if you are in a search of a PC media payers. Since the very meaning of gom is bear in the Korean language so it has been given the symbol of bear’s paw. Available in support for the various languages, this light size media player has all the required functions needed to play each video and audio file. Some of the other good features of VLC Media Player are compression of audio and video files, different skins and file formats. It can easily be synced with your Apple devices and the MediaMonkey library scans your hard drive on a regular basis for new media files, these can also be added manually. A large number of codecs work well with QuickTime thus making it a favorite amongst those who handle different audio and video extensions. The most important features are; the intelligent playlist which keeps a record of your last played and most played media and the sound enhancement, which is much better than the rest of the media players.
Gapless playback, ReplayGain for volume leveling are known to have inspired many media players thereon. In May 2011 it was deemed as the future of television and the softonic gave it 9 out 10 stars.
The notable features are Audioscrobbler, DAAP music sharing, Metadata searcher uses Musicbrainz to searches for missing and supplementary metadata from the library which even includes album art.
The current version is MediaMonkey 4.1 which was especially designed for a better media playing experience through android devices. The latest version is QuickTime X or QuickTime Player v10.x which allows online sharing, screen recording, multiple export options and magic mouse options. Crossfade is yet another interesting feature and audio normalization helps you in volume leveling. Upon installation it automatically scans your drive and even detects full Unicode and Unicode metadata files. It also provides its users an SDK or software development kit to create different types of plugins.
With over 3000 available skins Winamp has one of the best alterations for aesthetic designs of the GUI or graphical user interface.
In May 2012, VLC team has started working towards making it an android friendly app, a beta version is however available for download. Winamp included hidden features which they termed as Easter eggs which are accessible via random exploration or undocumented clicks. They are; Amarok (watch out for the audio analyzer), audacious (for its default codec packs), rythmbox, Totem (nautilus is an absolute file manager) and xine (which is good regardless of the number of bugs). If you happen to find any other media players that you want us to feature then mention it in the comment.

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