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Getty ImagesYou're too busy for the gym but long for something more exciting than that same old fitness DVD you've been sweating to for months.
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Regardless of your body type, you can find an online fitness program that will help you get in shape at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.
Even if the weather is not nice enough to venture outdoors, my workouts will not be suffering because I’ve got my second installment of the Best Online Workouts for you. Fusion Fitness designs its workouts to combine various popular strength and cardiovascular conditioning techniques. Fusion– This fun 45 minute barefoot class mixes yoga, pilates, calisthenics and barre. Bikini Bootcamp– This hour long class is based on traditional kickboxing moves but Fusion adds in some interesting combinations.
Fusion Mix– This 60 minute barefoot class really focuses on strength more than cardio, although you will get a cardio benefit and burn lots of calories! I think my favorites out of all the classes are Fusion and Barre Intensity but they are all seriously great and if you do each once a week, you have a great workout schedule full of variety!
Each class costs $10 for a 24 hour rental OR you can spend $49 and get unlimited access to all five classes for one month.

The latest streaming workouts give you the benefits of your favorite class right from your laptop.
With a membership, you’ll have access to video downloads and streaming video, nutrition tips, an ability to ask questions to trainers, and a workout charting program. This website offers detailed exercises for every part of your body whether you’re working on fat loss or muscle building.
Everyday I strive to find balance in my life through fitness, healthy eating, occasional indulgences and generally enjoying all life has to offer. Whether it’s skipping, yoga, Barrecore or a lounge weights workout, we’ve got your home fitness regime sorted.WelloWelloFocusing on the importance of wellbeing, Wello’s instructors include a yoga guru, boot-camp trainer, pilates expert and circuit training pro. If diet is a key part of your fitness quest, BuiltFit also offers healthy recipes for food that actually tastes good. You can interact via video calling with your own specialist who will tailor a fitness plan to your individual needs.BarrecoreBarrecoreOnline barrecore classes are the best way to grab a workout on the move if you can’t get to your local barrecore studio. With just a Wi-Fi connection, a laptop (or tablet or smart TV) and a toning tool or two, you can now plug into cutting-edge workouts?for a small fee, of course.
We exercised our way through a dozen streaming sites and narrowed them down to our five favorites.
Try their Insane Skipping or Kettlebell Workout for maximum results without moving from your lounge.Fitness GloFitness GloFitness Glo offers customised 8 week programmes especially designed to kick start your exercise routine. While in-studio classes at this boutique chain can cost up to $36 a pop, you can rent content for 48 hours for a fraction of that price.

The Total Body Strength Workout busts calories, while targeting muscle building.Fit OrbitFit OrbitFit Orbit is a one stop online fitness shop, specialising in providing you with your own personal trainer. Personalised daily meal plans, customised exercise routines and a real instructor are many of the reasons behind the success of this site.Free TrainersFree TrainersSelect the muscle area you want to work on and access anatomical information and exercise basics, plus a full list of fitness tricks. Become a member of this online gym and gain unlimited access to all of their sessions.Daily BurnDaily BurnInput your vital stats and Daily Burn will help you find an exercise plan tailored to your target weight and toning. Choose between standard 30-minute sessions or quickie 15-minute ones, all taught by some of Crunch's elite instructors (think Michelle Opperman and Marc Santa Maria).
The sessions?in a variety of levels?range in focus from body-part-specific moves (such as quad openers) to skills (like perfecting Wheel pose) to traditional sequences. Our testers appreciated that the yogis suggest other sessions to help master the basic poses. AKT inMotion streaming workouts are the brainchild of Anna Kaiser, trainer to A-listers like Kelly Ripa and Shakira. But I was really sweating a few minutes into it," said a tester of the Upper Body Workout, who admitted she was grateful for the on-screen countdown clock.

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