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PowerPoint-free: Once your presentation is converted into a video, you do not need anymore to have PowerPoint installed to watch it nor do your recipients, regardless of which hardware or operating system they own. Multi-platform: Presentations converted into videos can be watched while on the move using your mobile phone, iPod, PSP or any other device that plays video. Distribution: You can distribute your video-converted presentations on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and other video-sharing sites or social media to reach a broader audience. One problem you may encounter is that the PowerPoint to video conversion service you choose to utilize may not retain transitions, animations, soundtracks and other media elements you have inside your slides. The free services that convert PowerPoint presentations to video generally all work the same way: you first import your PowerPoint file, then choose an output video format, set the transitions between slides and you are done.
Here below is a comparative table and a set of individual reviews to help you compare all of these free services to convert PowerPoint presentations to video. Supported platforms: Specific operating system needed to run the PowerPoint to video converter. Preserve special effects: Transitions, animations, videos, audio tracks and other media elements are preserved during the PowerPoint to video conversion process. Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter Free is a Windows software to convert your PowerPoint slides to video.
JODConverter is a free plugin for OpenOffice that allows you to convert PowerPoint presentations to multiple formats, including PDF, MS Office documents and Flash (SWF).
AuthorSTREAM is a free slide-sharing webservice that allows you to convert PowerPoint presentations to video.
PowerBullet Presenter is a free presentation editing software for Windows that you can use to convert your PowerPoint files to Flash (SWF) files.
Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing software available for Windows XP through Vista that you can use to convert your PowerPoint presentation to video. PowerPoint is paid software and one needs to buy a license to make use of this application.
Online applications are always handy, there are various web based applications which let you create presentations just like you do with PowerPoint. You can easily create presentations online and share them with your friends and co-workers in real-time. ZSlide is a part of ZCubes, an online office suite. ZSlide offers a great deal of features to create presentation online.
Guest blogger Srikanth AD writes on Tech Inspiration blog about tips, gadgets, and technology. I prefer Google docs as well because of the ability to access it anywhere you are able to connect to the internet. I have been doing more presentations lately that have called for me to brush up my powerpoint skills. The best thing is you can draw over it, and annotate using handwriting – on the browser itself. Process types smartart graphics powerpoint 2007, A variety of process smartart graphic styles. Create custom smartart graphics 2007 office, In smartart graphic, shape support multiple levels text, map structure.
Before we developed SlideOnline to make it possible for people to share presentations online, FPPT was one of our primary projects.
While you can easily upload PowerPoint or PDF documents to create shareable online presentations using SlideOnline, it might make your job a whole lot easier if you are using a professionally designed readymade template. While you are likely to find a plethora of themes and backgrounds in PowerPoint, they are often overused in presentations by presenters and many of them can seem dull. It is also worth mentioning here that FPPT not only provides thousands of free PowerPoint templates but also provides presentation tips, tutorials and recommendations for downloading presentation tools, templates and clipart from various useful sources. Whether you require presenting your presentation from a PC or Mac computer or wish to transform it in a shareable online presentation using SlideOnline, we recommend the use of high quality templates available at FPPT to create amazing presentations. Online Dating powerpoint template is one of the best powerpoint templates available for free download.
Download and use these free PowerPoint templates in your PowerPoint presentations anywhere -- for business, education, medicine, legal use, design, projects, fun, visuals, scrapbooks, school and teaching projects, portfolios, etc. In PowerPoint 2007, it's easy to use shortcut keys like Crtl+E to center text rather than accessing the option on the Ribbon or the mini toolbar. All templates found in Bestpowerpointtemplates are uploaded by site users for education purpose only and the templates are linked to respective template designer''s page. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it.

Want to share your presentations with a broader audience, including those who do not have a copy of PowerPoint installed? This is why if you have a complex presentation with Flash videos or special effects you might want to double check whether the service you select supports preserving such multimedia elements. Optionally, you can trim or crop the video to get exactly the result you desire or add an audio track to sync with your slides to create a video tutorial. Free PowerPoint Video Converter is a software for Windows that converts your PowerPoint presentations to video.
You just need to import your PowerPoint file and choose one of the supported video formats: AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG-2, MP4 or WMV. Since OpenOffice is available for nearly every operating system you can think of, JODConverter works on all those operating systems as well.
The service generates a MP4 video file and the video itself cannot be longer than five minutes.
Since the software cannot directly import PPT files, you must save each slide as a JPEG image using PowerPoint, and then import each image file to PowerBullet Presenter to start the conversion. Just open your presentation in PowerPoint and save each slide as a PNG file, then import all PNG files to Windows Movie Maker and drag them to the timeline.
You can use SlideShare to create a slidecast, which is kind of a video podcast that combines slideshow and narration. There are several other free alternatives available for Microsoft Office which offers similar features for free.
If you do not want to install any other software on your computer you can always use these applications to fulfill your presentation needs. It also allows you to upload existing presentations that you have made using MS PowerPoint and edit or save them online. AjaxPresents enables you to share presentations online and get a unique URL to share with anyone.
It is a word processor from SSuite office that exports any document to a presentation file that is viewable in any web browser. You just send it off to your intended viewer, they open it up in any web browser that is available to them and there you go, a quick slideshow of your presentation.
The underlying technolgy is different, you can drag and drop videos, pics, text etc to the slide.
Therefore, you can easily find PowerPoint Templates at FPPT, by browsing through various categories and tags. Moreover, it can be difficult to get the right color combination as it is a delicate art, which is often best performed by graphic designers. These templates can help you create attention grabbing presentations with the help of animations, effects and clipart that comes preloaded with them. For tips about making presentations with PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi and other platforms, check out the FPPT Blog. He has been associated with the IT industry for the past 5 years and has worked for various Technology Blogs.
You can always get in touch with us through the feedback form if you have questions on editing these designs, or want more info on licensing. Just import your PowerPoint presentation and choose a video output format among AVI, MPG, MKV and WMV. Then customize the resolution of your video, the playback interval between slides and other output options before starting the conversion process.
All media, animations, music and transitions inside the original presentation file are retained during conversion. Media elements, transitions and animations inside presentation files are not retained during conversion. Animations, audio tracks, transitions and other media inside your original slides are not retained during conversion. You can also insert transitions, animations, flash videos or add an audio track to personalize your video. Just upload your PowerPoint presentation to the service, add an audio track to use as narration, sync slides with audio and publish the slidecast on SlideShare website. Here are five handy online PowerPoint alternatives which you can use for free from anywhere.
The presentation editor in Google Docs provides just about similar features like that of MS PowerPoint.
User interface on Google Docs is simple that you will not take much time to understand and use all its features.

Once you sign-up, you can start creating fabulous presentations using this web application. Its ultra fast Ajax user interface allows you to create professional quality presentations quickly. The slides are calculation aware, and can include the CALCI spreadsheet and can generate charts on the fly. Over a period of time we added many high quality templates to this website and now FPPT is home to more than 2000 Free PowerPoint Templates and PowerPoint Themes. This website has templates for almost any topic that comes to mind, including; Business, Finance, Marketing, Health, Nature, Education, Holidays, Engineering, Food And Drinks, Religion, Online Meetings, Technology, etc. This makes it difficult to create quality PPT templates or background for Power Point presentations on your own. You can customize these templates as per your liking, as all animated templates are completely editable. Ademas de que podemos compartir las diapositivas que creemos con nuestros amigos, familiares, maestros y jefes por medio de email o redes sociales.
Then choose an audio file to sync with your slides, crop and trim the video to get the result you desire, set the playback interval between the slides and you are done.
All media, transitions and animations inside the original presentation will be fully preserved during conversion. All music tracks, animations or media elements inside the original presentation are fully retained during conversion. All elements you add to the presentation will be preserved inside your converted SWF video.
Media elements, animations, and transitions inside your original slides will not be preserved during conversion. All multimedia elements, audio or transitions present inside the original PowerPoint slides will be lost after the upload to SlideShare.
It offers some interesting and advanced features like layouts, backgrounds, slide show effects and option to insert tables and pictures. As this is an online application you can use it from anywhere to gain access to your presentations. Furthermore, many websites that offer Microsoft PowerPoint templates, have a hefty price tag.
In fact, you can change anything from the size and shape to the overall look of these templates using default PowerPoint options.
Por si esto fuera poco tiene aplicacion compatible con Android e iOS y soporte mediante pago para resultados mas profesionales.2. It allows you to create, share and import presentations from any computer connected to internet.
You can create, share, import and collaborate presentations with others to save time and increase productivity. FPPT resolves all of the aforementioned problems, as you can download professionally designed, visually appealing templates for free.
Original media, transitions and animations inside the original slides will not be preserved during conversion. Author Stream:Si una no fuese suficiente tenemos otra aplicacion con la que podemos compartir los videos que creemos con diapositivas o presentaciones y con la misma herramienta tambien podremos compartir los videos en la redes sociales. You can also embed presentations in your blog or web site to make your readers understand better. Podras colocar la presentacion creada en blogs mediante un reproductor gracias a el codigo HTML.8.
Tambien puedes crear presentaciones llamados Glogs, que son carteles interactivos que pueden contener en ellos texto, imagenes, musica, videos y articulos similares. Ademas de que podemos accesar a Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr y Picasa Web sin salir de Glogster, sin olvidar mencionar que podremos anadir varios tipos de animaciones a nuestros trabajos.10.
Tiene 2 opciones la de pago que nos da mas opciones y elimina la marca de agua y la gratuita que aplica una marca de agua en todos nuestros trabajos y ademas es mucho mas limitada en las herramientas y animaciones que podremos agregar en nuestros trabajos.

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