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Since the dawn of mankind we have been inventing tools to help us survive and overcome challenges.
If you’re ready to take an evolutionary leap of your own, check out my list of 29 amazing PPC tools you need to try this year. If you regularly work on large campaigns or campaigns across multiple accounts in Google AdWords, then you need AdWords Editor.
AdEspresso is a great tool for Facebook advertisers to create, optimize, and analyze campaigns. SpyFu has some really cool features other tools lack, such as the ability to download all of your competitors’ keywords. Search trend data can be incredibly valuable when adjusting campaigns to match seasonal demand. Google Analytics provides (almost!) everything you need to track the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns and website performance.
Brad Geddes has a nice suite of tools at Certified Knowledge that will help you analyze data, create tons of ads, and optimize your Quality Score.
LeadPages offers a simple landing page builder, as well as dozens of landing page and minisite templates to choose from. Answer the Public is a free keyword research tool that specifically returns keywords in the form of questions that are related to your topic.
Share as Image is mainly touted as a tool for content marketers, but you can also use it to quickly create awesome display ads. Facebook has a frustrating rule that your ad (images and video thumbnails) can’t contain more than 20 percent text. The Facebook Ads Manager App (for iOS and Android) lets you manage your Facebook campaigns on the go. The Google Analytics app is a bit limited – and by a “bit” I mean a “lot.” But if you’re on the go and need to quickly check on your stats or reports, this app will let you do just that. You mentioned Answer the public, when I went there I was limited to countries like UK, US, FR, DA etc. Given this common pain point, I’m excited to announce the release of WordStream’s brand new free landing page tool, the AdWords Landing Page Grader. Before we get started, here’s a little bit more about me: I’m the director of product management at WordStream.
Our goal in creating the AdWords Landing Page Grader to join our lineup of marketing graders was to offer a free landing page optimization tool to help marketers assess how their PPC landing pages are performing when analyzed against industry-established best practices.
It’s fast, easy, and free – Your landing page report offers the kind of insight you’d get from a professional PPC audit, but without the time or expense required to hire a consultant.
It’s designed to help you increase your AdWords conversion rate, Quality Score, and ROI – The landing page tool focuses on PPC-specific best practices. You can’t get this insight anywhere else – We created the first free AdWords analysis tool, and this is the first free landing page analysis tool. We believe this new tool will help remove some of the mystery about what it takes to achieve the best possible bang for each buck spent on PPC. Unlike other website graders, our new landing page tool takes a PPC-centric approach to assessing how well a landing page is performing. You’ll also seen individual conversion rates and performance scores for each of your top five landing pages (by spend).
The conversion rate section shows you your landing page conversion rate over the past several months compared to our benchmarks for your industry. The content relevance section checks to make sure that your top keywords appear in the content on your page.
Finally, drawing on WordStream’s industry expertise and wealth of data, we’re able to compare performance against recommended benchmarks and best practices to provide an overall assessment of landing page health, and make suggestions that may help increase over performance. We’re optimistic that the end result will give businesses better insight into what happens to their potential customers after the click.
We’ve already identified a number of features for future versions of the Landing Page Grader, which will help SMB’s gain even deeper insights into their PPC landing page performance. Like the idea but didn't pick up any of my keywords - Test (used in campaign titles) is not a keyword. Don't know where the landing pages came from either- all 4 were my home page whereas AdWord clicks land at specific lower level pages.

I'm on the product team here at WordStream and am disappointed to hear the grader didn't seem to work for you. I will have to study this to realize its full potential, but it would help if you can advice.You know your product best. January 21, 2015 by admin Leave a Comment Landing pages are a core component in the conversion process. October 19, 2014 by admin Leave a Comment I have searched around the internet for the ultimate negative keyword list and to be honest I have been disappointed! August 11, 2014 by admin Leave a Comment Good quality Ads are a key element in any PPC account. Well written, compelling and enticing Ad copy can lead to that vital extra few % points on your Click Through Rate, a higher Quality Score and a lower Average Cost Per Click. July 17, 2014 by admin Leave a Comment In this post I am going to overview some of the Best FREE PPC tools and Resources available to use anywhere in the big online World, that will save you time, increase your productivity and help boost your PPC account performance – without costing you ANY money!! I just wanted to take this opportunity to lay out my plans and goals for this blog, what it will be, why I am writing it, and most importantly I want to put across the fact that this blog is all about passing value on to you the readers.
Hlla Mogeeb - Global SEO SpecialistHlla is a native Arabic speaker from Cairo, Egypt and holds a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from Ain Shams University in Cairo. Hlla is an avid photographer and has taught photography, as well as working and attending various Film Festivals including CIFF – Cairo International Film Festival. The right PPC tools will save you time, provide crucial insights, inspire you, and ultimately make more money for your company or your clients. Some I use daily, others less often or I have used in the past, but each tool on this list is valuable and time-saving. And really awesome: You get a thorough audit of your AdWords account in 60 seconds or less with the AdWords Performance Grader.
It also has a slick interface with plenty of important at-a-glance information easily available. It provides accurate, up-to-date competitive intelligence information and is a great way to size up competing websites and their online marketing efforts. You can cheaply and easily buy phone numbers (local or toll free) and record phone calls to those numbers. Meet Unbounce, which offers more than 80 templates for just about every type of landing page you need (products, sales, lead generation, ebooks, etc.).
It shows you the most shared content across the web and you dig down by keyword, niche, site, author, etc.
This is a great way to surface problems your prospects are having that you can then try to answer with your ad copy.
To make sure you’re compliant so your ads can run on Facebook (and Instagram), use the Facebook Text Overlay Tool.
Scripts let you automate nightmarishly time-consuming tasks and save a ton of effort in the long run.
You can track the performance of your ads, edit ads, adjust your budgets, and even create new ads – all from your mobile device. It lets you build adwords scripts rapidly (via drag and drop) to test without having to write a single line of code. I don't like the Bing Ads interface, but the app does a real good job, maybe even better than the AdWords app. There’s so much at stake on the landing page – that’s where your visitor either converts or doesn’t. This tool, now in beta, is the newest addition to the family of free tools WordStream offers small businesses to help them assess and improve PPC performance. While I’ve only been with WordStream for 6 months, I’ve been in a product role for more than 7 years and spent about half of that time working in the PPC space.
This is the simplest way to find out how your landing pages are performing and how you can improve them. It checks to make sure your page, form, settings, and more are optimized for conversions, and our benchmarks help you determine how your landing pages compare to your competitors’.
Rather than looking at a single webpage in isolation, we’re taking a novel approach by connecting AdWords search performance and the websites those search campaigns point to. From there, it can assess your account history over the last 90 days and identify which landing pages you have spent the most money driving traffic to. This will let you know if your conversion rate is going up or down as well as how you’re doing compared to similar advertisers in your vertical.

This signal of relevance to both users and Google can have a big impact on both your conversion rates and Quality Score. Our goal at WordStream is to help advertisers squeeze the greatest possible return out of their PPC investments, and we recognize that optimizing PPC campaigns is only half of the story.
For instance – if you are a mortgage broker in Cardiff, you may want your Ad to show when a user types in the search query ‘mortgage broker in cardiff’. A good Infographic is not only well designed and pleasing to the eye – but informative and engaging as well. She has extensive experience in global digital marketing specifically Search Engine Optimization for global websites.
None of the creators of any of these tools asked to be included on this list or paid for the privilege. Although it looks similar to the AdWords interface you’re used to online, the desktop version is probably about three to five times faster. You can discover how many people are really seeing and engaging with your tweets, whether your Twitter campaigns are effective, and all sorts of valuable demographic data about your followers.
Catchy article headlines (the type that get tons of shares and links) will also make catchy PPC ad headlines! It’s a fantastic tool for saving, organizing, and discovering amazing visuals to get your creative juices flowing. If your text spills into 6 or more boxes of their grid, you’ll have to edit your ad and check it again until you get it right.
Other hobbies are Trainspotting.If you beloved this article and you would like to obtain far more information concerning Landing Page Free Html kindly visit the web page.
And today, I’d like to tell you a little bit about how this landing page optimization tool can help you, and invite you to try it out while it’s in beta, so your early feedback can improve the tool. I’ve been overseeing the evolution of WordStream’s Landing Pages and Leads tool, and saw an opportunity to build a free tool to help highlight some of the landing page best practices we’re working to make easy for small businesses. Our AdWords Performance Grader has analyzed over $3 billion in total PPC spend, and we know a ton about what goes into a successful AdWords account. It then crawls those landing pages looking for marketing best practices and content relevant to the user’s AdWords campaigns. A supercharged PPC campaign won’t convince an advertiser about the power of PPC if it points to a poorly constructed landing page.
Please try out the landing page optimization tool today and let me know, in the comments below or in an email, what you think and how we can make it better. However, in my experience business owners (and even some professional online marketers) are overly focused on driving traffic volume and fail to pay enough attention to fine tuning their rate of conversion.
It doesn't take much sound judgement to recognize that the benefits of supplying relevant services or products is many.To under value the need to maintain a mailing list, and making use of a lead generation page, and not an added service or product to your customers is insanity.
A poor landing page experience affects your Quality Scores as well as your ROI, but it’s tricky to actually figure out what the problem with your page is in AdWords alone. I’ve been working with engineering for the past 2 months to arrive at the first version of our new Landing Page Grader, and as we collect feedback from our user community, we’ll continue to evolve the tool to help businesses derive deep insights about their PPC and landing pages. WordStream gives me important feedback on critical performance factors, and makes it easy to adjust and improve campaigns.” We offer a free trial of both the basic platform and our new offering just for social ads. Why slave to grow brand-new clients to make a profit, when you can easily resale to the existing people? They can include lead capture web pages, sales web pages, webinar registration web pages, sales launch web pages, and a whole lot more.
It is a WordPress web page drag and drop builder that is designed to boost your sales and also enhance ROI.Every successful marketer has a effective sales channel and sells as much as they could to each buyer as they can. It is difficult to earn wads of cash without a well thought-out Sales Funnel which boosts sales conversions and also take full advantage of the worth of each person you obtain. InstaBuilder 2.0 achieves what other competitors have tried and failed miserably in a WordPress plugin.

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