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Ubuntu, with its ease of use and beautiful design, has managed to become a desktop that is not just for geeks anymore.
Whether you like to take pictures with your smartphone or you are a more serious photographer using a DSLR camera, these photo editing software tools can help you improve your image quality. The Adobe-65215211-Photoshop-Lightroom-5 offers software that is compatible with both Mac and PC computers.
The Corel-PaintShop-Pro-X6-Ultimate offers professional quality editing through this easy to use software. Photo Editing Software is critical for modifying and enhancing your digital photos to make them look their best. A good graphics editor allows you to perform creative tasks such as correcting the color, lighting, tone and contrast, adding text or special effects, converting  the image to a different format, making enhancements, creating original graphics, painting effects and much more.
If you take digital photos on a regular basis, a good image editor is a must, but what is the best photo editing software for your skill level and needs?
If you are at the beginner to intermediate level, you will want a program that offers a range of editing tools, an intuitive interface and one that stresses ease-of-use. The best benefits of Photoshop Elements and Paintshop Pro are that they are affordable, flexible yet powerful all-in-one programs. There's another program that you probably haven't heard of, Xara Photo and Graphic Designer. When looking for photo editing software, it is strongly recommended that you read lots of reviews to get an idea of what a certain program offers. Does it support layers and masks, two common features you will need if you want to edit or enhance portions of an image.
What kind of photo formats ( JPG, TIF, GIF, PDF, BMP, PICT, EPS are the most common) does it support? What are the sharing capabilities -- can you adjust the size and resolution of the image so can you email a photo from within the program, create web galleries or upload to your favorite social networking site? What kind of organizing capabilities does it have, is there a database for searching by keyword or rating? Finally, download one or two of the free trials offered by many of the major software publishers.
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 7 is a super fast, inexpensive all-in-one image editor, vector-based illustrator and desktop publisher plus web graphics and animation. These days, more and more non-technical users are switching to Ubuntu, making it the fastest growing Linux distribution in the world. If you take an image that is tilted and not looking its best or the lighting was just not right, photo editing software, can correct these flaws and make good images look great. The Lightroom software includes all of the essentials needed for enjoying your photographs.
The editing tutorials can assist those new to editing software, who want to tweak photographs and make them pop.

The elements 12 is the latest version of Photoshop that allows you to quickly edit images and create a professional look to snapshots.
The best programs will have wizards,  one-click presets, detailed tutorials and even on-screen tips to help you through common tasks such as adjusting the lighting, color and contrast.
You don't want to become frustrated when you've mastered the basics and want to do more with your photos and find your program doesn't have the advanced features you're looking for.
Both offer an array of wizards and templates to help you accomplish common tasks plus they have advanced features that give you more control and creative options as you become more accomplished using the software.
They offer beginning to advanced editing features, lots of task automation, as well as integrated photo organizers so you can better manage your growing image collection.
Are there tutorials and wizards to help guide you through the most common editing or enhancing tasks?
Some programs will automatically make a backup of your original image so you don't accidentally overwrite it when editing. This will give you a risk-free chance to take the potential program for a run-through to determine how it performs for you. You can have whatever else you'd like in the rest of the tag, and we'll maintain any custom "value" you set.
Now, as Ubuntu’s demand is soaring, the recently switched users are looking for applications that will help them perform simple tasks like video editing and music management. The software includes editing and processing capabilities, organization, storage and viewing capabilities, along with printing capability.
It also provides advanced tools for experimental photographs who want to adjust layers and color techniques and edit in RAW or HDR. They both offer an array of creative projects enabling you to create web graphics and web pages and share your photos and projects in a variety of ways. It features excellent editing and design tools, a user-friendly grad-and-drop interface and interactive tools. While there is no dearth of music management apps on Ubuntu, video editing is an area that hasn’t seen much progress yet.
The software provides tutorials and training to teach you how to make your images look their best. Video tutorials are included with the software to take you where you are and help you advance to the level of editing offered by professionals. With the organizational tools you can easily file and find photos by date, location, or a customized organizational system you create.
Nevertheless, there are some great video editors for our beloved distro, which are quite as good as the ones you’ll find on Windows and Mac. Whether you took the picture from your camera phone or a DSLR, Lightroom can enhance that image and bring out the best features. Edit photos and correct any noise, color or exposure issues that were not able to be adjusted at the time the shot was taken.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to edit that holiday video you just shot, read on as we list the best video editing software applications for Ubuntu.
Create images that will make your friends and family consider you a professional with this photo editing software. Lightroom offers noise reduction, color correction, red eye reduction and many more features.
The auto feature can reduce noise, auto correct color and tilt, and correct exposure issues.
Use the included templates to build photo libraries or photo books that can be enjoyed and shared with your loved ones. The Adobe-65225054-Photoshop-Elements-12 also makes it easy to share photos through social media outlets like Facebook and Flickr. Reallusion face filter allows you to make facial corrections and eliminate blemishes while still allowing the photo to look natural. There are level of editing that will accommodate new users, as well as editors who want to add special effects and special features to their images.
OpenShot includes support for many video, audio, and image formats, including, but not limited to: MKV, MOV, VOB, MP4, and MPEG.
The easy to use healing brush allows you to adjust photos and remove unwanted distractions with ease.
What I mean by that is, you can make a whole movie without the need for any other software. There are also features that allow you to create photo books, online photo galleries, location based organization and more. It also packs in a lot of advanced features like the famous Ken Burns effect, along with 20 other cool effects that will definitely add a little spunk to your movie. Written in C++, the open-source application comes with some great features that make it one of the most popular video-editing applications on this platform. Though not as easy to use as the aforementioned OpenShot, Avidemux does come with a well-designed interface. On the features front, the application includes support for video effects, transcoding, Optical Character Recognition ( OCR ) of subtitles, and much more.The best feature of Avidemux is its ability to run as a GUI program as well as a command-line program.
PiTiVi comes with a basic interface allowing you to edit your videos and add some effects to it.
This open-source application, which was also included as a default app in Ubuntu, is quite simply the most easy-to-use video editor around.With PiTiVi, you can trim, snap, split, and cut a clip, and then, you can export it to various formats. You can also merge the video with a different audio clip, a feature that can be useful for a lot of people who like remixing videos and uploading them on YouTube.Though the application is not as feature-loaded as OpenShot or Avidemux, it is still the perfect tool for anyone who is not that familiar with the basics of video editing.

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