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Android editing: Jo mensen in deze video ga ik je uitleggen hoe je op een Android-apparaat foto's kan editen!
Quest' opera e distribuita con licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale - Condividi allo stesso modo 3.0 Unported. We’re only going to recommend these two lenses to get started because they are so useful for making a parkour video. Without a doubt, there is only one camera manufacturer that we have found is up to the task for filming parkour in a POV way, and that is GoPro. That is all you really need to get started but if you’re looking for a few extra items to help your kit selection, check out these.
When you're out filming, you might want to co-ordinate some epic shots where you cant see or hear your athlete.
You need a camera bag to put all your stuff in, and it turns out that this budget backpack by Amazon is actually really good. You're out shooting for a while, likelihood is either your phone or your GoPro is going to run out of power. You want to learn how to expose the camera yourself so you learn how to make creative choices with aperture, shutter speed etc. Keep your ISO number as low as possible, then get the exposure indication line in the middle.
Of course, if you want to just get on with filming ASAP, set it to auto and don’t worry about it. GoPro doesn’t have any manual controls as such, so there is less we need to worry about setting up. Along with keeping your shots smooth, following the action is another large part of filming parkour. Shot is about a big flip = make sure you can see the takeoff, the flip through the air and the landing all in one. Shot is about athlete moving across some railings = get creative and shoot through the railings, getting nice and close. Shot is about a beautiful landscape = Show the landscape and make the athlete a small addition to it. There are thousands of ways to shoot parkour, so play around with getting closer and father away, changing angles, getting on the floor or climbing above the action. Don’t be afraid to get really stuck into the action.
This can apply with Parkour videos too, If you’re filming a complex series of movements from too far away, chances are you can’t appreciate the movement! One of the best editors for usability and doing the technical stuff in the background for you. Our editing solution of choice, essential as we hop between Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop etc.
How to use each of these programs is also a huge topic and not one we can cover all in one article. Most video editing software comes bundled with a selection of gimmicky video transition filters. You either scrape the barrel and try to find some acceptable filler from what you already have. If after all this, you’ve made your video, edited it to a song and you watch it and it doesn’t all seem to ‘click’. You’ve got all your clips in a timeline for your video, it has a start, middle and end. There are a ton of different ways to apply effects and titles, all depending on the software you are using. Assuming you filmed in 1080p, you need to make sure your video exports out at 1080p as well.
Once you have your eported video you need to upload it video to YouTube, give it a title and a description (and maybe a custom thumbnail). Learn how to take screenshots on your computer, and then upload a custom thumbnail for your video.
Sorry to be a hassle again but do you think you could recommend a good fisheye lends to go with the canon 600D? Hi, just wondering, if this site is still active, can you please tell me if you would still recommend the same camera (Canon 1100D or 500D) or have you seen something emerg of late which you would alao recommend? Adobe Audition is a product of Adobe corporation specially designed for Windows and Mac OS.
Reaper is another powerful audio editing tool for windows and Mac operating operating system. Safe Tricks is Online platform for Digital Resource about latest technologies, Software's, PC Tricks, Android Tricks and Review on Apps and games, Web Services based tutorials, Social Media Tips and Tricks, Blogging, How To Guide's and many other useful tutorials. We’ve been making parkour videos since 2008, and picked up a little bit of experience on the way. Its easy to use, has an amazing flippy screen (which even the big boy cameras dont have) and as well as making good videos, it takes pictures too!
It all gets a little crazy with the ratios and crop factors, but in essence 18mm on a 700D is about 28mm, similar to the field of view an iPhone has. Its fun to have fancy long zoom lenses but most parkour is filmed up close and personal, so lets stick to these for now.
Yongnuo are a really cheap chinese company, that copied an official Canon lens, and somehow made it sharper and cheaper. Having more or less cornered the action camera market, they consistently put out the best small action cameras for parkour and we use them exclusively as our first person cameras in our own projects. All are waterproof, some have wifi remote control, the higher grade ones have better framerates and resolution. The gopro product line has a number of cameras, but the black always has the best specifications and features for POV filming, so thats what we used in a number of our viral POV videos. We recommend using the GoPro headstrap  with the staps taken off, and biting onto the flat bit of plastic thats left.
Its not super large, so its alright to climb around with, but its got a nice padded interior, decent straps and best of all its pretty cheap! Please bear in mind *These are not the best or most professional settings for your camera* they are just what we suggest you go with while you are starting out to get the best quality straight away.

It’s still a setting in these cameras and what it affects is what framerates are available to you as a filmmaker. Learning how exposure works is a longer thing than this article can explain, but the most basic of basic is as follows.
We think its easiest to do your gopro settings via the wifi remote app, but you can put them in manually also. Try getting people to jump right next to you, or have them land inches away from the camera.
Its a professional grade package however and can be quite intimidating for a first parkour video, so we suggest the following software if you’re just starting out.
Its a flexible little software and should be able to handle everything you need it to for basic video editing. The editing interface is a little weird compared to most other software but once you get your head around it you’ll be fine.
We haven’t used it first hand but it seems to be one of the more professional solutions while still being free. If you can access the adobe software, its best to learn it as its likely to be the new industry standard for a very long time. Most people fall foul of making their first parkour video consist of lots of walking to and from camera etc.
A simple jump cut should be sufficient for 99% of your video editing so be very selective about using these extravagant transitions (if at all).
Make sure you’re careful if and when you use it, but if you use it right its going to look amazing.
If you have clips that aren’t movement but you still want to put in, ensure they have merit of their own right. Once again you can do whatever you want here, but we have a few things we try to make sure we do with our own films. If you look at ours, we always tend to pick someone thats clearly a person and clearly in the air. Views and subscribers come slowly, our first 100 subs was a big deal, then our first 1,000 was a huge deal. I have to create a 2 minuet documentary for University and wanted to subject it on Parkour, that I have been doing for several years, with some okay not-so-professional videos. If your videos offer them helpful information, then they will certainly love you and share you through their communities. It is used by professional musicians to produce the effects of various music instruments and remix various sounds. It is a freeware tool with a collection of audio editing tools like remixing audio files, echo, bass, beet. Throughout this article we will explain how to get started with how to make a parkour video, what kind of camera is good to start with, the best first person parkour camera and some tips and tricks for growing on YouTube. In brief the wider the aperture (lower number, bigger hole) the more light that can get into the camera. You might have noticed that in a lot of parkour videos, along with other extreme sports, its filmed with a wide angle lens.
It shoots 4K, has a really wide (fisheye) lens, you can control it from your phone and comes with a waterproof case.
You can also do a similar thing with the skeleton case too, but there are loads of ways, see what you prefer. We've found walkie talkies to be useful over and over again, allowing us to co-ordinate shots from far away. We suggest setting it to NTSC, and then film in 1080p at the 30fps or 60fps modes, becuase we think parkour looks better with the extra frames. Using a nice wide lens will help with steadying your shot, but generally the biggest thing is holding the camera in the most stable way, like this.
In contrast, you can use a tripod and very long zoom to get a really candid look to your video.
Just get the video cut together, add music if you want to, and make sure its looking good in that rough format first.
As Parkour videos have developed so far by now, a video truly has to be interesting and dynamic content every second. In time you’ll learn how to do those amazing transitions but for now stick with a simple cut.
Also do remember this is just some basic things we think is good to start out on, there are reasons to ignore almost all of these points. Hopefully you’re a little closer to understanding how to make a parkour video, what features you are looking for in a parkour camera and can go ahead and make awesome videos for YouTube!
Just got the Cannon 600D but don’t know what kind of post-production filters and color rendering I should do on sony vegas 11 premium. It provides audio slicing, restoration, remixing of various sounds, various sound effects, many inbuilt sounds and much more.
It provides many built in instrument sounds, plugin support to extend its functionality, virtual DJ sound system etc. Cameras can be quite complicated because you need lots of things all working in tandem, camera bodies, lenses, settings, exposure etc, and thats before you even have to edit anything!
It’s going to shoot 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps (for slowmotion), will have pretty nice depth of field for that cinematic look, and most every other freerunner will have Canon lenses that you can borrow. Its a 50mm f1.8, so its going to be really good for getting those nice out of focus backgrounds you want to make your videos really look fancy. We suggest avoiding the chest or head straps because they are just too wobbly for parkour filming. If you need to re-film a movement, film it from a different angle, use a different person or find a way of making it new again. That should result in your final exported video looking the same quality as the original files, but make sure to check it! Video marketers along with, SEO and affiliate marketer used this software for creating a marketing promo with very simple time-saving ways.Most of the video editors of the Explaindio Video Creator ask the company owner if they can find a software that can add video effects on these created videos.
Sometimes we want to add extra voice effects like any instrumental voice or many other like birds, animals and many other voices.

Non professional users can easily use it because of its simple interface and easy to use tools.
It also allow you to remix audio files with other file, apply audio effects like echo, bass, trouble beet etc.
It also provide plugin support, sound remixing, clip sound, noise suppression and add sound effects etc. They’re easy enough to learn, and the community has more or less all gone with one of these types of camera so for that reason we recommend them.
You will need to learn how to do manual exposure (which we explain later in this article) but if you want to get just one extra lens, make it this one.
This is the chunky version which is good for both your GoPro and a bigger DSLR, and they are super useful if you want to get a shot but haven't got anyone to hold a camera. As the most basic set of options for a Hero 4 Black, go with these and you’ll be good.
Repeating the same clip over in slow-motion for example feels amateur in comparison to having an alternate angle. I’m particularly interested in getting an ultra-wide lens (preferably not a fisheye, though, heh) for some of my establishing shots.
With a large number of requests and reviewing the needs of these features, Explaindio makes a new software to satisfy their customers.The Explaindio Video FX Software will provide special effects to emphasize video quality. So to make our audio quality high and suppress the effect of various environmental noise, we use audio editing software. If you are looking for free tools then Audacity is best choice for you and it provide simple interface and easy to use tools. It has no installer and registry files we just need double click to run it.It is a light weight software.
Find unique locations to film from so as to present the art in the most interesting way possible. You can easily improve the video quality of any clip by dragging it into the Video Creator FX and use some simple clicks to include effects on it. Editing add some extra features to recorded voice and remove unwanted noise effects and much more.
With the help of this tool you can edit a audio file within few minutes with various effects. You can now make professional videos with a more polished and appealing look on these.Features of Explaindio Video FXExplaindio Video FX software will allow you to make informative videos with some easy clicks.
With the help of audio editing we can add extra sound effects like bass, echo, beet, tuning etc to our normal voice. So audio editing software for PC are required to edit the voice and add some extra voice effects, remove noise, sound mixing and more. You will just have to drag and drop the clips created from Explaindio video creator and then emphasize it with provided visual effects. In this article we provide you a list of some audio editing software for PC which includes paid and free version. You do not have to worry about any professional video editor to make these videos; this best video editing software will help you to create unique marketing videos for your company.
This Explaindio Video FX Review will discuss about the advanced features and advantages of this software.Improve Video Quality with Implementing Different EffectsThere are many companies and agencies, who will provide you videos in a cheap rate. The main problem of these video clips is, they are made in a very poor quality with low lights, unstable color, and many other issues. These videos cannot make an impression of your company, rather will put an indigent impact about you on the customers.With this excellent video enhancing software, you can improve these videos very easily, with the visual effect feature.
You can control the brightness and contrast of the given video and enhance the quality of it.Add Build-Up Layers to Make Audience Targeted VideosExplaindio has kept their customers in mind, while making the Video FX version.
They have noticed all the needs of the Internet marketer and provide them in this best professional video editing software You can now add any build up video clips on your previous clips to make it more targeted to the audience.Suppose, you are a juicer affiliate company, with having videos discussing the nutrition value of fruit juice. You can add another video frame layer saying, “you can make perfect juice daily with using this juicer company.” It will make the video more audiences oriented and boost up your sales by giving them precise juicer company information.
You will have all the tutorials with Explaindio Video FX, to work with different layers very easily.Working with Green Screen VideosOne of the major requests of Explaindio Video Creator customers was to have a software that can process green screen videos. You can implement background into it and make a professional background set up to your videos. You can change the background with a very easy option-panel.It will add extra weight to the videos, and visitors will give importance to it. You can change the background with a very easy option-panel.Other Added Features of this SoftwareThe control panel of Explaindio Video FX comes with some effective tools.
You will have blur, cinema border, color balance, color density, black-white, fade in, fade out and many more options.
To make it easier, you will have a preview panel to see what these effects do to the main video. You can do some simple changes and determine if these changes fit on the video or not, and then apply effects. You can make the video more cinematic make it with improved contrast and many more improvements with the editing panel this best video editing software for enhancing existing videos.You can do some simple changes and determine if these changes fit on the video or not, and then apply effects.
You can make the video more cinematic make it with improved contrast and many more improvements with the editing panel this excellent professional video editor.You can add sound clips with the software. You can explain your product and service details in sound, with giving helping images on the video and make irresistible advertising videos instantly. I was always worried about some of my low quality footage, which i didn’t upload at my YouTube channel. I am using the Explaindio Video Creator for a while, and I am going to give the Video Fx a chance.

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