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To make the tedious task of making beautiful charts and maps easier, I’ve made the list of  best data visualization tools available for the job. D3.js, short for ‘Data Driven Documents’, is the first name that comes to mind when we think of a Data Visualization Software. FusionCharts supports both JSON and XML data formats, and you can export charts in PNG, JPEG, SVG or PDF.
Their charts and maps work across all devices and platforms, are highly customizable and have beautiful interactions. It offers a decent number of charts which covers the most commonly used chart types like bar, area, pie and gauges.
Leaflet is an open-source library developed by Vladimir Agafonkin for mobile-friendly interactive maps. There is a wide range of plugins available for adding features like animated markers, heatmaps etc.
Tableau Public is perhaps the most popular visualization tool which supports a wide variety of charts, graphs, maps and other graphics. Although it offers charts and graphics that are much better than other similar tools, I don’t ‘love’ to use its free version because of the big footer it comes with.
It has a library of 16 chart types to choose from and all the processing is done in browser. As the name suggests, Timeline JS helps you create beautiful timelines without writing any code.
It’s a very easy to follow four-step process to create your timeline which is explained here. ChartBlocks is another online chart builder that is well designed and allows you to build basic charts very quickly.
It allows you to pull in data from multiple external sources like spreadsheets and databases. No matter whether you are using a Computer or laptop for personal use or for professional use one of the main concern is to safeguard your precious data. If you are using a Linux operating system, then you must be wondering that how you can save or recover your data once your hard drive crashes.
It’s free software for Linux which is designed with a sole aim to recover and repair operations. If we say more about its features than we will learn than it has simple and easy menu interface, 5 different virus scans products integrated in a single uniform, recovery of lost partitions, evacuation of dying disks, full read and write support.
This is an open source application that can easily access data over your system or other damaged hard drive. SystemrescueCD helps you to repair your system and data after a crash and its a Linux system rescue disk available as bootable CD ROM or USB stick for administrating. This Linux data recovery tool is based on a Knnopix derivative of Linux OS, Which helps users to run the software from the CD and check integrity of applications which are already installed.
So, These are the best Linux data recovery tools to recover your lost or corrupted data easily.
From A to Z, GIS professionals, students and everyone with an interest can sharpen their GIS knowledge with these GIS dictionary definitions and meanings. Active Sensors: [Remote sensing] Active sensors illuminates its target and measures the reflected backscatter that returns back to the sensor.
Adjacency: [geometry] Adjacency occurs when two objects share the same boundary and are next to or adjoining with a common side or vertex. Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR): [Remote sensing] AVHRR is operated by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and collects infrared, visible and thermal images with an approximate 1 kilometer spatial resolution cell size.
Affine transformation: [geometry] An affine transformation changes points, polylines, polygons in a plane by scaling, rotating, skewing, or translating coordinates in two or three-dimensional spaces preserving points, straight lines and planes. Arc: [data structure] Arcs are lines or polygon boundaries, represented as a series of vertices or coordinate points. ArcGIS: [software] ArcGIS is a GIS software package produced by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) which allows you to collect, store, manage, visualize, export, analyze and map geographic data.
American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII): [file format] ASCII uses a set of numbers between 0 and 255 for information storage and processing. Atmospheric window: [remote sensing] An atmospheric window are wavelengths at which electromagnetic radiation (sunlight) from the sun will penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere overall constricting these spectrum bands from reaching the Earth.
Azimuth: [surveying] An azimuth is an angle between 0° and 360° measured clockwise from North. Base station: [surveying] A base station is a precisely surveyed location used as a fixed Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) recording station.
Basemap: [cartography] A basemap is a background georeferenced image that gives a point of reference on a map. Bearing: [surveying] A bearing is a direction expressed as a geographic angle measured from a base line used in surveying and navigation. Benchmark: [surveying] Benchmarks are precisely surveyed points usually marked with a brass or metal disk in the ground. Bilinear interpolation: [mathematics] Bilinear interpolation is a technique for calculating values of a grid location based on four nearby grid cells. Boolean Algebra: [mathematics] Boolean algebra are conditions used to select features with a set of algebraic conditions. Buffer: [GIS processing] The buffer tool is a proximity function that creates a polygon at a set distance surrounding a selected feature or features.
Bundle adjustment: [geometry] Bundle adjustment consists of simultaneously removing geometric distortions given a set of images of three dimensional points at different viewpoints. Carrier-phase GPS: [surveying] Carrier-phase GPS signals are relatively slow but are very accurate to determine position on the ground. Cartesian coordinate: [surveying] A Cartesian coordinate system specifies each point uniquely with a pair of numerical coordinates. Cartography: [GIS dictionary] Cartography is the study and science of representing real-world entities on maps. Cartometry: [GIS dictionary] Cartometry is a division of cartography concerned with depicting objects with a high level of spatial accuracy.
Centroid: [geometry] A centroid (or geometric center) is a central point of an area feature. Clip: [geometry] A clip is an overlay tool that involves clipping an input layer with the extent of a defined feature boundary.
Coordinate Geometry (COGO): [editing] COGO is the entry of spatial coordinate data points, usually obtained from field survey equipment.
Conformal Projection: [map projection] A conformal map projection preserves the correct shapes of small areas. Conic Projection: [map projection] A conic projection uses a cone to develop its surface on a plane. Connectivity: [geometry] Connectivity is the representation of the connectedness of linear features when arcs share a common node. Continuous raster: [data structure] Continuous rasters are grid cells with gradually changing data. Contour Line: [data structure] A contour line is a constant value for mapping any variable such as elevation and temperature maps. Control point: [coordinate system] Control points are XY locations known to have a high degree of accuracy.
Coordinate Transformation: [coordinate system] A coordinate transformation is the conversion from a non-projected coordinate system to a coordinate system using a series of mathematical equations.
Coordinates: [coordinate system] Coordinates are pairs (X, Y) or triplets (X, Y, Z) of values that are used to represent points and features on a two and three-dimensional space. Cubic Convolution Interpolation: [mathematics] Cubic convolution interpolation is similar to bilinear interpolation because it averages surrounding cells. Cylindrical Projection: [map projection] A cylindrical projection uses a cylinder to develop a plane surface on a map and can be equidistant, conformal and equal-area.
Database Management System (DBMS): [data structure] A DBMS is a collection of tools that permits the entry, storage, input, output and organization of data. Database Schema: [data structure] A database schema is supported in relational database management systems (RDBMS) and acts as blueprints for how database entry will be constructed. Developable Surface: [map projection] A developable surface (cylinders, cones, planes, etc) is the geometric shape that a map projection can be built on.

Differential Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS): [surveying] Differential GNSS is a highly accurate (within centimeters) conventional surveying technique which uses a known location from a receiver to determine an unknown position. Digital Elevation Model (DEM): [GIS processing] A DEM is a bare earth elevation model representing the surface of the Earth. Digital Line Graph (DLG): [file format] DLG is vector data format developed and distributed by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Digital Orthophotos Quadrangle (DOQ): [file format] DOQ is a geometrically-corrected photograph produced by the USGS. Digital Raster Graphics (DRG): [file format] DRG is a digital version map of USGS topographic maps. Digital Surface Model (DSM): [file format] A digital surface model is an elevation that includes the top of buildings, tree canopy, powerlines and other features above the bare earth.
Digital Terrain Model (DTM): [file format] DTM is a bare earth representation of the Earth’s surface that is augmented natural features such as ridges and breaklines. Digitize: [editing] When you digitize in a GIS, you are creating geographic computer-compatible stored data with lines, points and polygons in a spatial database.
Dissolve tool: [GIS processing] The dissolve tool is a common GIS processing task where boundaries are merged with neighboring boundaries based on common attribute values. Easting: [coordinate system] Eastings refer to the x-axis (eastward) approximately parallel to lines of equal latitude commonly used in the Universal Transverse Mercator map projection. Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum: [remote sensing] The EM spectrum refers to the range of energy wavelengths or frequencies from x-rays, ultraviolet, visible, infrared, microwave to radio waves.
Ellipsoid: [surveying] Reference ellipsoids are mathematical models of the shape of the Earth with the major axis along the equatorial radius. Ellipsoid Height: [surveying] The ellipsoid height is the height measured from an ellipsoidal surface to a point on the surface of the Earth.
Endlap: [remote sensing] Endlap is the overlap in aerial photographs from end-to-end between flight lines.
Enhanced Thematic Mapper (ETM+): [remote sensing] ETM+ is a sensor equipped on Landsat-7 which generates images of the Earth in 8 spectral bands. Entity: [cartography] Entities represent real-world point, line or polygon features with a geographic location. Equal Interval Classification: [cartography] The equal interval classification method divides attribute values into equal size ranges.
Earth Resources Data Analysis System (ERDAS) Imagine: [software] ERDAS Imagine is a GIS and remote sensing processing software owned by Hexagon Geospatial. An online magazine by Bovee & Thill, authors of the leading textbooks in business communication and business writing, featuring resources about visual communication, including design and photography. Bovee and Thill cover workplace issues throughout their business communication textbooks.Order examination copies of Bovee and Thill business communication textbooks. Order examination copies of business communication textbooks written by the leading authors in the field.
Bovee and Thill are the recognized leaders in the field of mobile, social media, and digital communication, as they relate to business communication. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests. While the best defence against data loss is redundant and real-time backup, we understand that sometimes data loss sneaks right up on you. These are not true data recovery tools, these are simple undelete tools for an otherwise functioning hardrive. Every free tool cannot be useful to all, When i lost data from my windows PC due to hard disk corruption then i used Kernel for windows Data Recovery software, It provides reliable platform for data recovery. The word 'narcissist' is used so much these days that you might think we're in the midst of an epidemic.
Building an Android app isn't as hard as it might seem, as long as you focus on creating a simple app at first. I’ve divided the list into two parts; first covers the tools that require coding and are meant for developers, while the second list contains data visualization software products that don’t require any coding. So pick it up only when you have enough time in hand and are not concerned about displaying your charts on older browsers. With over 90+ chart types and 965 maps, you’ll find everything that you need right out of the box. You can view the various chart types it offers in the demo section. Highcharts is free for non-commercial and personal use, but you will have to buy a licence for deploying it in commercial applications. It is extremely light (at just 33kb) and has lots of features for making any kind of maps. It uses HTML5 and CSS3 for rendering maps, and works across all major desktop and mobile platforms. Once you upload the data from CSV file or paste it directly into the field, Datawrapper will generate a bar, line or any other related visualization. Many reporters and news organizations use Datawrapper to embed live charts into their articles. It is a completely free tool and the charts you make with it can be easily embedded in any web page. If it’s not as big a turn-off for you as it is for me, then you should definitely give it a try.
It is a free, open-source tool which is used by some of the most popular websites like Time and Radiolab. It has a restricted free version and two paid options which include features like 200+ maps, private sharing and icons library etc.
One feature that I didn’t like is the huge logo that you get when you try to embed interactive charts into your webpage (in free version). It supports a good collection of chart types with built in social sharing features. The charts and graph types available have a professional look and feel. It has a limited number of chart types, but that will not be a problem as most common chart types are covered. After you have made the chart, you can either export it via SVG or PNG, embed it in your website or share it on social media. There are a lot of Linux Data recovery tools available to get rid of the data safety issue. It has an easy to use scrollable text menu that allows anyone who masters a keyboard and some English to perform maintenance and repair on a computer, ranging from password resetting over disk cleanup to virus scanning. That is, you don’t have to wait for an error, stop the program, read the log, restart it from a new position, etc.
This software offers many tools to handle various kinds of tasks, whether its partition manipulation, file recovery, hard disk testing or disk formatting.
It provides the data recovery specialist with a command-line interface environment equipped with the best free-libre, open source data recovery and forensics tools available. It can recover data from Ext4, Ext3, FAT32, FAT16, and FAT12 file system based Linux volumes. F Secure Rescue helps you to perform advanced data repair and recovery operations with ease. Aspect is measured clockwise starting North as 0° to 360° North again with flat areas given a value of -1 (or 0 degrees). Basemaps are non-editable and provides aesthetic appeal such as aerial imagery, topography, terrain and street layers. Benchmarks is a generic term sometimes referred as survey marks, geodetic marks and control stations.
It assigns the output cell value by taking the weighted average of the four neighboring cells in an image to generate new values. This process ultimately minimizes error between observed and predicted image points during reprojection. Cartography combines aesthetics and science to communicate spatial information in two or three dimensions. Cartometric maps can be used to measure the perimeter of coasts, areas of countries, volumes, slopes and densities. At any given point on a conformal projected map, graticule lines intersect at 90° and the scale is the same in all directions. This type of surface generally has no distinct boundaries defining different features such as Digital Elevation Models (DEM), temperature data or distance from features. They are used to convert digitized coordinates from paper maps and georeferencing to standard map projection coordinates.
The X-value represents the horizontal position and Y-value represents the vertical position.

Instead of using the four nearest cells, the output value is based on averaging the 16 nearest cells.
DLGs depict information about geographic features about terrain, administrative, hydrography, transportation, man-made features and more. They include imagery (NAIP), roads, place names, hydrography, elevation contours and boundaries. Reference ellipsoids are mathematical models of the shape of the Earth with the shape of flattened sphere. Features may refer to fire hydrants, hospitals, state boundaries, roads, rivers, lakes, etc. For example, if you create 5 classes with attribute values from 0-100, the 5 classes will be 0-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80 and 81-100.
ERDAS Imagine is a leading remote sensing software package with a range of classification, NDVI and image processing tools for satellite, hyperspectral, radar, LiDAR and other remote sensing data.
As part of "Understanding Visual Communication," the book discusses the power of images, the visual evolution in business communication, visual design principes, and the ethics of visual communication.
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A sales director presenting financial projections to a group of field reps wouldn’t visualize her data the same way that a design consultant would in a written proposal to a potential client."So how do you make the right choices for your situation? With one of the following tools on hand, you’ll always be ready to save your data from the Reaper. Not only can TestDisk perform basic file recovery like undeleting accidentally deleted files from FAT, NTFS, and ext2 file systems, but it comes with a host of additional functionality.
When you run Recuva, you can resurrect missing files using either the file-recovery wizard or the application’s manual mode.
Like TestDisk, this app is also devoid of a GUI, but likewise is quite powerful at file recovery. This file recovery app works on all versions of Windows and incarnations of the FAT and NTFS file systems.
After windows installer decided to format my external drive which had all my data on it this was the only tool I could find that worked.
Went to Payam Toloo and was told it would cost $2400.00 to recover all the data and would take around a week.
Should you hear any noises or suspected that your drive is playing up you really should contact a professional so you do not risk your data.
But pathological narcissism is not just about having an inflated ego -- it's a very serious psychological disorder.
Android Authority shares a tutorial that covers the 10 main things you have to do to develop your first app. Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 recap, watch the new Call of Duty trailer, TRAPPIST-1 and the hunt for alien life.
Not only you can make sense of it faster, but you can also observe interesting patterns that wouldn’t be apparent from looking only at stats. But you can always get started with their unrestricted free trial and then buy if you like it. If the application is big and complex, then libraries like Google Charts and FusionCharts makes sense, otherwise for small hobby projects Chart.js is the perfect solution.
You can view this gallery to get an idea of various charts and the type of interactions to expect. Other than normal charts, it also offers a different package for stock charts called Highstock which is also feature rich.
If you are thinking of developing an application that involves maps, you should give Leaflet a try. It can pull in media from a variety of sources and has built-in support for Twitter, Flickr, Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion, Wikipedia, SoundCloud and other similar sites.
Creating a chart is just a matter of loading in your information and customizing the layout, axes, notes and legend.
I’m sure I must have missed out some of your favorite tools, so why not talk about them in the comments section below? There are many chances that make your system crash and you are not able to recover your precious data again. I have prepared a list of some best Linux Data recovery tools that you might find useful too. Test disk can help you in fixing partition table, recovering deleted partition, fixing FAT tables and rebuilding NTFS boot sector. This data recovery tool can be used for both Linux and Windows computers and on desktops as well as servers.
This tool is helpful in recovering and rescuing files, system files and recovering data from non standard external drives.
Entities are stored in databases, where they can be retrieved and displayed using GIS software. Plus, only Bovee and Thill discuss infographics in depth.Order examination copies of Bovee and Thill business communication textbooks.
It lacks some of the advanced functionality of other nominees but does have basic file-name search and the ability to sort by file parameters such as size and filename. Like Recuva, Undelete Plus assigns a recovery probability to files it finds based on how damaged the file is. I had a friend Felix Forbes who mentioned a person (Cory Sharplin) that was good at these things. Here's why certain people are obsessed with themselves, and the gnawing fear that drives them. It’s a really terrible thought to think what would happen if you lost all your data and there are not any chances to recover that again. Ddrescuelog operations can be restricted to one or several parts of the logfile if the domain setting options are used. It can easily recover data from all available hard drive types, including SCCI, SATA, EIDE and IDE.
The fact they are the only business communication textbook authors currently writing about mobile tells you everything you need to know about which author team conscientiously revises its books and keeps them current. The wizard lets you narrow your search type to pictures, music, documents, video, or all files, and you can set the search location to everywhere on your computer, removable media only, in My Documents, the Recycle Bin, or a specified location.
Despite its tiny size, it performed just as well as the other nominees when tasked with restoring files from our test disks. You can sort files by type, set filters based on time and size to avoid sifting through every deleted file on your disk, and keep folder structures intact when you perform your recovery. He asked me to get an identical unit and in front of me swapped the discs and all was good. But thanks to the data recovery tools available in the market which helps us to recover our data from our system’s hard drive. If you don’t need the wizard you can jump right into manual mode and get to work searching where you know the file should be. PhotoRec focuses on file types, is operating-system agnostic, and despite its name, isn’t relegated to just photos. Restoration weighs in at a mere 406k and would make a great addition to any Windows-based USB toolkit.
This software is very easy to operate even those who have a very little knowledge about data recovery; they can also use it easily. Overall, PhotoRec is a powerful tool for quickly and safely copying your deleted files to another disk. Recuva also includes a tool to securely wipe files you find, handy if you’re attempting a file recovery just to ensure the files are actually dead and gone.

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