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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. While flipping the classroom is still one of the hottest trends in education, it’s got nothing on time-saving and downright useful apps and web tools.
Including the tweets, I also got at least 40 emails from friends, colleagues, and administrators from around the world.
Below is a simple list designed to help get any educator, administrator, student, or parent a bit more familiar with some of the most popular web tools for flipped classrooms. About The Tool: By far one of the most popular educational web tools available, Poll Everywhere is being used by classrooms, conferences, and with audiences large and small to get instant feedback.
Using In Flipped Classrooms: The tool makes itself a perfect method for garnering feedback from students, by students.
Using In Flipped Classrooms: Students continue discussions online, run polls, and can ask questions of classmates and others.
Using In Flipped Classrooms: Designed to work with Jing and Camtasia (other popular products by TechSmith), Screencast is great for students looking to learn from each other, record their thoughts and share on a classroom website (see the Edmodo tool above!) or just submit homework by showing how they did something online. About The Tool: Used by many teachers who wrote in in southeast Asia and parts of Australia, Celly is a hit with schools with limited network reliability and availability. Using In Flipped Classrooms: Students use Celly to connect with one another at any time, anywhere.
About The Tool: Dropbox enables students, teachers, and parents to work off the same set of information at the same time.
Using In Flipped Classrooms: The big method of implementing Dropbox in flipped classrooms is for homework and exit slips.
Using In Flipped Classrooms: YouTube is being used to help students learn from people like Sal Khan and other YouTube educators to augment and add to their own learning.
About The Tool: One of the most powerful tools in education, Twitter is by far the most popular tools among educators.
Ultra lightweight, customizable, simple autocomplete widget with zero dependencies, built with modern standards for modern browsers. Datedropper is a jquery plugin that a privedes quick and easy way to manage dates for input fiels. A javascript library that sets out to do one simple job: draw and animate the most perfect and playful text underline. MUI is a lightweight HTML, CSS and JS framework for sites that follow Google’s Material Design guidelines.
Swiper – is the free and most modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions and amazing native behavior.
Unicoder.js is a small JS library, which converts given text to some of the more artistic unicode alphabets. Vivus is a lightweight JavaScript class (with no dependencies) that allows you to animate SVGs, giving them the appearence of being drawn.
SCSS or Stylus fractional grid system built with calc(), based on Bootstrap, with a modified Jeet fallback.
Saas is the best CSS compiler I ever found.One of the best and easiest technology in wen designing.
E Tool Box is “is intended as a virtual eToolBox of resources for integrating technology into the classroom.

If you found this post useful, you might want to look at all the previous “The Best…” lists and also consider subscribing to this blog for free. VolunteerSpot is a free online signup and scheduling tool that saves teachers sooo much time coordinating parents for conferences and classroom volunteering, organizing Service-Learning projects, and scheduling test proctors. We replace clipboard signup sheets, reply-all email and spreadsheet juggling with a free and simple calendar signup tool.
BrainHoney combines ALL the critical elements of an online gradebook, state-standards alignment, curriculum mapping, formative assessment and learning management into a single teacher-friendly platform.
It allows teachers to track each individual child’s success and issues so they can be proactive about paying special attention to a member of their classroom who may not be grasping a particular concept. It’s 100% free for teachers to use because the company actually cares about helping the education community and improving the system itself! This is a great list and as usual your blog proves to be a real resource for educators everywhere!
Larry, my students at the university of Puerto Rico and I thank you for all we have learned from you.
I'm Larry Ferlazzo and here you will catch me talking about websites that will help you teach ELL, ESL and EFL! Most popular posts"Resetting" Classroom ManagementThe Best Websites For Creating Online Learning GamesEasily Make Your Own Unique (& Fake) CNN, NY Times, Etc. My Classroom Management Book"Classroom Management Q&As: Expert Strategies for Teaching" is an edited compilation from my Ed Week teacher advice column, along with new materials. My book, "English Language Learners: Teaching Strategies That Work," was published by Linworth Publishing in April, 2010. In order to do so, the teachers task students with the responsibility of keeping tabs on what their various projects (many use PBL situations too) are doing. From presentations to keynotes to question-and-answer situations, it’s a useful (and free) tool for any classroom. It’s easy to see how Edmodo can be used in a classroom where the student controls their own pace of learning. I’d say about 25% of all respondents to a few polls done by myself (not scientific, quite informal) recommended Screencast as one web tool to definitely try out. Long story short, many teachers say their flipped classrooms use Screencast because it’s so simple.
They use the text-based social network to pose questions of each other, direct learning, and even create assignments based on where students want to go in their learning next. It’s a popular cloud storage service that is free (for basic version) and lets you have a classroom folder that every student can pull and place data in.
Many flipped classrooms use YouTube as a means to have students learn at their own pace, on their own time, and with each other. It dwarfs most of the other web tools that teachers are using (aside from YouTube) and lets anyone build their own personalized learning network or professional learning network (PLN). Students in flipped classrooms are, according to respondents, using Twitter to build out their peer network and endeavoring to work in a more collaborative fashion.
In order to help them in their work brilliant web developers from all over the world always try to invent new tools and find bright decisions.
There are a variety of different animations available, as well as the option to create a custom script to draw your SVG in whatever way you like.
It has a ton of resources, including tutorials and lesson ideas on using twenty-one (the number is growing) Web 2.0 tools.

Students have actually reviewed all of these technologies and created lesson plans to go along with each tool.
The teacher sets the schedule of needs, parents choose their spots with a few clicks (over several days or weeks), and VolunteerSpot sends automated reminders to help everyone keep their commitments.
It’s missing a solution to help teachers organize their daily lesson plans and make sure they are consistently aligning what they teach to their state standards (something the administration consistently requires). At this point I will take anything for our teachers as I am the Technology Coordinator at a small school in South Dakota that just recieved about a 9% budget cut from our State.
Explore some of the most popular responsive web designing tools and download to use to ease your task. Many folks who have tried the flipped classroom model or are currently deploying it have leveraged a lot of the same web tools.
Others wrote in saying that they use Wikispaces as a means to pose questions to a flipped classroom where students must determine the answer in an online collaboration space.
According to what we’re hearing from our friends who wrote in, flipped classrooms use Poll Everywhere to enable students to keep track of the learning process among their classmates. In case you haven’t tried it out, Edmodo is a classroom management platform designed to facilitate learning in all directions.
It lets you make your own (duh) screencasts and then gives you the full license to the product you just created. This is done mostly using hashtag chats and dedicated classroom Twitter accounts, it seems. We want to bring to your attention a selection of some useful tools such as generators, jquery plugins, frameworks and other helpful resources and services. Designed mostly for iOS, but also works great on latest Android, Windows Phone 8 and modern Desktop browsers. You can also see additional links and examples on my website under Examples of Student Work.
We are in the process of creating a searchable user interface and allowing outside contributors.
BrainHoney is a brand new ed tech product that was built to help teachers do this easily by simply selecting their state and school etc. Wikispaces has been a solid go-to web tool for many and it’s no surprise it’s being leveraged by flipped classrooms! By that I mean it lets students ask questions to other students, teacher to student, parent to teacher, etc.
Members can join instantly with one text and exchange group messages, polls, reminders, and web alerts. Once invited, you can place any document, link, photo, or other media file in and share it with anyone around the world.
All joking aside, it’s a useful tool that lets you access your notes and other documents anywhere. From our microgrants helping teachers achieve their project based goals, to teachers finding teachers helping teachers expand their PLNs, to the Knowledge Marketplace where teachers can review which products they like to use, to our WAT foundation giving back to teachers we are helping teachers achieve their goals.
Obviously Computer Science, but we have also seen it used for English book reports and Science concepts done on the site.

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