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Drupal 8 is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. This white paper’s is relevant to both organizations who have SharePoint experience and existing implementations in place as well as those organizations who are moving away from their existing systems and into a new SharePoint 2013 platform.
I think it is important to provide a quick backstory around the methodologies, strategies and thought process that went in to developing this white paper. It has been invaluable for me over the years to engage with clients of all shapes and sizes and listen to their feedback and overall business goals and attempt to translate those into to functional goals.
The sections below will cover multiple areas of SharePoint and provide you with the knowledge and tools as well as ensure you are asking the right questions to make the decisions that are appropriate for your organization to ensure SharePoint is a long-term success and that future phase goals are taken into consideration from the very beginning to assist in the development of a scalable, reliable, and hybrid-compatible platform. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is the latest version release of SharePoint and not surprisingly brings more features and capabilities than ever before.
SharePoint 2013 can be referenced as the core technology in not only a SharePoint Server 2013 on-premises (i.e.
Organizations were drawn to SharePoint Server 2010 for not only its much improved ECM \ RM capabilities but also its more robust workflow and Microsoft Office integration capabilities. SharePoint Server 2010 provided new content management features such as managed metadata, the ability to centrally define taxonomies that can be leveraged within and across farms, as well as Unique Document IDs, which provide for the ability to assign a document a unique identification number users can use to retrieve a document even after it is moved. To quote Microsoft, “SharePoint Portal Server 2001 integrates a flexible Web portal based on Microsoft Digital Dashboard technology, content indexing and search, document management, and a collaborative applications platform. For Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office users, SharePoint Portal Server is a portal solution for users to find, share and publish information. I think that it is important to take some external factors into considerations when reviewing certain technology pushes or major waves and especially those that come with a Presidential mandate. In the past 12 months specific to SharePoint 2013, I have engaged along with my with senior architecture colleagues at EPC Group with organization’s who are very interested in moving to the cloud as well as those who currently feel they do not see their organization moving to the cloud for at least the next 2 or 3 years or until they feel it gets a little more mature.
The following image details an example of a hybrid SharePoint 2013 environment that includes both on-premises (Dev, QA, and Prod) as well as cloud-based services including Windows Azure. I think a common misconception exists that SharePoint consulting firms have a vested interest in advising an organization to implement SharePoint 2013 on-premises rather than investigating the additional options involved in a possible cloud-based or hybrid-based environment. I do think that some cloud providers are prematurely pushing or possibly over-marketing the jump into a cloud that is really not enterprise ready as many questions remain improperly addressed around legal, regulatory, data spillage, data breach, and related list of concerns that will be discuss in the section below.

Last year TRAI has come up with a category called Transactional SMS to curb the unsolicited communication. Over and above, its the content which decides the category of SMS apart from from who is sending SMS. 38752 Floristerias disenadores de paginas web, disenadores de websites, disenadores, diseno de paginas de internet , disenador de paginas web, disenador, disenadores, diseno de sitios de internet, shopping cart , tienda virtual, carrito de compras, ventas por internet, espe [] - - Es gratis! The growing mobility management and BYOD questions from users continue to increase and from my experience 60-70% of organizations may have a documented BYOD or mobility policy but no real enforcement or monitoring capabilities behind it to manage the devices in scope or approved for use by the business.
Document Sets in SharePoint Server 2010 were a welcomed feature by legal and compliance and records managers as they provided for the ability to group multiple work items into one consolidated atomic work product.
The FAST Search capabilities have been added to SharePoint 2013’s native search and now there is only 1 central search feature that includes all of these previously optional and more expensive licensing search features. With SharePoint Portal Server, developers with basic or advanced skills can create collaborative solutions. SharePoint Portal Server brings together a single solution for corporate portals, document management, and content indexing and searching. There are also organizations that we have worked closely with who do not ever see moving to the cloud and feel that there is too much risk involved with their intellectual property and handing the keys to the underlying I.T. This internal research initiative was the largest ever conducted at EPC Group in our 14 year history that included several visits to Microsoft as well as other popular cloud providers data centers such as Amazon (AWS) to address a list of concern that I had as well as several clients while actually being onsite and to have the ability to ask questions first-hand of operations and management teams managing the vast amount of hardware and technology around them in these centers. The other factor I think that caused many companies to put a hold on their cloud migration plans were some of these regulatory, intellectual property, and security related concerns that realized and warranted more research before authorizing the actual migration effort. The following chart references Office 365 offerings as well as the due diligence that Microsoft has completed to ensure that data is protected and the underlying systems meets certain regulatory requirements.
This cause some extensive updates to several chapters and hundreds of hours of additional testing and re-writes but in looking back it has been extremely beneficial.
Project Server 2003 also came with a tailored WSS 2.0 release that project teams used to save their project documents which were stored on a separate site collection and content database.
I am in no way saying that this decision around implementing an effort to cut costs and reduce the bottom line is not right or something that should not have been pursued. This research initiative led to some very lengthy white boarding sessions and technical deep dives into areas such as provider’s service level agreements (SLAs) and standard operating procedures around specific scenarios.

One of the key areas I feel we have covered around risk and risk mitigation is gauging the impact and consequences of specific risks. The following sections of this white paper will address these and other key and time sensitive considerations and provide insight and strategies based off real-world experiences on hundreds of SharePoint implementations. A major goal was to not develop a book that only covered SharePoint 2013 in an MSDN article type manner but from past experiences working alongside and learning from very smart and driven people to overcome not only the technical challenges but also the business potholes and political landmines that can be put in your path while trying to successfully implement this technology which ends up usually touching nearly every aspect of a business.
Over the past year I have been engaged with the senior architects at EPC Group and our client to review the impact these updates may have on the original SharePoint 2013’s deployment and configuration strategy. Project Server 2010 also came with a tailored WSS 3.0 release that project teams used to save their project documents which were stored on a separate site collection and content database.
I worked with Chris for several months and received some great insights into his vision of the cloud and the success that NASA was experiencing. As a business owner myself, I am always looking at the bottom line and ensuring that there are not areas were budget is being spent in areas that are not providing any ROI or benefits to our clients and overall organizational mission and strategy. This was extremely insightful for me while at the same time a bit sobering in seeing how fast new technologies in cloud computing are coming to market and being tested. There were several updates recommendations that were made to organization’s SharePoint 2013 roadmap based on these new updates and upcoming releases and the ROI for which these clients were able to achieve was substantial. These conversations took place between the completely separate SharePoint efforts that myself and the EPC Group team were leading at NASA around planning the overall future governance and architectural strategy SharePoint for NASA.
Seeing both one of the world’s largest cloud efforts at that time while working on a specific separate SharePoint initiative was an eye opener for me into how different underlying architectural platforms and systems can live in parallel to meet different functions and requirements.
Kundra saw the potential in leveraging cloud services as an alternative to physical hardware in an effort to reduce costs and the overall federal government’s infrastructure management.
As part of this plan, Cloud First required each government agency to identify three cloud initiatives. The insight I gained has been extremely valuable over the past few years as the cloud has grown in being able to provide some very real-world examples of what should be planned for and considered for both the near and long-term.

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