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It has the exact same main functionality as more expensive beatmakers at a fraction of the price.
It’s easy to use and offers lots of functionality but comes at a much higher price tag than the two mentioned above.
You can expand it many different ways and use it to make any type of music you want.Want to learn how to make beats like Metro Boomin on FL Studio?
But Reason does have a ton of sounds, samplers and synths included and people design sounds specifically for reason as well.

The full version of the software is around $400 but it is a virtual music recording, producing, mixing and mastering powerhouse. It’s used by many professionals and you can do pretty much anything you need music-wise. But if you take any major audio engineering course, there’s a good chance they teach you Pro-Tools.
We don’t recommend it as highly as some of the choices above.Which Should You Choose?So which is the best beat making program and which should you choose?

They are still powerful online music making programs but without the very difficult user interface, etc.

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