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A very different type of marketing, guerilla marketing, is an advertising campaign that is more interactive, innovative, and appealing.
The two guerilla marketing examples shown above don’t involve spending huge advertising budget.
When planning a guerilla marketing campaign, it is important to realize that the strategies should be based on human psychology, and not just assumption or judgment. Instead of attracting a huge number of new customers, it focuses on retaining old customers, referrals, more transactions by same customers, etc. Use the same message in different manner over and over again, instead of coming up with new messages every time.
Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Ten priorities for marketing your home maintenance services business with how-to guides with step-by-step instructions to help you get more new profitable business.
See this MarketingZone blog post with an example of how a home remodeling company is using advertising, their website and a landing page to generate qualified leads. Google Places is the equivalent of a Yellow Page ad online but it's free for a basic listing.
For some home maintenance businesses, yard signs are a great way to generate more new business leads from the neighbors who see their neighbor has hired your business. No part of this work, including design, content, and underlying technology on all pages, may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, screen capture, and recording or by an information storage or retrieval system, without the prior written consent of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations referenced with full attribution. The best dental marketing ideas that work in today’s sophisticated world of online technology has changed the rules of how to win at the patient acquisition game. The most financially successful dentists are entrepreneurial and thus embrace marketing as an important business process.
Dental marketing is about acquiring patients, retaining those patients for years to come, acquiring more revenue from existing patients, generating more referrals to attract new patients, as well as building a professional reputation within your community.
Those are two terms that every office wants to rank for, and with good reason (they are valuable terms for getting more new patients to your practice). Many dental offices will put their blood, sweat, and tears into ranking for these terms, expecting that if they can just get page 1 rankings for these types of “golden keywords”, their practice will quadruple in size. When you are ready to initiate your best dental marketing ideas to attract the most ideal patients, contact me for a free marketing audit & analysis. Guerrilla marketing is all about building relationships first – which is always a good real estate marketing idea. Ability to Sprint – Windows of opportunity are few and far between, guerrillas are ready to exploit them with energy, passion, and resources. Transparent – “Guerrillas know that truth, empathy and integrity are keys to social media marketing, and they build trust and loyalty through transparency.”1 We think before we post and don’t hide behind the fine print. Community Focused – The guerrilla marketing recipe for success is 9 cups of ‘community, contribution and connection’ to 1 cup of focus on a targeted market of prospects. While it would be almost impossible for guerrilla marketers to be strong in all 10 of the above traits, it is a good real estate marketing idea to focus on being strong in about 5 – 7 of these areas. Along those lines, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article about guerrilla marketing. With 25+ years in sales and management, Lynn Albro is focused on internet marketing for Realtors and small business owners. How do business owners make sure that their employees are creating a wonderful experience for customers? Many business owners, especially retail and restaurant owners, are concerned about the wrong kind of theft.
Mystery shoppers will also need a computer or a tablet PC that will help them compose reports. Some mystery shoppers may try to hire independent contractors to get around the hassle of paperwork that is associated with employee hiring, but ICs aren’t really feasible in this environment.
Many mystery shopping businesses can be run out of a home office, but you’ve got to be careful about doing this.
The #1 priority of a mystery shopping business is to provide companies with the quality feedback that they need in order to respond to potential issues that are happening.
MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. Rather than simply advertising on a billboard or on television, this method targets customers through creative messages at unconventional or unexpected places.

Any advertising you do will also be most noticed by your existing customers and work to remind them about you and your services.
They realize there are many other fellow dentists for people to choose from and it is up to them to market their practice to win the day. One company that gets this is The New Patient Experts, a media company that specializes in helping dentists in acquiring more new patients. Video Marketing – It is easier for people to watch a video than to read long text on your website.
Public Relations is still important – Public relations is still an important component to marketing. Direct Mail is still one of the best dental marketing ideas around – One of my most profitable dentists still uses direct mail as his premiere marketing tool. Online Reviews are an important local marketing tactic – Sites such as Yelp, Google Places, Swarm, City Search and others are vital in how others locate and favorably perceive your dental practice.
Blogging to target local keywords – By not having a comprehensive, all-encompassing content marketing strategy in place for your dental practice, you are losing dozens of new patients and leaving thousands of dollars on the table each and every month.
As much as 80% of your traffic will come from terms that have very little search volume individually, but collectively provide an unbelievable opportunity to penetrate your market by putting together a strategic web marketing plan that focuses first and foremost on new patient acquisition, not just ranking for 2 or 3 terms. Referral marketing must become proactive – One of the best dental marketing ideas is to become much more proactive about generating referrals.
Edwin has been featured in Entrepreneur, Social Media Today and other national media outlets. Where some marketers are blatant in their attempt to convert your interest into a sale, guerrilla marketers know that it is better to offer value, and patiently build your trust. And, just in case one of your marketing ideas goes viral, you have to be ready to maintain the momentum. Knowing that a prospect may need to be exposed to a message 27 times means that a guerrilla doesn’t give up. By sharing relevant content and helping people achieve their goals, we in turn become successful. In other words, we focus on making people’s lives, businesses and community a bit better…one interaction at a time. Specializing in SEO and Social Networking, she is a creative problem solver, and loves to help! Security personnel are hired to stop shoplifting or people who eat and then leave without paying the check, but nothing is done to keep an eye out on employees.
The average customer doesn’t put a negative review online or make a complaint to the manager. This means that as long as you have a talent for observing things and be able to provide accurate reports that are based on facts instead of opinions, you’ll be ready to take on a business opportunity to provide mystery shopping services. Some businesses will hire mystery shoppers and have a specific set of online fields that they’ll want filled out.
This will provide them with visual evidence of what is actually happening when they are away. An independent contractor cannot specifically be told how to complete a task, so giving instructions to fulfill for a mystery shopping client could violate that rule and have the taxing authority view you as an employer anyway.
A successful mystery shopping business is able to visit the same company multiple times without really being noticed or remembered.
Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. The aim of guerilla marketing campaigns is to engage customers through innovative ideas that should eventually turn viral. Guerilla Marketing can include almost every possible place and every possible method used to promote the business. Here are 7 of the best dental marketing ideas for dentists in private practice and dental groups. Facebook has a powerful effect on not only the social shares, but your rankings on the search engines. By involving yourself in the community with events, charities, high school sports, and other local outreach activities, you make your practice visible to those who are active in your community. By consistently mailing postcards for his high-end services, he has been able to stand out in his community while his competitors stand by and watch his profits grow substantially, convinced that direct mail is dead.
The best dental marketing ideas must take these local directories seriously by ensuring that they are not only listed, with all their pertinent information, but are also encouraging happy patients to leave their reviews.

Every market is different based on population and demographics, but this is a good number for the purpose of this example. Edwin was formally educated in marketing and public relations in Hollywood, CA in the early 1990?s. Where some marketers reach out to new prospects for business, guerrilla marketers understand the value of referrals and repeat business. They are focused on business goals – what works, what is profitable and they don’t get sidetracked by what is cool and new. Prospects will go where they are invited, but will only stay if they are engaged consistently with insights, dialogue, inspiration and opportunity. A mystery shopper will engage a business, purchase products, and be compensated for their time and expenses in return for a full experience report. When it comes to retail loss, $20 out of every $30 lost is caused by employees and not shoppers. They’ll vote with their money and spend it elsewhere if they have a negative experience. This could be an extensive process that may include certification in a number of different fields, including self-defense. Having software to compose documents is also helpful and some customers may wish to have spreadsheets filled out with specific observations that were made about certain employees. You will receive specific tasks to complete from someone wishing to hire your business to provide services. Having regular appointments may be against the zoning code and would require you to have a commercial location.
This is especially important because you’ll often be required to ask employees some specific questions on every visit.
Modern business mandates that not a single customer can be lost to bad service, so your ability to observe behaviors will provide the quality results that are needed. This means you must also be able to provide reports that are grammatically correct, precise in language, and punctuated accurately. By knowing how to start a mystery shopping business, you’ll be able to provide a company with the services and supports that are needed to respond to an ever-changing environment. However, some of the common places where you might see such guerilla marketing ideas are public bathrooms, parks, streets, outside a retail store, in a mall, etc.
Yes, he spends quite a bit of money on this marketing tactic, but his practice is pulling in dozens of premiere patients who are securing ten’s of thousands of dollars worth of services.
One of the best ways to generate more referrals is to develop reward programs that give them VIP status. If you want to know how to start a mystery shopper business, then you must be willing to do undercover surveillance in conditions that may not always be favorable. Because this is your own business, you can set up your own appointments, work your preferred hours, and keep work at part-time levels.
Mystery shoppers can engage employees in a natural way to determine how positive or negative the customer experience happens to be. Some businesses accept oral reports, but putting all reports in writing will help you to secure payments that may not have been paid upfront.
Check with your local clerk’s office to check on specific zoning codes that may apply to you. One misspelled word or misstated item [like say “is” instead of “isn't”] could change the entire report and cause a business to inaccurately respond. Every industry can use mystery shoppers, so use this information to get your business started and then enjoy the chance to work outside of your office all day. As long as you have filed for your business license and have a trained eye, then you’re ready to begin working. Your website must be mobile friendly and generate short, punchy videos to capture the attention of potential patients, as well as the attention of the search engines.

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