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Digital cameras and smartphones mean that most of us have a ton of photos scattered everywhere from phones and computer hard drives to Facebook and Instagram profiles. But what happens when you switch phones, upgrade computers, or simply want to search all your photos at once? Uploading pictures to a photo sharing site is a simple way to answer all those questions—and the services offer lots of other benefits, as well. The iPhone and Android apps have editing features as well as a GIF maker – just select up to 60 images from your camera roll or Photobucket account to create your own stop-motion animation. The grandaddy of photo-sharing sites, Flickr offers 1TB of storage for free (which can hold from 500,000 to 2 million photos) with no limit on picture resolution.
You can also organize pictures into collections and sub-collections, with options to tag keywords and people either individually or in batches of photos. You can upload photos via email, the website, or directly from the Flickr smartphone app and share albums on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter. Pictures are viewed in photo feeds on your smartphone as well as desktop, and each member of the group can like photos. You can upload photos from your Android, iPhone or desktop photo library, as well as directly from the smartphone camera as you take them. This streamlined service doesn't offer editing options and the photos are organized according to when they were uploaded.
You can upload pictures from your computer, iPhone or Android phone, or import them from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and more. 500px also offers a great Galleries feature for curating your favorite photos on the site into personal collections that can be private for inspiration, or public to display a visual style. An updated algorithm for the Pulse feature tracks how many likes a photo gets as well as taking into account how active a member is and how meaningful their comments on others' photos, offering a unique way to give exposure to the best photos. Shutterfly offers a creative range of photo gifts, including metal prints, wooden wall art and battery cases for smartphones. Even if you don’t purchase any photo prints, Shutterfly is a good option for collating your photo collection online, as it offers unlimited storage with no restrictions on the size of photos uploaded and the ability to import pictures directly from Facebook, Instagram, iPhoto, Google+ Photos and Adobe Photoshop.
Once pictures are uploaded, you can send a link to the gallery via email or Facebook for friends to view. Privacy control: Albums are private by default and Share sites are limited to their members.
If your pictures are scattered throughout the Internet, photo aggregator ThisLife (by Shutterfly) can import and organize them.
Photos are privately displayed in a timeline and can be further organized by category and custom tags. You can also organize pics into slideshows and galleries that you can then share via email. A lot of photo-sharing sites offer a slideshow feature, but Google+ Photos throws in some unique auto-create options for photos taken with an iPhone or Android phone. Privacy control: You can set the audience for the photo album and prevent others from sharing the album.
Built to host portfolios rather than photo feeds, Zenfolio offers sleek homepage layouts to show off your best images and a blog where you can easily upload photos and videos as you go. You can sort photos into galleries that have searchable descriptions and category and keyword tags. Zenfolio supports plug-ins to transfer pictures from professional photo-management software, such as Adobe Lightroom and Aperture. If storing your photos is less important than sharing them with followers across the globe, Instagram is the answer. You get unlimited photo uploads as well uploads of videos between three and 15 seconds long – although since photos are compressed, it's not the ideal place to store pictures you may want to print out later. Of course, Instagram's killer app is its dozens of filters, from old-timey black and white to vintage high-colors and moody contrasts.
You can tag your followers in pictures and captioning images with hashtags helps people outside your existing circles find your pictures.
If you take photos on your smartphone as well as a digital camera (or two), Eye-Fi Cloud and its associated range of Wi-Fi-enabled memory cards is a great way to back it all up online in a single, organized hub.
You can create albums and tag photos for easy organization, view them by cameras used, as well as browse other photos while the Smart View feature automatically sorts images by date taken, hour of day, shutter speed, ISO and exposure mode, and displays stats such as the most common time you take photos and your most-used settings. Whether a photo is taken with a DSLR camera or smartphone, the mobile app lets you crop, edit and share to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
I found this site loading hosted images very quickly, it’s slow on gifs(animated), but load really fast other image formats such as jpg.
Use one of the above Image Hosting sites and then enter the image link to the site page to show image? And if 3rd Party Hosting wins… which of the above services do you (or your followers) suggest?
Our service is built specifically for the casual photographers who want an easy and quick way to share their photos and vidoes with friends and families. I created a shutterlfy website to share photos with friends and family but discovered that they are altering the uploaded photos - colours changed and size changed, too. This happens as while uploading pics but providers will compress the original images to save space hence image quality will not be the same . I have over 100 images on my Flickr group which I wanted to display on my app, but only 20 of the images are displayed on the app.
I’d maybe beg to differ when it comes to facebook (because of the privacy settings, that is).
If there are specific terms within one of the services that concerns you, please let me know which it is so I can address it more specifically.
The downward spiral of several cyberlockers has lead to an upswing for one BitTorrent competitor: The Pirate Bay.
At one time cyberlockers were all the rage, sticking it to sites like The Pirate Bay, which used to take up residence in sixth place. Now that The Bay is leading the pack, there’s a decent chance that officials will go gunning for it (again). Adriana is the resident writer-slash-culture vulture who has written about everything from smartphones, tablets, apps, accessories, and small biz technology to cooking, fashion, pop culture, newsmakers and the arts.
There are so many ways today that you and I could make money using our computers that one single article will not be enough to list all of them, so to make your life easy I have listed below four of the best revenue sharing sites that would help earn a passive income online. In this context of making money online, revenue sharing is method to entice internet users that is you and I to sign up and create content which is published on a hosted platform, the company or platform host we select then pays a share of advertising revenue to the content owner.
Wizzley allows you to enter your Google Adsense ID, Amazon Associate ID, you can also register with Allposters and Zazzle affiliate accounts, so making money with Wizzley is allot easier than you think. Authors will get 50% of total page impressions and once the author reaches 100 quality pages that increase to 60% of total page impressions. But it does not end here Wizzley offers its authors another money making opportunity using its referral program.
InfoBarrel offers a huge 75% Adsense revenue sharing as well as a possibility to earn from Chitika and Amazon sales you can also include Clickbank or Linkshare items to increase your contents earning potential.
Familiar is the 21st century photo frame boasting private picture sharing, a social picture frame and the ability to share videos.
SlickPic is a space to create exciting, highly professional looking photo albums and galleries for your photo collection.
Make fried rice at home with a variety of veggies, fresh pineapple and homemade teriyaki sauce.
Best Photo Sharing Sites List: In the current tech world, everything has become much hi-fi and when it comes to the social networking platforms, people are highly enthusiastic about sharing their photos and videos with their friends and beloved ones. You can get absolutely best photo sharing sites, including the price, storage, accepted file types and other core information to make your choice even clear. If you capture a bundle of photos, a service that syncs images automatically through a smartphone app or folder on your computer can take out the trouble without backing up. If you want to take a print of your photos or back-up a collection, find a service that enables full-resolution uploads and downloads. If you’re looking for a website that helps you in the best way to share your photos across the social media then, Instagram is the best choice. You can set your account to be viewed only by authorized followers and anyone with an Instagram account can view your photos.
Imgur is one of the best photo sharing website where you can upload your images from your PC or from other URL.
Flickr, one of the most popular photo-sharing websites across the globe that offer incredible features for the photo- sharing folks. You can also organize pictures into collections and sub-collections, with options to tag keywords and people either individually or in clusters of photos. The automatic photo sync is available through the Flickr smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices. If your smartphone doesn’t provide the best editing tools so that you can edit your photo in your desired way. Photobucket has a big community of users who post images to a public photo feed with tons of interest tags and trending topics, so it’s also a good option if you wish your albums to reach more than friends and family.
Shutterfly is a popular photo sharing and printing site that offers free unlimited photo storage and sharing. Shutterfly offers a productive array of photo gifts including metal prints, wooden wall art and battery cases for smartphones.
Shutterfly is a great choice for collating your photo collection online, as it offers unlimited storage with no constraints on the size of photos uploaded and the facility to import pictures directly from Facebook, Instagram, iPhoto, Google+ Photos and Adobe Photoshop. DeviantArt is another site focused on community and sharing your art like photos or other digital creations. SmugMug is another best photo sharing sites which are completely packed with amazing features. The maximum size of image for standard and power versions is 12MB while the pro version is 24MB.

Another favorite photo sharing site among photography enthusiasts is Zenfolio that offers exceptional features for the price, including Google Analytics integration. You can easily sort photos into galleries that have searchable descriptions, category and keyword tags. Phanfare is a popular photo sharing site among many photography enthusiasts, touting top notch features such as RAW support with up to 100MB image size uploads and HD video up to 20 minutes in length. The maximum video length offered by the premium version is 10 min and the Pro version is 20 min.
PBase is one of the best photo sharing sites where you can view some of the millions of photos uploaded by our users. PBase offers StatCounter, Google Analytics and Extreme Tracking capabilities for each of your galleries.
If you wish to use this, you need not pay for acquiring the storage space as it offers free storage space. Photoshop is another best photo sharing site which is Free up to $499.99 on an annual basis. If offers free storage space of 2 GB and if you need more than than you need to pay up to 500 GB.
The maximum file size is 200 MB  for the web users and 2 GB for those who’re using AIR app. RedBubble is a photo sharing site which is quite more focused on the artistic side of photography, design and art, rendering people with a venue to share their art including various ways to print their art.
Snapfish is another best photo sharing site initiated by HP that follows line with Shutterfly. Snapfish offers free storage space to upload and store your photos on this photo sharing site. These are the best photo sharing sites that helps ypu share and tore your desired photos with your friends, family and colleagues.
Online, we can achieve a lot of things by writing, and it is also the main form of communication.
One important thing that can complement writing, or that can even go a long way to influence it is the use of images, but very few people are aware of how, and what it takes to use images to grow their blog. We all know that an image speaks a thousand words, and the reality is that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to be able to use images to grow your blog. Infographics are becoming quite popular online lately, and it is currently one of the best ways to market your blog by using images. An infographic is usually designed for the purpose of passing across facts, survey data, or information on a specified subject.
Depending on your level of expertise, your niche, and the strength of your outreach campaign, you can easily use infographics to take your business to the next level.
You can easily design your own infographic by looking for companies that specialize in this online, or by posting a job offer for it on sites like oDesk and ELance.
You can then market your infographic by including an embed code on your website for those who want to use it, by sending an email to top blogs in your field that are interested in covering it, and by embedding it in your guest posts on other blogs; all these methods will contain a link back to your blog, and this will lead to a lot more traffic for you on the long run. The good news is that you aren’t restricted to submitting a single kind of image, and you can submit as much image as you want based on nature, the current trends, or important subjects in your niche.
Your image also doesn’t have to be professionally edited and designed, it just have to be clear enough for other people to use. Take images of nature, of things people like to talk about in your niche, and of anything else that comes to mind without you infringing on the copyright of others. Submit these images to image sharing sites like Flickr, and include a link back to your website in the description; people will start using your images gradually, and they will end up linking back to your Flickr page. The final tip in this article is one we’re already very familiar with, but that we can do better at.
As much as you can, make sure you only use images that can communicate your points in any blog post you write. Consider the Direction of Images: The final tip in this section is to consider the direction of the images you will be using. Also, a lot of traffic can be generated from people searching google image search based on the Alt Tag of the image. That’s great tips, I know Flickr is a great resource for getting free of cost images and many bloggers use them, plus link back to the resource page.
Most people on the internet just scan through content but the best way to make them take a pause is to add images related to your topic within your posts. Using images for your blog is very common way to take blog to the next level but the tips you shared in this post is really helpful for everyone.
Infographics and other images with details can be quite useful for marketing yourself on Pinterest and other similar social networks which can give quite a boost to your daily traffic..! Images are not only like jewelry to an article, but also attract traffic from image search…gr8 post! Discover the secrets I used to take my small blog from a few visitors to hundreds of thousands, and how I made millions along the way!
John Chow rocketed onto the blogging scene when he showed the income power of blogging by taking his blog from making zero to over $40,000 per month in just two years. You can organize large photo collections, make it easier for friends and family to contribute to shared albums and ensure your pictures stay with you no matter what device they came from. Stalwart photo-sharing site Photobucket offers an intuitive image editor with simple features, such as red-eye removal, sharpening and cropping. You can also create shared albums where friends can contribute photos, video and text of their own. Users can also upload 1080p high-definition video clips, with playback up to three minutes long.
Your friends and followers can tag photos too, creating a massive database of keyworded photos. The site also offers the same beginner-friendly image editor as Photobucket, with Instagram-style color filters, cutesy effects like frames and stickers and basic editing tools, such as contrast, saturation and focus tweaks. You can adjust permissions for posting photos, videos and comments as well as for adding new members.
Heading into Gallery view allows you to choose different ways of sorting, including time taken, the photographer, and the number of likes – although chronological order is a great way to view the photos of an event as it unfolded. You can also browse through dozens of themes, including Slow Living, Through the Looking Glass and straightforward categories such as Animals. The service links with Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Picasa and SmugMug to pull in all your photos and sort them by date and place. Since the service is owned by Shutterfly, you can also create prints and other photo gifts of your pictures. Photos can be as public or private as you want; users of the Google+ social network can set which Circles can view the photos, or simply email friends a link to the gallery. Photos can be viewed in an elegant slideshow, in which you control the background music and for the player’s speed and transitions.
For pros who want to sell their prints, there's the option to build in a shopping cart, as well guestbook and contact pages.
The wildly popular app for Android and iOS doesn't have much of a desktop presence - although it is possible to browse photos at its website – but any photo you post from your smartphone is saved online forevermore. There are also several intuitive sliders to adjust shadows, highlights, focus and more, while the Layout add-on lets you create collages. For example, a well-tagged sunset pic of your favorite beach can help you connect with other lovers of dusk and sandy locales.
This happens via its own Wi-Fi network and pairing with the Eye-fi app on your phone or tablet (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire) – so you don't even need to be anywhere near an internet connection.
My favorite is Flickr because Flickr is the photo sharing site that act like a social networking site. As per my knowledge , 3rd party hosing sites will provide faster speed as browser can make only limited parallel connection to same server .
Super fast and easy uploader (just drag the whole folder into your browser and CamJamm does the rest). Very powerful album organizer with unique features such as album sub sections for those long vacations that span multiple days and weeks. There is no photo editing tool on the website available to control how pictures are changed. They are many providers which now a days specifically mentioning that images will be uploaded in original size . I checked all of them and, in fact, each limits its use to prevent what you’re describing above.
Our Opencart designers have made eCommerce sites for each sort of business, from little new companies to colossal million pound endeavors and we’ve utilized the Opencart stage for each and every one of them. Word is in that this is the most-visited file-sharing site on the Web now, beating out the likes of Mediafire and 4shared. Whether this is good or bad news depends on your point of view, but what’s beyond dispute is that the service has a Rasputin-like knack for surviving. Get started today create your content, publish online and start to see your online earnings accumulate. Members earn revenue from the ads automatically displayed by Google on your hubs (also known as articles in normal English). We've gathered our favorite photo sharing sites so you can get your photos into the hands — and in front of the eyes — of the people you want to see them! You upload your cherished photos and videos and family and friends can view your stream, pick their favorites and create a "screensaver" out of your captured memories. With Share, you create a site designed to stay in contact with family and friends, sports teams and classrooms or for specific events. SlickPic is fully customizable and boasts a full screen viewer, easy sharing and optional image enhancement by professional designers.
With SmugMug, you create a completely customizable personal photo and video sharing website that you decide who views.

The popular social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat have gained a tremendous acceptance across the globe due to its incredible features and ease of use.
Especially, there are four main criteria to consider when choosing the best site that meets your requirements. For instance, personal and family albums might benefit from a site that manage albums password protected. If your focus is high on sharing your pictures with your friends across the social media sites rather than storing them, then Instagram is the right one.
In comparison to other photo sharing site, Flickr is the top site that has some of the amazing features and affordable price as well. Flickr offers 1TB of storage for free that has a capacity to hold from 500,000 to 2 million photos with unlimited picture resolution. Your friends and followers can also tag photos devising a bulky database of keyworded photos.
Stalwart photo-sharing site Photobucket provides an automatic image editor with simplistic features, such as red-eye removal, sharpening, and cropping.
Just pick up to 60 photos from your Photobucket account to create your own stop-motion animation. Their main parkway of earnings seems to be in the widespread printing options they offer from photo books and cards to stationary, prints, and posters.
There’s also the typical lineup of personalized stationary, crockery, blankets and cushions, as well as kiddy-oriented products like lunch bags, puzzles, and books customized with your small one’s face throughout their pages. You’re likely accustomed with DeviantArt as it’s one of the most popular digital media communities on the web. The price of this site depends on the type of versions like standard, power, and pro versions. Actually, Zenfolio is built to host portfolios rather than photo feeds, and it offers sleek homepage layouts to show off your best images and a blog where you can easily upload photos and videos as you go. Photos can be viewed in an artistic slideshow wherein you will have the ability to control the background music for the player’s speed and transitions. With a free 14 day trial you’ll be able to get a feel for the site before committing to pay. It does not offer a free account option and you can get 500MB of storage for $23 per year and you can get 1500MB for $60 per year.
It is a huge community of novice and professional photographers with a wide variety of skill levels and photographic experiences. You can still find yourself reading the forums and requesting the particular question when you need some guidance on a special topic. Snapfish offers an unlimited photo storage and sharing for free and specially converges on the printing perspective. Hope this guide helps you in the best way to know much about the photo sharing sites so that you can pick the one that best suits your requirements.
Others will discover your Flickr page via their links, and they will visit your website as a result.
Make sure the direction of your image leads people into your blog post, not outside of it, so make sure you consider this when using any image with your blog post. If you take a lot of photos, a service that syncs images automatically via a smartphone app or folder on your desktop can take the hassle out of backing up. If you want to back-up a collection or print your photos, find a service that allows full-resolution uploads and downloads.
Avid photographers will have a huge audience in the Flickr community, who posted 2 million photos a day in 2015. Any member of a group is able to download all posted photos to their computer or smartphone, at original resolution. You can upload full resolution pictures directly from your computer as well as high-definition video. Tags from social network sites are saved, too, allowing for a heavyweight search feature by person, place, date, time and keyword. It stopped hosting torrent files, and now features magnet links to minimize potential legal action. You also earn commission every time someone buys from Amazon and eBay products featured on your hubs.
You can share milestones via photos, videos, blurbs, calendar entries and invited members can choose to receive emails when you update your site, comment on your entries once they view them and download and order photos directly from your site.
SlickPic also offers "on-site" support for your own photo editing via plug-ins such as Adobe Lightroom.
You pick everything from the domain name and the gallery style to the fonts and color combinations — you truly create your own site. Digital cameras and smartphones imply that most of us have a ton of photos scattered everywhere from mobiles and computer hard drives to Facebook and Instagram profiles.
There are numerous phenomenal sites where you can share your photos with your friends and colleagues and have more fun. Instagram is a ferociously popular app for Android and iOS but it doesn’t have much of a desktop proximity. All you have to do is, just choose a Template meme image and upload your image to restore it. The users can also upload 1080p high-definition video clips with playback up to three minutes long. You can then search your library by keyword or people tags and sort by dates that photos were captured or posted. You can upload photos from the social media giant, Facebook, your computer, or some other websites. If you’d like to get your photos printed on something or in a distinct way, Shutterfly might be one of the great places to use first. Once photos are uploaded, you can send a link to the gallery via email or Facebook for friends to view.
Although more expensive than most other options, you’ll absolutely get your money’s worth with the features and adaptability available.
The file size offered by the Zenfolio is limited to 64MB per file but, there is no limit on the number of photos you can upload, so it’s a great tool to stock high resolution images. Phanfare pricing is quite competitive and it is absolutely much affordable for the features and options available. You can create an unlimited number of galleries from your photos stored on PBase’s servers. PBase users also publish a professional looking magazine, aptly named PBase Magazine, that has a pretty cool history. They offer much affordable photo printing options and competitive photo uploading and sharing options. Users are capable enough to sell and share their work for others to print and enjoy as well. A lot of us will say this isn’t new so what does it matter, but the reality is that most of us are using images the wrong way. Family albums, for instance, might benefit from a site that keeps albums password protected.
When she tried this again she was asked to open an account which Flickr claims is not required and it never has been required in the past.
There must be a place where you can store and ability to share your photos with your friends across the social media. You can organize massive photo collections, make it accessible to friends and folks to contribute to shared albums and assure your photos linger with you regardless of the device they came from.
Despite viable to browse photos at its website, any of your photo posted from your smartphone is saved online forever. Whenever you upload your images or photos on Imgur, you will get bounteous options to share your image that includes direct links, message boards, HTML code, etc. You can upload photos via email, the website, or directly from the Flickr smartphone app and share albums on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.
You can also create shared albums where friends can contribute photos, video, and text of their own. One feature they offer than most other sites don’t render is FTP access to photos, which may be a tremendous positive if you’re accustomed to FTP. Although Fotki is easy to use, it has a plenty of distinct options that can be powerful at first. Additionally, premium users can use Fotki as a selling platform, and this photo sharing site only takes a 15 percent reduction from prices that you install.
There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of printing options to pick from, so if you wish to get your photos printed, Snapfish is a site to check out. Earlier this month, it got everyone to believe it set up some new digs in North Korea at the behest of the government.
Here, I have compiled a list of the best and top 20 photo sharing sites among which one or more could bound to suffice your requirements and much more.
If you need those pictures as hard copies, you can simply print products such as wall art and photo books. SmugMug’s powerful features are in its incredible features for those who are highly fascinated by photography. One slightly popular feature that’s notable on the front page is a free unlimited photo hosting for websites, blogs, emails and auctions. Their website does not mention Flickr and no way to email them except after a long search I got to a page where one had to choose an issue and I selected something that resembles my problem but I still have not received a reply and it’s been days. I think any site that charges a monthly or annual fee for a Pro Account should also provide a phone number for Help.

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