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Even though Twitter has been around longer, Instagram surpassed Twitter’s number of monthly active users.
Twitter still wins in the content sharing department with more than 500 million Tweets sent out per day compared to 80 million photos posted per day on Instagram. Since the overall demographics for both social networks are pretty evenly matched, you’ll want to look at the audience of your particular profile to get an idea of who is following you.
The additional information you have about your followers, the more targeted you can make your content. For instance, if your average follower is following 1,000 people, your content is going to be one in a sea of thousands of others. Double tap your favorite breakfast option and follow tonight’s drama for the ultimate winner announcement. Those two Instagram posts alone received more engagement than all of McDonald’s tweets combined about the All Day Breakfast promotion.
While Instagram might have more engagement on the specific platform, Twitter actually builds engagement outside of social network. When you read our blog posts here on Insights or on other blogs, you’ll notice social sharing buttons within the post. These buttons make it easy and convenient for readers to quickly share content across Twitter and other social media sites.
For instance, if your company has an active blog and you have a consistent supply of fresh content that you need to promote, Twitter is a must-have. We also can’t overlook one of the other key functionalities of Twitter for businesses–customer interaction.
If your company sells physical goods or serves the masses (as opposed to a solo consultant for example) then Twitter is going to be important.
Understanding the difference between how people use Instagram versus how they use Twitter is extremely important when it comes to deciding which is best for your brand.
Sprout Social is an advanced, collaborative social media management platform for teams of all sizes.
Fri I left my house at 7:30am with poeks to go to Canadaway or Fredonia as it is now known. I'm looking out my window and can see the friggin' Verrazano Bridge from here in Bklyn Heights.
The food tray and plates are red, the airline peeps wear bright colors of yellow or green, pink and purple, red and white, etc etc. We landed in Thailand around 4pm on June 1st and had a cigarette, got a little buzzed from it and jumped into a cab.
After we saw the Reclining Buddha and walked around a bit we made our way to the Grand Palace by following some other tourists who walked REALLY REALLY slow. Once upon a time there was a giant king (called Tosakan) on the island of Lanka who won a battle against the god Indra and then sought to achieve the rule of the whole world. Vishnu is reincarnated as Prince Rama (Phra Ram), son of the mighty King Tosarot of Ayuthaya.
Even in the seclusion of their forest retreat, however, Sita's beauty does not go unnoticed, and the evil giant King Tosakan decides to lure her way from Rama.
All of them now return to Ayuthaya, where the unlawful king, the son of the envious concubine, resigns and Rama again becomes king. In the park we saw some kids and probably their teacher playing traditional sounding music and singing the words in thai and then english. We changed our clothes and walked over to the restaurant section to eat- it was closed to the general public but open for guests. We booked our transportation through AS Travel for Tiger Temple and bummed about till dinner time. We had a bathroom where the toilet wasn't a flush, instead you had a big bin of water - like a big sink and a pail.
Originally we had booked the transportation to go to the National Park and see the Erawan Falls in the morning and then Tiger Temple in the afternoon but the others who were going to be part of that trip changed their minds.
That night in one of the other rooms- some women from I think AU - started laughing and screeching. If you look at that pic, you'll see a piece of metal running down the middle of the tracks for people to walk on- looks ok right? 1: give you camera to one guide, another holds your hands and escorts from lazy tired tiger to lazy tired tiger - you get about 30 seconds to a minute with each tiger - your pic is taken and you move onto the next. 2: pay 1000 baht=30 bucks - you get to do option 1 and have a tiger's big bony head placed in your lap for a pic.
After J and I got to pet the tigers we watched them and then walked with the last one back to their cages. The other passengers with us on the truck were from England and Holland, 2 guys, both had been travelling for weeks.
We stayed in a guesthouse that was super cheap, right around the corner from the skytrain stop and across the street from the mall. We ended up eating dinner in the MBK mall - cuz we just couldn't find any local place that had stuff we could order. We walked around MBK till about 9pm and then watched some breakdancers on the overpass which brought you from one side of th street to the other. Makes me want to start playing with my music applications again and I moved the M*Audio so it's easier to access and plug my guitar into. Marketers flooded to the quick-paced platform to get their content out in front of millions of people. We’ll break down some of the similarities and differences between the two social networks and help you get a clearer picture of which one is best for your brand. This stat alone is what has made more businesses take notice of the app and start to learn the art of Instagram marketing. The even divide in gender and location gives marketers significantly more reach than sites like Pinterest or Google+ which have audiences that are either predominantly female and male, respectively. Your social media posts should be tailored to your followers as much as possible in order to get the best results. Instagram focuses on keeping users glued to the app while they’re browsing with little to no distractions. And as other people start Tweeting, your content will be pushed down further, which can make it go completely unseen in some cases. But with Twitter, you can drive engagement outside of the social network by getting people to Tweet links to content on your website and other platforms. There isn’t very much original content on Twitter, and the network primarily consists of people sharing links or live updates.

Twitter is about conversations, which is why so many brands use it as a customer service tool.
Despite its rapid growth, a lot of companies don’t actively monitor their Instagram accounts like they do Twitter.
The conversations typically revolve around the Instagram posts instead of customer issues and questions.
Look for ways to integrate both into your social media strategy and you’ll get much greater results.
I use all social networks for earning money, but the lion's share of profit is making on instagram. Our plane left at 12:40pm (give or take a few min) and we were in the last row, in the middle aisle in big pink and purple seats. Our first place- a guesthouse in Banglamphu- an area that seems to have a lot of travelers who are of the backpacking mentality, lots of street vendors, and lots of random places to sit, drink, eat, and watch the world go by. We got ready, got breakfast and walked up to the Express boats to go to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. It's a demon holding up part of the chedi and is a character in the "Ramayana." The tale was adapted and changed somewhat when Rama I and II rewrote it and it became known as the Ramakien.
The gods knew that only a mortal man would be able to stop the invulnerable giant and sent the god Vishnu down to earth. Rama and his faithful brother and friend Lakshman (Phra Lak) become famous heroes and Rama is appointed by his father as successor to the throne of Ayuthaya. When it turns out that Rama and his followers are going to be victorious, however, the evil giant Tosakan manages to sneak out of the palace and takes lovely Sita with him. Everybody could be happy now, but Rama is still in doubt about Sita, who is expecting a child. After a small rest and shower - we went and ate a late lunch from one of the street vendors. J was getting more worn out than I was and we ended up in the park in the sun, which wasn't really a good idea but we felt better after a while. We walked down this one thin street looking for a place to eat that was in the guidebook, however we didn't know it was just a vendor and thought it was a restaurant. It wasn't air conditioned but you know- the place was sooo freakin' nice I kind of didn't care and figured we'd just deal. Well, there was two way traffic and some people were walking on the unstable water logged wood planks on the side- like me- and feeling the wood bend and stuff.
They sleep in these fairly big cement cages at night to protect them and probably to ensure that they don't leave the place. So we took our time the next morning - ate, hung around and played with the puppy some more - packed up and made our way back to the bus station. There were 2 stations within a block of each other- one was first class, the other was the main station. It was J's idea to try and stay in a different area - preferably one near the skytrain to cut down on taxi rides. We had a lizard in our room - it was awfully cute and hid from us the whole time we were there. Fast forward to today and Twitter is still very popular, but the network is not as dominant as it used to be. We’ve seen some marketers and big brands start to shift away from heavily focusing on Twitter and put more effort toward Instagram.
Facebook articles, statistics can give you a lot of insight into which social networks you should focus on based on popularity. When you look at their demographics, you’ll notice that the two social networks have similar users in age, income, education level and even location.
The other stats show Twitter and Instagram are particularly popular among people in their 20s who are either in college or have recently graduated. There are no clickable links in the captions or ads to external sites when scrolling through a feed.
Instagram doesn’t have this feature, which is a drawback specifically for content marketing. You can share quality content on Instagram and keep a link to your website in your bio to what you’re trying to promote at the moment. Since the focus is on the images and stories, Uber was able to just include a link to the #WhyIRide campaign in the page bio and focus strictly on content within the Instagram posts. Consumers have also gotten into the habit of using Twitter for customer support and feedback.
In fact, having dedicated Twitter accounts strictly for support has become the norm for businesses.
That’s also a big reason why Twitter continues to be one of the top social media channels. Even though they serve a similar demographic and audience, they have two completely different functions in your marketing strategy. Strategy doesn't play the main role in promotion, cause you have to work off-the-clock for new followers without third pary apps, such as Schedugram or Zengram.
Thai Airways has colorful seats and purple blankets, pillows, and purple printouts about their menu.
We took a walk that night and got some water, ate foods, and decided what to do for the next day.
It's all plaster in gold coating, has 108 images on its feet in mother of pearl showing the lakshanas - helps distinguish who is the true Buddha. I think we saw about 60% of the stuff here but we were slowly dying from the heat and humidity so we had to retreat to a store outside of the palace where we sat in front of the AC and drank waters slowly. The tales of the Ramakien are similar to those of the Ramayana, though transferred to the topography and culture of Ayutthaya, where the avatar of Phra Narai (the Thai incarnation of Vishnu, who's also known as Narayan) is reborn as Phra Ram.
When Rama manages to win beautiful and chaste Princess Sita as his wife, their happiness seems complete. I suppose it's like seeing the Stations of the Cross in a Catholic church and not understanding why this dude is carrying a cross and what each station depicts. One part of the complex had a shrine with little buddhas covered in gold that were flaking off, the paint was coming off. We gave it another half hour of walking around the market and then caught a taxi to Chinatown to eat. Then it started raining and J got annoyed at the crowds, rain, and overall mess we'd gotten ourselves into. We also walked by some guys playing what looked like Go, with their chipmunk hanging out on the table.

Apple guest house isn't on the water but it's the one that offered cooking classes, had its own restaurant, massage, and tours.
Another modded taxi truck drove by at some point and there were guys holding onto the canopy railings and standing on the bumper.
I mean I think in some ways we got a lot of days off- holidays and stuff - but yeah, the notion that you could save your whole vacation and travel for 4 weeks is pretty awesome. We ended up taking a 2nd class bus back to Bangkok - took about 45 minutes longer, no bathroom, and seats were worn out.
One of the reasons Twitter has seen a slight decline is due to the most engaging social media app currently available, Instagram.
This is generally the user base that tends to drive social media growth in general because this group is the most active. By excluding unnecessary features, Instagram is able to keep consumers focused on the content that’s being posted, which is a huge advantage for your company.
That makes it much more difficult to get your followers to see your content and engage with it.
The amount of engagement from the few Instagram posts compared to dozens of Tweets is a clear sign that Instagram users are more engaged. However, an envious concubine of King Tosarot convinces him to favor her son and to disinherit Prince Rama. Lakshman, however, does not obey and brings Sita instead back to the hermit in the jungle where she and Rama spent fourteen years during Rama's exile.
People were making offerings, lighting incense, and would then dab the flaking buddha with a tissue and then place the tissue on their head- similar to someone blessing themselves with holy water.
The noodles weren't too soft, the taste was fresh, and a cat came over to us crying for some food.
It looked like they had a pet chipmunk, it had a little hamster cage and was sitting on top of it. And because Twitter moves so quickly, the lifespan of your Tweets can drastically vary depending on how many other users your followers are following.
One technique that a lot of new businesses are using to help get established on Instagram is purchasing shout-outs from established accounts. Twitter is a great tool to curate and distribute content, as well as engage and interact with your audience. Behind the Reclining Buddha are 108 bowls where people were dropping money into - a sign of good luck.
Rama, Sita, and the faithful Lakshman are expelled from the royal palace and have to flee into the jungle where they spend the next fourteen years hidden in a hermitage. That allows Prince Rama to successfully fight (in an exhausting seven day battle) and finally kill the giant and to win Sita back - although in the beginning he does not believe in Sita's faithfulness and she must undergo a trial of fire to prove her chastity.
There she gives birth to a son and the hermit, a powerful magician, forms a twin brother of the child and teaches both arts and mystics. I had to pet a cat I saw- this happy chubby black one that purred when I scratched its chin. Unfortunately our screen door didn't close tightly enough and there were gaps where bugs would get into the room - so we couldn't leave the door open for air to come in. This is the closest thing most companies will get to paid advertising on Instagram for the time being. It was sort of odd - when we were given things to drink or eat she'd come out of the blanket like a bear from a cave and looked more and more disheveled each time. I knew going back to the guesthouse would make me too lazy to get out and do something later.
Getting into the tuk tuk I slammed my knee on the metal side and later it turned into a nice purple bruise.
The next morning the women were at breakfast and talking about it with their friends- looked like a large group had decided to vacation together - they were describing the whole thing.
As much as the front desk woman tried to keep hookers out- I suppose there's only so much you can do.
Since my building is a twin building - there's a walkway on the roof that connects the my building to the twin one and I take the elevator there. At one point she was sleeping with her head on the seat and her legs on the floor, in a kneeling position.
After a final battle with the remaining rebel giants, Rama's mission is fulfilled and he returns to heaven. Once the rain ended -- big big snails were out and about, lizards were on the outer walls, and worms.
At first they thought it was a lizard and two of them stepped out of the room to look at it- meaning, they opened the screen door that the scorpion was attached to. That's the one thing I wish I would have done but I am pretty satisfied and happy to have gotten the chance to see a really peaceful sanctuary and touch tigers.
It's weird, the room was a decent size, the AC was fine if not a tad bit cold - but there was something sort of lacking about this place compared to the other one we stayed in the first few days. The murals i believe are painted onto the walls like a fresco thing - and seem to be under constant repair. A tow truck guy pulled in and jumped the car which started it but after about 5 minutes it died again. It was also hot - of course- and that took its toll on us after a while but I wanted to see it all. The lion has a thought bubble that reads "What?" and on the back the snail says, "I am snail!" Jen's is even odder. There wasn't much of a town to see from this area and reminded me of the strip mall style that is common in NY and NJ. Possibly common in all of America for all I know.Finally we got to Fredonia around 4pm and checked into The White Inn. I don't think i've been that tired in a long time and I got sick.At the funeral home I had to step outside and puked. I am like 90% sure that my year was the first super official year that kids could graduate with the minor.
I was good at falling down and rolling away - Judo - you spend a great deal of time rolling away and falling down.

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