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UWHC continues to work toward our mission, as well as support our partner programs, through the generosity of employees who choose to give a small amount out of their paycheck every month.
Host a kick-off event such as an informational breakfast, office social, Team Up for Our Community, or end-of-day snack. Employee giving campaigns, through payroll deduction, are the bread and butter of our annual operational funds each year.
Pick up a campaign in a box and other campaign materials, to host one in your own workplace. Plan for a time that is suitable so that many people can attend, either after work, a lunch and learn session, before, during or after a staff meeting.

Run a friendly competition between departments or between neighboring businesses, make a game of it, host a raffle for those who participate, set up a thank you breakfast or luncheon, or have the CEO flip burgers, wear a crazy outfit, wash cars, or serve breakfast to contributors. United Way staff and representatives are fully equipped and ready to provide support,materials and answer questions.
Send emails, hang posters, hand out flyers, talk to coworkers, wear your Live United shirt on casual days. United Way representatives are available to speak to groups, as well as provide materials for facilitating an informational session. For example, "Giving $5 a week, the cost of a gourmet cup of coffee, can purchase 15 early learning books for our Born Learning program.

This is inclusive of those who may want to give extra, or want to give but may not be able to participate in payroll deduction.

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