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Whether your are a Freelancer or an SMB, using a website builder is an inevitable step in creating a website. The 1&1 website building platform is equipped with applications that businesses can easily install on their website. The Agendize was platform already available in 5 languages – French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.
Create interactive websites, multimedia presentation, with dropdown menus, stunning effects right on your desktop in few simple steps. There are many website building software program available to build websites, but many require you to design the website layout yourself and understand HTML or coding.
If you are not a professional website designer, and do not have skills in website coding language, then A4DeskPro website builder program (without hosting required) might be a suitable choice for you.

A4DeskPro is an all-in-one website builder software program which provides a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing environment, plus a website template gallery which allows you to kick-start a website easily. It allows you to easily build a site from scratch by selecting your desired features amongst a list of templates and intuitive apps.
According to a recent Techconsult study, the number of companies planning to use cloud solutions grew from 8% to 24% between 2012 and 2013. Since October 2013, 1&1 has included the Agendize tools in their app library, allowing their customers capture more business with applications like Online Scheduling, Click-to-Call and Live Chat.
They can now generate meaningful interactions and answer their customer inquiries live, which allows them to strengthen customer service and boost sales,” said Cecile Esch, 1&1 PR Manager. Coinciding with our presence at the [vdav]-Branchentreff 2014 conference, we then released the full Agendize platform in German, for the benefit of over 100 million German speakers.

You can install A4DeskPro on your Windows XP or Vista desktop, and use it to build or edit websites any time, keep all website content on your local PC, and upload to your own web hosting account. It’s a bit like doing a puzzle where you get to choose which pieces you like the best. We knew we needed to provide Agendize engagement apps to capture this growth, in the online conversion sector, by establishing a foothold in Germany through a partnership with leading local website builder, 1&1. You can even implement several applications that will make your interface more interactive and appealing to your online visitors.

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