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Last week we saw the Turkish Government block access to Twitter, now it is doing the same to YouTube.
Its interesting that the move comes just a week after the Twitter ban, given Turkish officials told Reuters last week that “At the moment there is no such decision for other social media like Facebook,” which essentially means that whilst a control over any other social media services that its public can visit and use isn’t imminent, Prime Minister Erdogan can pursue further bans. Listen To What We’re Listening To!Listen to the fine selection of music our Editor-In-Chief has put together right now at our Spotify playlist. If you are thinking that Ubuntu 13.10 is a slow peace of shit that crashes all the time, perhaps give Fedora live a try. Your LAN must already run a production instance of squid running on a Linux operating system such as Ubuntu.
Lets backup the default squidGuard configuration as it has examples which as useful but none of which we require. While you can add staff into a list of teachers that can view all content, only the administrator (schools youtube account) can add content to be viewed by all students.
We’ve previously heard that Google wasn’t planning on developing Gmail or any of its other apps for Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform.

Microsoft said on Wednesday that Google executives are preventing the Redmond, Washington-based company from offering “proper access to YouTube.”  Dave Heiner, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Microsoft, revealed this news through a blog post, acknowledging the importance of offering the video streaming app on mobile devices. This drama surrounding YouTube isn’t a new obstacle for Microsoft, as the executive revealed that the company has been struggling to resolve this issue for the past two years. The focus of Heiner’s argument in his recent blog post seems to be that Google executives are specifically responsible for this blockade; not the YouTube company as a whole.
Oddly enough, a full-fledged YouTube app is present on one crucial Microsoft device: the Xbox 360. Citizens of the country will now find that they have been blocked from visiting the service, just a day after the government was ordered to unblock access to Twitter and temporarily restore access to the service. Citizens however, are already finding ways to circumvent the blockade, a lot like they did with Twitter. He oversees all the amazing content you see around this website and posts regular news pieces on the glorious world of technology. He updates it as often as he can and its usually what he's listening to when delivering the awesome content above!

I have installed Google Chrome and Rythembox, both applications used to crash all the time under Ubuntu 13.10 but they no longer crash.
However, the search engine giant is also reportedly blocking a full-featured YouTube app from debuting on the Windows-themed OS as well.
As it stands, the YouTube app for Windows Phone is merely a limited version of the streaming service, considering Google doesn’t allow Microsoft access to YouTube’s full APIs.
The app was released this past August and was part of YouTube’s new platform strategy to please fans when it comes to controlling the user experience. The main reason being is because it allowed people to spread the word about anti-govenrement protests, something the government want to curtail as Turkey’s elections approach.
Yum is alittle different then apt-get and takes some getting used to but its not as quick as apt-get.

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