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The Student Art Guide is constantly on the lookout for great art teacher blogs and websites for high schoolA Art students (including those studying IGCSE, GCSE, A Level Art, NCEA, IB and AP Studio Art).
Julia Stubbs is an Advanced Skills Teacher in Art and Design at William de Ferrers School, Essex, England. The website by AP Studio teacher Carrie King contains a superb collection of teaching activitiesA for the Art students at Mt. The Monks’ Dyke Technology College in Lincolnshire, England, has published a range of beautiful GCSE and A Level Art sketchbooks and final pieces from their Art Department (such as the AS Fine Art sketchbook page by Calum Forsyth below) on Flickr, with some exceptional Graphic Design, Fine Art and Photography submissions.
Fortismere, a secondary school based in Haringey, North London, has a thriving Art Department. Advanced Placement (AP) is a rigorous high school qualification offered to students in Canada and The United States.
The Top Art exhibition features some of the best NCEA Level 3 Photography, Design, Printmaking, Sculpture and Painting (this is the New Zealand equivalent of A2 Art & Design) produced by Year 13 New Zealand high school art students. Some Top Art students have been featured on the Student Art Guide, including work by Bronte Heron and Grace Pickford. The New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) publish fantastic resources to help high school art teachers and students.
The Saatchi Gallery (London) runs major art competitions for high school students, as part of its education programme. You may also be interested in readingA our guide: why you should create your own website (and how to make one).
This website uses advertising to help us develop high quality teaching resources and provide these to our audience for free. Our team of experienced teachers and high-achieving students publish new ideas, tips, techniques and case studies for you weekly.
ECU welcomed approximately 200 exceptional high school art students from 11 schools throughout the state to participate in art workshops conducted by ECU School of Art and Design faculty. Regional high schools with art students participating include South Central High School, JH Rose High School and Pasquotank County High School. The retreat was coordinated by ECU alumnus Jody Stouffer, high school art teacher from Lee County High School and director of the North Carolina chapter of the National Art Honor Society. Participating ECU art faculty include Quinn, Scott Eagle, Ken Wyatt, Lisa Beth Robinson, Alice Arnold, Mi-Sook Hur, Cynthia Bickley-Green, Michael Dermody and Christine Zoller. The NAHS traveling exhibition, featuring artwork submitted by National Art Honor Society high school chapters in North Carolina, will be on exhibit in ECU’s Burroughs Welcome Gallery in Jenkins Fine Art Center through April 12.
In addition to the workshops, students were introduced to ECU’s art facilities and toured the ECU campus. ECU has the largest studio art program in North Carolina, which is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.
Tennessee is a member of the Pathways to Prosperity Network, a collaboration of 12 states, Jobs for the Future, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education working to implement and scale grades 9-14 regional pathways in high-wage, high-demand sectors that launch students into careers while leaving open the prospect of further education. Michael Watson, the Hamblen County Schools Career and Technical Education Supervisor, Ruby Glasscock, Alcoa Howmet’s HR director, and a student intern greeted me when I arrived. These students had reached a level of complex industry knowledge that made me appreciate the numerous other professional skills they developed during their internship.
In addition to a combination of technical skills and workplace knowledge, the students developed impressive interpersonal and communication skills. The students’ ability to think critically and self-reflect was also evident when they briefly discussed their plans after high school, with one sharing hopes of joining the military and enrolling in an engineering program at a postsecondary institution and another crediting the internship with honing in on his interest in mechanical engineering over civil engineering. Even outside of the impressive technical skills and knowledge they acquired over the course of their internship, it was clear that the experience had a profound effect on the students’ development as individuals and future professionals. Why the thought never crossed my mind to follow their lead and study abroad during high school is beyond me. According to the Annual Statistics Report for International Youth Exchange by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET), in the 2010-2011 school year nearly 2000 high school students packed up their bags to study abroad.
It's also interesting to note that in 2010, 29,000 foreign exchange students came to the U.S.
Few would argue that studying abroad offers experiences as unique and different as the students embarking on the journey.
Noah: I had a great experience and learned a lot, and I have never heard anyone say that studying abroad was a negative experience. Jorge: I think people who are considering studying abroad should first think language wise.
From America to France, or Spain to America, Jorge and Noah agree on one thing: studying abroad is rarely an experience that students regret. After studying abroad in France, the Netherlands, and Denmark, Andrea decided to combine her love of education and other cultures by teaching English in Chile. The majority of Art teacher blogs, however, contain poor quality photographsA or have an emphasis on the pedagogy of art education, rather than upon sharing practical advice for students and art teachers. The blogA contains thought-provoking articles that are illustrated with creative, contemporary student artwork, such as the examples shown below by Beth. Her website features high quality GCSE and A Level Art artwork, photographed comprehensively and listed with results.
It is written by Heather McReynolds, who has over 20 years of teaching and examining experience.
Marvin Bartel, who has many decades of teaching experience, including over 30 years teaching in the Art DepartmentA at Goshen College, Indiana, United States.

A Their website links to Flickr, in which they have categorised an extensive collection of images: A Level Photography, A Level Fine Art etc.
Of particular note are the exemplar material that is provided for NCEA Level 1, 2 & 3 Painting, Photography, Design, Sculpture or Printmaking. Amiria has been a teacher of Art & Design and a Curriculum Co-ordinator for seven years, responsible for the course design and assessment of Art and Design work in two high-achieving Auckland schools.
If you would like to support us or contribute in some way, you can find out the best way to help us or contact us here. Students chose to participate in two workshops, selecting from classroom as canvas, screenprinting, shoot a short, eye tracking, enameling, collage, book arts, make a TV show, non-traditional drawing and painting, and shooting a video interview. Curriculum areas include animation, art foundations, ceramics, cinema, drawing, graphic design, illustration, interactive media, metals, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, textile design and video. This became evident after I traveled to Morristown, Tennessee, to see a group of high school students present their summer internship experiences at the Alcoa Howmet manufacturing facility. Exposing students to careers and opportunities to develop skills through work-based learning experiences is a core element in the development of career pathways.
The attendees included parents, Alcoa Howmet employees, the Hamblen County Mayor, the Hamblen County Director of Schools, and several state-level officials from the Tennessee Department of Education.
For instance, the students understood their department’s role within the operational structure of the entire facility and why certain actions were integral to the overall manufacturing process. Each of the students delivered confident, articulate, and informative presentations and could discuss complex topics and provide clear answers to audience questions.
The same student said he plans to attend Walters State Community college and transfer to the University of Tennessee—a pathway the Career Success Coordinator at the Hamblen County Board of Education imagines is heavily influenced by the Tennessee Promise scholarship program, which grants Tennessee students free tuition to community college.
Students described gaining a significant sense of self-confidence and independence through the experience of dealing with real manufacturing problems, finding solutions, and creating a plan to implement those solutions.
They were all remarkably charming, albeit timid at times, and somehow all very good at tennis. With ample opportunities popping up every day, it is a wonder I did not spend a semester in Argentina with CCI or a summer in Spain with LPI Abroad. Jorge traveled to the USA to spend a year studying in Eads, Tennessee, just east of Memphis.
The boat was originally a WWII barge, which was just an empty shell until it was restored by my host family. My host father worked as an engineer for an automobile company, while my host mother was a stay at home mom for their son and daughter. I did this to avoid having to study for the Baccalaureate test, which French students take in their senior year. It is still important to pick a program that fits your needs and desires, as well as plan ahead. She has previously coached diverse Bay Area students in English writing, and is recently TEFL-certified. High school art education blogs or websites with a focus on quality artwork seem to be few and far between.
The site is a rich resource for GCSE and A Level Photography students in particular (these are qualifications studied by high school students in the UK)A and is guaranteed toA keep you engaged for hours. The activities cover perspective, line drawing, the depiction of glass and metal objects, working in monochrome, figure drawing and still life arrangements; providing structured activities to help students complete the 12 AP Breadth pieces. Heather was previously Head of Art at the International School of Florence and now offers training and workshops for IB Art teachers, writes textbooks and shares knowledge via the InThinking Visual Arts website.
Marvin has Master and Doctor degrees in art education and is a consultant, lecturer and writer.
These are sharedA in their entirety, with legible annotation and process documented, making these excellent learning tools.
He has worked on curriculum and assessment developments as well as revisions to examinations and assessment strategy. While there are a huge number of photographs to go through, there are some really fantastic pieces of work. These provide access to an excellent collection of student work (such as the beautiful fruit drawings pictured below by Sucha Chantaprasopsuk from Reavis High School), each accompanied by clear explanations for the marks they have received. This student work is very similar to that which is required for CIE Art & Design and is a fantastic resource for high school Art students studying any qualification. Although only single artworks are exhibited from each student (as opposed to the complete bodies of work that are available on other websites) the range and quality of work is excellent, making this website a great place for those seeking inspiration.
Amiria has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Architecture (First Class Honours) and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching. This past year, Tennessee worked to strengthen state-level policies that promote work-based learning in high schools and created numerous resources for regions as they develop career exploration programs.
Watson and Glasscock welcomed everyone and expressed how pleased they were with the interns’ diligence and hard work throughout the summer. The thoughtfulness the students expressed with respect to their college and career goals illustrated a level of strategic thinking that I imagine the internship helped foster. The level of responsibility given to the students surprised me, since the problems the students were helping to solve had actual financial implications for the operations of the facility. Two students, American Noah Langholz and Spaniard Jorge Moro Deiguesca, offer comparative reflections of their study abroad experiences during high school. Although the city itself was not very exciting, its proximity to the City of Lights allowed for frequent visits and cultural immersion.

I only got to spend time with them at home when I wasn't in school and on a few vacation trips.
The French educational system is very different from the American system, and was somewhat hard to adjust to. In the end, they decided that if I finished all of my high school requirements before I left, I could go. I would say that the program you choose makes a big difference, and AFS was great choice for me. While it may take a little effort, students will share the "it was totally worth it" sentiment from the moment their plane lands in a new country. Thus, for the benefit of our readers, we have begun to compile a list of the gems we have found. Each assignment is accompanied by artwork from Carrie’s own students, such as the two examples below by Tiernan Kang (left) and Sikai Song. Although this site is subscription based, there is enough free content to keep you busy for hours.
His website contains superb essays about drawing, creativity and teaching art: many interconnected pages that will engage you for hours. Students investigate exciting subject matter, explore contemporary editing techniques and stage innovative compositions, as shown in the work below by Beth Miseroy below.
He has published a fantastic collection of student artworkA Flickr, depicting some of the best A Level student work from Buckinghamshire schools (2007 a€“ 2011).
Work of a range of ability levels is shown, along with superb annotation from the examiners. You may also be interested in submitting an Art project or reading our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Use of Cookies.
Four students then delivered a PowerPoint presentation that highlighted their manufacturing area of focus, projects, and the lessons they learned from their internship. While this student’s primary projects focused on tracking and analyzing injury data and noise exposure, it was clear that the wellness-related projects exposed him to other aspects about the world of work. Yet, those types of high-stakes situations have been the most powerful in my own professional development, and these students were fortunate to have these learning experiences while still in high school. It's hard to make sense of these trends as the United States continues to fall in world education rankings. Noah spent the year living with a host family on a house boat on the Marne, a river that intersects with the Seine.
I am so concerned about the poor level of the lessons in American Public High schools, or at least in the south. I completed my last high school requirement, an English composition class, at a community college the summer before I left.
You will have a great experience anywhere you go, plus you will learn a new language forever. The images below are from anA invisible figure drawing lessonA that introduces students to cross-contour.
Some of the work by Ferhan’s has been featured on the Student Art Guide, such as Kareem Al Saadya€™s 100% AS Photography Coursework project. There is also a separate section of Scholarship exemplarsA (such as the superb example below) a€“ the very best work from Year 13 (A2) students. I tried to follow along, writing down the technical terms associated with the electrical engineering departments and attempting to replicate the charts that students created to conduct data analysis on things like “noise sampling” to ensure the facility was compliant with OSHA regulations on sound exposure. They demonstrated a genuine appreciation for the opportunity to work at Alcoa Howmet and an understanding that it was a joint effort to make paid internships available to them.
As a result, I got to know them really well, much better than I would have had I spent most of my time in my room. Learning French was also difficult at first, and was definitely a trial by fire method of learning. I know that many high schools are not quite as accommodating as mine, and many students who go abroad in high school end up having to repeat a year of school.
Like the importance of strong communication skills, the ability to acknowledge and show gratitude toward individuals that help them along their professional journey is a vital interpersonal skill and sign of maturity that will benefit these students as they continue on to college and careers.
It would seem likely that economic reasons have played a role here since studying abroad in high school is admittedly a luxury.
For example, I had to be careful about coming home late, since getting to my bedroom required walking across the steal roof of the boat, which made a loud noise that woke other people up. Overall, AFS made an effort to connect all of the exchange students in the greater Paris area.
I filled out all of my applications the summer before I left so I wouldn't have to worry about it while I was there. Living with a family definitely involved some compromises, but overall I still had a lot of independence.
About 5 to 10 were from the United States, and others came from countries ranging from Malaysia and China, to Germany and Norway.

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