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Surely even super organised people who use their address book have moments when they search fretfully for a contact via an email only to find that said person simply signs off their emails, 'kind regards, Bob'. A large number of emails are viewed on mobile devices. Put the correct prefixes on phone numbers and street address so recipients can click the links to call or google map you. Everyone in your company should be using the same email signature, for the same reason you require everyone to have the same business card. By submitting this form, you accept the Mollom privacy policy.CAPTCHAThis question is to prevent automated spam submissions. In the obvious category of projects, wea€™ll be rolling out email verification and a new and improved CAPTCHA across Ning Networks next week. Just like the sign-up page, this new email verification page will be themed for the Ning Network.
Together, email verification and an improved CAPTCHA will go a long way in ensuring that members are real people who are going to contribute to the Ning Network in positive ways. About the Author:Nick Barr a€“ who has written 277 posts on Ning's Official Blog on Social Networking Sites. This is just GREAT, wonderful newsa€¦ however, i didnt have a lot of spammers on my network, because i approve all members one by onea€¦ however, this is great for those a€?dummya€™ members who try to join our social networks with fake emailadresses, so this way we keep them out and have only REAL members, this is great progress NING! Does tis emailverification also count for members we approve by hand or just for members who join the social networks automatically without approving them? So Ia€™m confused about this, can we or can we not, be sure that we can reach all members now? Another question: if our members verify their email first, and then later change it to an invalid email then what? The email verification feature is separate from any email notification settings or the ability to turn off messages.
To answer your second question a€” your members will need to verify their emails every time they change them.
I totally see where you are coming from in terms of existing members needing to validate their email addresses. If a member is having issues validating their email address, therea€™s a a€?helpa€? link theya€™ll see, where they can contact the Ning Help Center to get assistance. Thanks ffor answering and i really love this changea€¦.and ita€™s a really good step NING has taken into the right direction! Right now i am experiencing very little activity on my social network because (i think) members change their emailadress into a fake one after signing up.
Maybe it would be a good idea to exclude email from the networks administrators or a€?special noticesa€™ just like in Yahoogroups, so when we have special announcements EACH member receives this, regardless of their emailsettings.
But ok, ui am going off-topic here (LOL) , i like this change and i am glad we have now emailverification. I think it will be important to mention on the Verify Your Email page that people should look in the spam folder if they didna€™t get the email. Why are you directing members to the Ning Help Center instead of allowing them to send us feedback directly? If your members are using working email addresses OR they remember their password so they can change their email address to a working one, they shouldna€™t need to contact the Ning Help Center. Buta€¦ it doesa€™nt seem like it possible to edit this new verification message in the sign-up process.
This is going to significantly complicate the sign up process and I am very afraid it is going to drop member sign ups! Maybe we can limit their functions on the site to a€?viewinga€? and require them to verify the e-mail address if they want to a€?posta€? something.
Ia€™ve never had a spam problem but Ia€™ve read where other sites on the network have so I dona€™t care about that if it helps everyone out Ia€™m all for it. One thing I am grateful for and I knew you would handle it is are the options of if you have changed your email address most verifications just will send the reset email to the old address if you dona€™t have it anymore than youa€™re screwed because thata€™s the only option unless you go to yahoo or something and get another email address. I keep getting the email will be sent to you message box, but, in the last 8 hours and dozens of please resend, have yet to get the verification email.
I was just testinga€¦ But when ever i sign up with new ID there is no verification mail sent, neither the members are stopped from signing in till the verification is done. Today, one of our Premium Ning sites was hit with 73 new SPAM postingsa€¦ as Discussion Forum posts. I dona€™t understand how this can happen, given that this blog post says that email addresses are now automatically verifieda€¦.
More than 300 new bogus members joined our group in the past couple of weeks from gmail accounts. It doesna€™t go far enough a€¦ I want to be able to automatically scan posts to identify spam as I do on my wordpress blog a€¦ the algorithms are well known and could be implemented easily within Ning if you choose to.
Ia€™m getting more spam than ever and have been forced to screen new sign-ups manually, which is really NOT the experience i wanted.
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Ning StatusBest Technology In HTC Mobiles Phones January 26, 2016HTC is the leading mobile company which is known for manufacturing the best and the finest smartphones. The Rift Valleys of East Africa formed as a result of the area’s complex geological make-up. The disappearance of the earliest human culture, the Oldowan, and its substitution by a new technology, the Acheulian, is one of the main topics in Paleoanthropology. The Acheulian stage begins with the early Pleistocene, about 1,75 mya-well after Homo ergaster attains full development in the Turkana Basin. The Konso site is dated to 1,75 mya and characterized by a combination of large picks and crude bifaces and unifaces made predominantly on large ?ake blanks.
Acheulian bifaces are found as far north as the Jordan Valley of Israel (at Ubeidiya) by 1,4-1,6 million years in age.

The Turkana Basin has earned its place as the world’s most important repository of evidence of human origins largely through four decades of exploration by the Leakey family through the Koobi Fora Research Project (KFRP). The Kariandusi archaeological site in Kenya lies on the eastern side of the Rift Valley some 120 km NNW from Nairobi, and rests on the Nakuru-Elmentaita basin which occupies the width of the Rift valley, flanked by Menengai crater on the north and the volcanic pile of Mount Eburru, on the south. Discovered and tested by Louis and Mary Leakey in the 1940s, Olorgesailie in southern Kenya was excavated by Glynn Isaac as his dissertation research during the 1960s.
New excavations since 2001 have revealed that Acheulean occupations were followed by a long sequence of Middle Stone Age occupations without handaxes, beginning well before 315 k. The Isimila Acheulian Occupation Site in the Iringa Highlands of Tanzania was discovered in 1951 by  D.A Marclennanof  who on his way from Nairobi to Johannesburg collected some tools from the site. This entry was posted in Plaeolithics and Neolithics and tagged Acheulian, Handaxe, Homo erectus, Plaeolithics and Neolithics, Rift Valley. What’s the Nubian Levallois-core technology got to do with “out of Africa ” dispersal and Boker Tachtit? Happy 7th birthday to you, Alexandria Zahra Jones, wishing you many happy returns of the day from everybody here at BowieNet. Hope you have a wonderful day, Lexi, and that you demand everything a young girl needs from mum and dad at this very special time. Le Groupe Fnac se lance dans la location-vente, avec un nouveau service appele «Pass location», disponible dans un premier temps pour les seuls produits Apple que les clients pourront louer jusqu’a 24 mois, avant de se voir proposer de les racheter. Alors que l’institut Gfk a enregistre une baisse au premier trimestre de 7% du marche de l’electronique grand public, dont un repli de 8,8% pour la micro-informatique, la Fnac espere se relancer dans ce secteur avec cette recette commerciale tres repandue dans l’automobile.
Au terme de ces deux ans, il aura la possibilite d’acheter le produit en payant une option d’achat, de changer de produit avec une nouvelle location equivalente sans frais ou de rendre le produit et d’arreter la location, «sans frais en fin de contrat», assure l’enseigne.
Il sera egalement possible au client des le 13e mois d’echanger son produit sans frais pour un modele plus recent de la meme famille, ou de le rendre avant le terme de son contrat en payant une penalite representant trois mois de loyer. Le groupe Intermarche a choisi en septembre dernier de proposer un service similaire portant sur l’electromenager et la high-tech avec des loyers d’une duree de 2 a 5 ans, pour des equipements d’une valeur minimale de 349 euros.
A la question de savoir si la FNAC compte deployer ce nouveau service en Belgique, le service presse de la firme n’etait pas en mesure de nous repondre ce lundi matin.
Journaliste high-tech specialise dans l’actualite Apple et le monde de l’entrepreneuriat. Make sure the signature isn't so wide that it wraps over multiple lines when viewed on a mobile screen. Thus it makes sense to use the same hierarchy, colour and font treatment as your business card.
It makes for a less-than-awesome Ning Network experience for members and makes a Network Creatora€™s life harder than it needs to be.
After entering their email address, password, birthday and the CAPTCHA, theya€™ll be sent a verification email. And, once an email address is confirmed on one Ning Network, ita€™s confirmed for all, which means this is a simple, one-time process.
The CAPTCHA is the code of numbers and letters that new members fill in to confirm that theya€™re real people on the sign up page.
If you have any questions about either of these improvements, please let us know in the comments or the Ning Help Center! Though Ia€™m surprised to learn you didna€™t already use email notificationa€“thata€™s become such a must-have lately. Is it possible for me to translate the information a€“ before Ning will send to all our members??? Ia€™ve been praying for email verification for a long time and oddly enough the last few days Ia€™ve come close several times to sending Ning support yet another request for this. Or are you giving the broadcast message an override ability so we actually can a€?be sure that our broadcast message are reaching membersa€? ? What Nick meant is that if your members actually have real, working emails, then theya€™ll be more likely to receive emails from your Ning Network. However, ita€™s a one-time, two-step process, and we think ita€™s ultimately worth it to make sure that members are using real, working email addresses.
But also i think they change their emailnotifications, because, when i send out a broadcast message, hardly anyone replies to it! A lot of people have email setups that send massive amounts of email there, and that would save them a lot of confusion. Additionally, it will be editable via the Language Editor, so you can customize the verification text if you like! Any time a member cana€™t sign in and cana€™t reset their password (for any number of reasons) theya€™ll need to contact us in the Ning Help Center, since as a Ning Network Creator, you arena€™t able to access your membersa€™ passwords or reset them on their behalf. I can see where the Capcha makes perfect sense, and I say more power to that part of the upgrade. She cana€™t remember the site or the password and she keeps getting a message that her email is already on the Ning network but she isna€™t registered with my site so she is locked out.
Ia€™m tired of recieving unsolicited invites from people ia€™ve never met for groups i could care less about. The influx of spammers in the past few days has been enormous, as the bots must have broken down Ning securities. Since requiring members to indicate location or a€?About Mea€? as part of their sign up, I havena€™t had any more auto sign-ups. Since we never had a problem with spam before, we did not require moderator approval for new members.
Include a #Ning hashtag or mention a #Ning #milestone your community has reached, and wea€™ll do our best to retweet it.
Wea€™ve put together some Best Practices studies with examples of how other Ning Networks get people excited and involved.
When hominid remains and early Acheulian tools are associated within any site stratum in Africa, the species is always Homo ergaster or Homo erectus. The Acheulian first appears to emerge in the eastern Rift in areas such as Konso-Gardula in Ethiopia, and Kokiselei 4 in Kenia.  A little bit later in geological terms it is found at Peninj and Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania (Olduvai Gorge EF-HR Upper Bed II, c. An increase in the number of ?ake scars was observed within the Konso Formation handaxe assemblages through time.

The Kariandusi site is the first Acheulian site to have been found in Situ in East Africa in 1928 by Luis Leakey.
Research resumed Olorgesailie in the early 1980s, by researchers of the Smithsonian Institution. A first scientific report by Clarence van Riet Lowe, at that time the most eminent Prehistorian of South Africa, appeared already in 1951. BP) Acheulian Site at Kalambo Falls, situated in the Kalambo River basin near the Tanzanian border in northernmost Zambia, is integrated into the Acheulian settlement system of East Africa. While wea€™ve been building spam prevention into more and more elements of the Ning Platform, wea€™re constantly looking to drive more spam prevention projects that make Ning even better. By clicking a link in the email they receive, they can finish signing up for the Ning Network.
By ensuring that new members are signing up with email addresses they actually own, you can also be sure that your broadcast messages and other email notifications are reaching members.
Also when i write blogs or forumtopics, only 1 or 2% replies to new blogs or forumstuff because i think they change their emailsettings to not receiving any from the social network. But, I still believe we should, As Network Creators, have the right to decide whether we want the email verification part of the upgrade to be a mandatory part of the network we create. If you're a Ning Creator or admin, you'll see a list of announcements from Ning on your dashboard that originate from the Creators Network.
What people might assume to be a single rift somewhere in East Africa is really a series of distinct rift basins which are all related and produce the distinctive geology and topography of East Africa. The local Ethiopian Acheulean is usually divided into three techno-typologically phases (1,6 -0,2 mya): Early, Later, and Terminal (Clark 1994).
0,5 mya, while the end of this long sequence is represented, at Melka Kunture, by the site of Garba III, where there are also Middle Stone Age layers.
Using modern methods of excavations, these people did a lot to reconstruct the Paleolithic landscape. Levallois technology was present already in the later Acheulean horizons of Members 11 and 13 of the Olorgesailie formation (between 625 and 550 k.a), which further substantiate the claims for a “long Levallois chronology” in Africa, first evidenced from the Kathu Pan 1 site in S-Africa, well before its appearance in the Middle Eastern or Europe. The first Excavation work at Isimila was carried out 1957-1958 by Clark Howell, later followed by others until 1968. Ball non cerco mai di usare, promuovere o di registrare come marchio l'immagine su una t-shirt; l'immagine divento cosi di pubblico dominio negli Stati Uniti prima che potesse essere registrata. Additionally, all current members will need to verify their email address once if they join a new Ning Network. That action seems to have triggered the spam bot into hyperactivity a€” Ia€™ve had to deny 70 new member requests during the past three hours.
Over time, water has accumulated in the lowest areas of the valleys, creating the Rift Valley lakes. Of great iterest is the fact, that Oldowan assemblages that have been discovered at Olduvai Gorge predate and partially coincide with Early Acheulian assemblages. Melka Kunture, Bodo, and other Middle Awash localities contain lithic material that is commonly considered Later and Terminal Acheulean. Gesher Benot Ya’aqov (GBY), located in the Dead Sea Rift valley, is considerably younger, but one of the oldest non-African sites to have yielded evidence for the activities of groups of hominid hunter-gatherers. A The sites are well-known for their obsidian hand-axes, but also includes many specimens made of local trachyte lava. Olorgesailie is best known for an abundance of Acheulean handaxes, associated with several episodes of animal butchering dated to ca 950 k.a. Subsequent research into the formation processes operating at Kalambo led to a substantial revision of the site’s archaeological significance.
In questo modo, Ball non fece mai alcun profitto per l'immagine iconica che aveva presumibilmente creato per un prezzo iniziale di $45.
As Ning members, we also have the power to block any future messages from spammers so that they can never spam us again. The excavations recovered thousands of Acheulian period stone tools and animal bones that had accumulated in and around an ancient lake about 800 k.a. Palaeomagnetic analysis of pumice overlying the artifacts confirms they must be at least 730 k.a. Fluvial processes apparently created much of the spatial patterning seen in the Acheulean horizons and may even have shaped some of the supposed wooden tools. Anche David Stern della David Stern Inc., un'agenzia pubblicitaria con base a Seattle ha dichiarato di aver inventato lo smiley. Maybe some are lazy enough to not want to simply press a button to block a spammer, but than again they dona€™t need to be on a computer at all if they are that lazy. They are among the deepest lakes in the world (up to 1,470 meters deep at Lake Tanganyika). Associated with the lakes are geysers, earthquakes and volcanic activity, reminders that the area is still geologically active. Stern secondo resoconti sviluppo la sua versione nel 1967 come parte di una campagna pubblicitaria per la Washington Mutual, ma anche lui non penso di registrarla.Nota legale sulla t-shirt e l'uso dello smileySmiley e un marchio registrato nel 1971 da Franklin Loufrani, proprietario di Smileyworld Ltd.
The deposits have remained waterlogged virtually ever since, and this unusual circumstance resulted in the excellent preservation of plant macrofossils. Il nome e il logo Smiley sono registrati e utilizzati in piu di 100 paesi per 25 classi di prodotti e servizi.Divulgazione della magliettaL'icona venne popolarizzata nei primi anni ottanta da due fratelli, Murray e Bernard Spain, che la impiegarono in una campagna per vendere oggetti da bigiotteria. The collection of artifacts is dominated by numerous Acheulean hand-axes, cleavers, cores, and flakes and flake tools.
I due produssero bottoni, tazze per il caffe, t-shirt, etichette adesive e molti altri oggetti decorati con il simbolo e la frase "Have a happy day" ("Passa una bella giornata").
Lo smiley fu una delle molte icone adottate dalla cultura di musica dance Acid house che emerse alla fine degli anni ottanta, poiche al tempo incidere loghi famosi sulle pasticche di ecstasy era una pratica comune.

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