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This page contains a single post, from Tim's blog, Practical Practice, that was published on March 11, 2011 10:33 AM. The next post on Practical Practice is Turn Your iPad 1 or 2 into an Interactive Whiteboard. Many more posts can be found on the Practical Practice main page or by looking through the blog archives. By clicking the button below, you may subscribe to a Podcast of the audio text from Practical Practice read by Talkr.
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And, finally, at the end of each post is a button to email that post to a friend or add just that single post to your social networking service. I've been doing a lot of writing lately, on a very big project, and I've found a writing tool I really love: Scrivener 2. This is a good way to convert old books that we no longer want to keep around but may need the material for reference. Let Over Lambda (ISBN 978-1-4357-1275-1, 376+iv pp.) is one of the most hardcore computer programming books out there.
By the way toughest interviews I ever did were on NPR, not because of harsh treatment or anything like that, but because the radio reporter asks you to describe in detail for listeners who can't see what you're talking about. CouchDB is strong precisely where Redis is weak (storing large amounts of rarely-changing but heavily indexed data), and Redis is strong precisely where CouchDB is weak (storing moderate amounts of fast-changing data).
Now, MongoDB offers a both a document store and high-performance update-in-place, but its persistence model is fling it at the wall and hope that it sticks, with a recovery log tacked on since 1.7. Found this very interesting looking visualistion library via this article -- d3 for mere mortals.
This took a long time to checkout the code, so I installed emacs version 23 using homebrew on my Macbook. However, following technomany's recent post on packages, I'm going to use the package.el recommended by him.
When you clearly identify what you want to be known for, it is easier to let go of the tasks and projects that do not let you deliver on that brand.
I requested a reviewer's copy of Flex 3 with Java from Packt publishing because I occasionally program in Flex 3 (mostly to create graphs and charts for web apps). There are two compilers that are used in compiling a flex application -- mxmlc, the most commonly used application compiler and compc -- the component compiler.
The chapter continues on about installing the Flex builder 3 (built on eclipse and available as a eclipse plugin, and NON-FREE). With the advent of openid providers like Clickpass, having your own OpenID has become very easy. Add these two lines to head section of your frontpage (or the header template of your blog software). My first introduction to genetic algorithms was from the Nov 1996(?) issue of Resonance, a science journal from the Indian Academy of Sciences. After that, the study of machine learning and data-mining algorithms continued to be a hobby.

After coming to US in 2008, I wanted to make use of the proximity to IUPUI campus to study further. In the coming months, I have a plan of doing self-study in mathematics refreshing pre-calculus trigonometry and calculus. Ever have a problem spelling out the letters of your name over phone and pause awkwardly to make up words for each alphabet? I wrote a tiny javascript program – phonetic speller to help memorize your Alphas and Charlies. Consider the simple use-case of normalising all the tags for articles stored in articles table to a standard format of lower__case_words (often called a slug).
I have solved a few problems out of 190 or so mathematical problems available on Project Euler in Python.
Postscript is a programming language originally developed by Adobe to describe images in a device independent manner.
Postscript is a stack based language (see also, Factor ), and it uses Reverse polish Notation (RPN).
You may not use the Specification in any way to create or develop a runtime, client, player, executable or other program that reads or renders SWF files. Starting with the fundamentals, it describes the most advanced features of the most advanced language: COMMON LISP. It's not intrinsically robust, you can't perform backups easily, and its write patterns aren't consumer-SSD-friendly. Almost every behaviour of Emacs can be customized and new features can be added with "plugins", which are called "packages" in emacs-lingo. There are many attempts to make the discovery and installation of these packages easy for the user. Select the packages that you want to install by pressing I and press x when you are done to install the selected packages. But, Flex3 being a java application, there is not much difference in the way Flex is installed. Flex3 applications are written in a mixture of MXML ( the layout language, which is XML) and Actionscript, a Javaesque language with some oddities.
AS3.0 treats XML as a native data type and manipulate the data without writing XML parsers or defining DTDs.
This is something I'd not considered looking for in a statically typed language like AS3.0. Modern distributions of Ubuntu, Debian etc., have excellent support for writing and reading kannada. Services like clickpass use the APIs provided by popular service providers like Yahoo, Google to enable you to use those accounts as openids.
With this course, my long standing desire to study subjects related to genetic algorithms, machine learning etc has come true. I studied data envelopment analysis and learned to solve DEA problems using the GLPK package on Linux in 2006-7. Lua looks to be an interesting and easy way to provide scripting capabilities to applications.

But, more importantly, I have realised the utility of having a constantly updated public notebook of sorts. I’ve done presentations on Python programming at Bangpypers(the Bangalore Python User Group) and engineering colleges as an invited speaker. The point of this book is to expose you to ideas that you might otherwise never be exposed to. There are thousands of emacs packages written by programmers which can do everything from customising the environment for programming languages (eg: python-mode), markup (eg: sgml-mode, pandoc-mode, ReST mode) to even editing videos! In a newspaper article, the paragraphs are ordered by importance, so that the reader can stop reading the article at whatever point they lose interest, knowing that the part they have read was more important than the part left unread. The chapter covers layout strategies, event handling, data binding, user input validation and custom item renderers. Code examples of how BlazeDS and LCDS make life easy for a developer would have been very useful. Once I took away blog format, and all its attendant bells and whistles, I started editing and improving what was already there. But The namesake was quite a good book, even though the theme is well worn (Immigrant families in US). It is a book on the effect of randomness on life and how most humans are fooled by the mind to see patterns where lot many times the events are, in fact, random. I have observed that Functional programming techniques are very valuable while solving these problems. I'd dabbled with Factor before, but without having an actual problem to solve in the new language, it is hard to get rid of old ways of thinking, which, in my case is Python. Between 2002 and 2003 I, as part my work at a (now defunct) startup, used Naive Bayes, Decision Trees(J48), k-Nearest Neighbours etc to improve credit card defaulter prediction in retail banking. I also used the Fuzzy Logic module from DataEngine package to build a root cause analysis package for a power plant. But, I realise that producing code should be a side effect of deep learning and solving problems, at least till I get a good grip of the algorithm fundamentals. Between the twitters and delicious, the ego-blogging and the link-blogging ideas have withered. My well thumbed and pencilled copy of Data mining by Han and Kamber is a prized possession from that time.
Good writing, sharing of code and ideas still remains a value proposition for personal websites.
Identify each sentence in the body that needs clarification and write a paragraph or two in the appendix.

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