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Blogging 101 is a 10 part series where I share my tips and tricks for creating and growing a blog from scratch. As for managing my social media presence, there are a variety of apps I use to help me connect with my current readers and potential readers!
So, do you already implement any of these organizational tips in your current blogging process? This article was first published on Strange & Charmed on March 24th, 2014 and is being reposted as part of my Holiday Prep Hiatus!
If someone would make an app that would let me schedule IG posts, I would be in social media heaven! Hello there, I’m Alexis and welcome to Strange & Charmed, a Productivity Lifestyle Blog for women filled with tips, tricks and strategies to help you make the most of your quirky life. GET MORE CUSTOMERSHow to become more confidentHow to overcome social anxiety and have more self confidence.
Recently I participated in a Google+ Hangout discussion featuring Jessica Johnston, Paula Naugle, and Will Deyamport, III, Ed. I’ve become fascinated with the topic of blogging for educators and how, when done consistently, it can help to shape our professional practice, which will in turn improve our work with students. I hope you can pull up a chair and take a few minutes to tune in to this recent blogging webinar. We enjoyed this time together to share our perspectives on blogging and plan to add a few more 30 minute webinar sessions to this series.
This is the fourth installment in the series, and you can find more information on the topics of this series here.
If you already work one full-time, you need to be very organized when it comes to your focus for your blog, your posting schedule and the time you allot to managing and responding to emails, comments and social media outlets. Now, what an editorial calendar looks like to me and what it looks like to you can be two very different things.
Whenever I think of a post idea, I write it down in my list that I keep in one of my Filofax’s. I use a service called Twitter Feed that automatically posts links to my blog posts to my Twitter feed.
Do you have any other tips and tricks that help to keep you organized that you can share with us? Stop by frequently throughout the week for updates on the best apps, gadgets, filofax tips, and advice.
What does it really take to earn passive income online?How To Start A Blog Step By Step For Beginners In Less Than 10 Minutes!MLM Sponsoring Secrets. The article focuses on helping business folk, both big and small, who would like to start blogging.Do you own a business? To that end, I’m in the process now of taking a second course this year on the art of blogging. My first editorial calendar was a printed one page monthly calendar where I planned out which blog posts would be scheduled for which days. When I am on the go or don’t have easy access to my planner, I use an app on my iPhone called Clear. Now, I will be going into the topic of photography in a later post, but for now I want to talk about photo shoots and talking your own blog photos.

Whether you are trying to build your career, a blog or a business, Strange & Charmed has the tools to help you make your dreams a reality!
I am passionate about freedom and sharing how regular people can follow their passion and make a happy living doing it. It was great to meet with these dedicated educators to collaborate on a topic that I think is important: how teachers can use blogging to improve student writing, develop engaging learning experiences, and become a more self-reflective educator. Generally, I do what I can when I can, but I have a few organizational tools that help me stay on track, and make it easy for me to maximize my time. I will periodically move the blog post ideas from my iPhone app to my master list, which I then refer to when planning out my blog posts on my editorial calendar for the next month. But Twitter Feed alone is not the best way to get my blog posts out on Twitter, so I also use a wonderful app called HootSuite that is one of the few apps that I have found that will allow me to schedule Tweets and even Facebook posts from my iPhone!
If you’ve noticed, for some time now I have been relying on my own photographs to supplement my blog posts. They have much to share in all the aspects of what good blogging looks and feels like, and I’m thrilled to be stretching my craft.
You could use a paper calendar, a list in a notebook, or even a digital calendar to map out your posts, but whichever way you choose needs to be convenient for you so that you can plan your posts and refer back to the calendar when you need to write them. I normally plan out a month at a time, but I have planned up to three at a time in the past. I cannot even explain to you how convenient it is to plan out the Tweets you want to publish and set it to publish on its own without me having to babysit my Twitter! As a result, I’m getting inspired to develop my own courses that could be a support to those new to blogging, or those wanting to re-boot their blogging commitment.
I will normally go ahead and plan out a weeks worth of posts and schedule them so I don’t have to remember to stop and Tweet during my busy day! When I do use other peoples images, I make sure to source them from creative commons websites. Like I said, I try to use my own images whenever possible, so to accomplish this, I plan frequent photo shoots where I take a look at my blog post topic list and get ideas for photo’s that I could use to accompany those posts.
When I was first getting started I really had no budget to pay for advertising and marketing.
I set up vignettes, make sure my lighting looks nice and take an hour or two to just shoot as many pictures as I can.
As such, I have utilized nothing but blogging and social media for the past couple of years to promote my business.
I would say I do these sorts of photo shoots once or twice a month and they give me plenty of images to work with that may pertain to specific posts I already have planned out and sometimes even posts that I may write in the future. More specifically, when I took over this B&B venture there were no reservations, no customers, and no prospects. I organize these photo’s on my computer by the date they were taken and the general theme for the photos so that I can always find what I am looking for in the future! In a short period of time I have been able to go from a no cash or customer flow to maintaining a 70-100% occupancy rate depending on the month.
If you are interested in learning more about how to take great pictures for your blog posts and social media, check out this video training on 7 Strategies for Using Photography to Elevate your Brand Online or if you want a more in depth training, sign up for my Digital Styling Lightroom video course today!
Most recently, I had a guest visiting from a neighboring Caribbean island and, he too, runs a small hotel.During one discussion the gentleman told me that his business was down a whopping 75% over the past year.

According to him, the lack of customers and drop in business could all be attributed to the state of the economy.
But it tends to boggle my mind that even in this hyper-technical age he and many other business owners are missing a HUGE opportunity to promote their business in an extremely cost effective manner.Unfortunately, the conversation with my guest ended and I did not have the time that morning to discuss the issue further. Are you all about selling more services and product?Tip Two: Research keywordsBefore you begin blogging have a look at some of the keyword tools like the one found on SEO Book and determine what your potential customers and clients are actually searching for. If your business is active in a mostly local market, or generally for clients in a small town, then include the town’s name in your research. My chosen platform for my business website and blogging is WordPress, which, I am sure most of you know, is free to use and has some amazing free themes. While it is okay to do this once and a while, I have found that educating the consumer works tremendously well and is highly effective. We all, myself included, are searching for that magic bullet that is going to draw in more customers. Keep in mind, this is business, I highly recommend having a search around the web to discern what your competitors are up to. In most cases I think you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that they do not have a strong web presence. Do a simple Google search to find out where your customers are hanging out online and make a visit to those sites. Promoting your small business within a forum works best when you approach it in the same manner as step four. What are some tips that you might offer?Mark Hayward owns a business and lives in the Caribbean.
I think Blogging is wonderful for the small business, and I have have had some successes myself. I think one reason it helps is that the blog makes you Human (as Chris Brogan would say) before they meet you. Be real, let them see who you are and what value you bring, especially if you’re selling professional services like I do. One of the best things about Social Media and blogging in particular is that you can get started with little or nothing. Or they can just be bold and try and blog in English (I presume you are referring to blogging in English) with the caveat that it’s not their first language.
We are basically *networking* with other professionals of one type or another with a simple easy web tool. People must learn that to have a blog worth anything to anyone, it must have good and useful content.And they must learn to stop expecting instant gratification. Blogging helps to get people talking about the product and the possible need for the product.I have just resently started an online business and I was looking for a way to get traffic to my site. Is there a certain age group that favor blogs or is blogs a common way to talk about many things through out all age groups and categories?Older Comments Comments are closed for this post.

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