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There are many, many other books out there that have a reputation for changing lives including Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, Handbook to Higher Consciousness, Atlas Shrugged , A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Lord of the Rings and Black Boy to name a few. It helps me in running my business more succesfully and builds me as a successful person in lot more ways. Although I am also an advocate of proper grammar, you just committed a logical fallacy by dismissing the entire argument because of one error.
I think the barrage of technology- internet, video games, ipods…have numbed kids today towards picking up a real book and reading.
Same here, Jess, going to the movies or buying one is expensive, and libraries supply free hours of entertainment. As a publisher of self-help books, nothing warms my heart more on this cold, grey November day than reading your post. One of the books that changed my life, and it was introduced by a close family member, is called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. In addition I have a notepad and a pen that I carry with me wherever I go to jot down those thoughts that fly into my head at any time. But it wasn’t until I hit his hot button and found out that he had a keen interest in reading autobiographies and biographies, that overnight he was transformed from a non-reader into a reader. As a motivational writer I can tell you this, that at times the last book I want to read is a motivational book.
I tend to find myself wanting to know the author behind the book, or the artist behind the art, the musician behind the music or rather the architect behind the architecture.
In fact, there is one famous author, who I personally don’t like his style of writing, but when it came to his autobiography, I loved that.
If you still have difficulty reading books – whether ebooks or hard copy – there are so many audio programs available where you can listen to books being read to you. Search the Internet for these services, and whatever you do, you owe it to yourself, and to your ongoing education, to make reading a daily habit as you build your successful life.
Middle School Workshops will be offered on Wednesday, July 17 and on Wednesday, August 14 from 4-6 pm.
High School Workshops will be offered on Thursday, July 18 and on Thursday, August 15th from 7-9 pm. To sign up for Linden Tree Summer Reading Workshops, please call the store at (650) 949-3390.
Of all the requests for recommendations I get, the most common seems to be from parents & teachers looking for book apps for children in 4-6+ grades (ages 10-12+) who are struggling with basic reading skills.
This is one of the comments that stands out as representing the overall tone of these requests. This book app is developmentally perfect for tweens and teens. The print versions of this series were published recently, 2008-2010. Cinderella, from Nosy Crow, captivates readers of all ages and brings even more interactivity to the classic tale of a girl, her fairy godmother & a mysterious glass slipper. Bobo is a cute little robot that guides readers 6+ through a fascinating series of over 100 pages of facts, videos, physics demonstrations and interactive goodies relating to the science and history of the study of light. Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! is a wonderful Seuss tribute to the endless possibilities of our imaginations. This digital book version of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson is based on the well-crafted translation by Anthea Bell with the breath-taking and ethereal illustrations of Lisbeth Zwerger. Anderson originally wrote the tale as a ballet in 1837. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has been made over in app form hundreds of times (from a quick review of the app store).
This is a beautifully illustrated and enhanced ebook based on the classic story by Margery Williams. This is an exceptional production of the original version of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, including a picture book version that is abbreviated to just 30 pages.
With Brush of Truth, you choose how the action unfolds in this interactive book app for kids 8-12. Based on the print title, published in 2011, this book app is an inspirational read for kids ages 8 and up. Hello, there!We are building a free shopping app that will help you get discounts on the products you like. Mike: Agreed, but wouldn’t an attractive person find an equally attractive person average? Mike: Neanderthals need love too, I guess, but I joking aside I think the right side faces are average looking.
The email for this estate sale, alleged my allegedly industrious wife, alleged that there’d be “tons and tons of the very best books.” Having thus far stood in line on a sidewalk beneath a house on a hill for 10-15 minutes, and having seen none of the shoppers departing from that house carrying even a single book, we’d begun to juggle a few theories about this “tons and tons” allegation.
We watched a driver, indubitably noting the lack of legal parking spaces in her myopic future, park her car in front of a driveway across the street.
My previous encounter with Alice of Alice’s Estate Sales (see article below) inspired me to eschew estate sales for a year.
A perusal of the interior informed us that tons & tons are mathematically equivalent to three bookshelves.
As I apprehensively handed the shoulder-tapper a red book, the aporetic little man in my head wondered why this shoulder-tapper was shoulder-tapping instead of estate-sale-jostling.
Deep in contemplation, exiting the room, I nearly ran into a woman in the doorway who scooted aside to let me through. By the time my wife found me culling through the last row of books, I was, not unlike a stupefied mental patient, softly serenading myself: “Where have all the book dealers gone?
The woman at the check out table in front gave us a fair price for our box of books, and some more of that friendly civility stuff. Meanwhile my business partner & I tramped downhill on the south side of the driveway, past a group of five entering the estate sale sans the inconvenience of a two block line.
I’d taken great pains to separate myself from other book dealers, when I’ve infrequently frequented these things, by pretending to act decent. With a snorty Horseshack laugh, she punched me roughly on the shoulder, knobby little knuckles digging in, and spoke words meant to be reassuring. Yet I declined Shelly’s Faustian proposal, because I knew that if I went in there with her that I’d be with her in there.
Since she is strictly an on-line seller, and I own an actual storefront, Shelly’s book buying interests do not necessarily conflict with my own.
In context, it was not so strange that Shelly followed me around handing me small bundles of books. The best books were in the den at the back of the house, but one had to navigate around the record dealers in the hallway who had spread their prospective LP’s out across the center of the narrow floor, all hunched over that memorabilia with their flaccid rumps pressed against the walls.
The book room was dominated by two different breeds of book people: The Hoarders and The Scanners.
Howard, who sells on-line and owns a smallish used bookstore (twice the size of READ Books), was working a corner with a few colleagues.
Accordingly, Howard and his mates stood at a distance, their hands clasped behind their backs like good scouts, with several feet separating them from the curly-haired broad and her checkout table. Alice spent the next minute or two haggling with some stocky jewelry dealers in track suits, showing off her impressive capacity for both geographical expertise and racial insensitivity.
I was holding two heavy boxes of books, and there was a heavier box of books still sitting there on the table. Confronting the box from opposite sides, over 150 years divided amongst four decrepit arms attempted to nudge it toward the edge of the table.
Recalling precious wisdom imparted upon me by my dear mom—admit nothing, Jeremy—I said: “I know what you mean.
Those readers familiar with my earlier work know that I, Florence, am a dog with a checkered past. Now that my two younger bipeds are finished with high school & attending college locally, I often spend afternoons at home with them instead of at the bookstore. Thus freed from vehicular confines, I’m walking young biped #2 around the neighborhood while #1 searches alone for parking, and, my paw to God, we counted 8 churches in a 4 block radius. Our walk concluded on the yard outside Eagle Rock Elementary, where we reunited with an irritable biped boy #1 who had finally located a parking space and was now hoofing it toward the bookstore. The three of us stood there wagging our heads sadly, wondering at the state of our nation whose public schools are so damn broke that they’d rent out space to religious institutions. She not only persevered in the face of my faux surliness, this future wife of mine, but she also microwaved what remained after that first bite and then allowed me a nibble or two of what was supposed to be my second meal of the day.
Nine years ago, that wife of mine gave me the birthday present of a lifetime when she helped me open READ Books.
The first thing about being a bookstore dog, most of our significant literary discussions commence with the ostensibly simple act of sniffing another dog’s butt. Like the time that strapping young Wolf Hound sauntered in off the street, looking as if he owned the lavish leash that allegedly constrained his shaggy manliness; it wasn’t difficult to imagine that this Irish hunk was walking his biped, and not the other way around. Well this, I thought, is an image missing from the archives of READ Books’ first few months of business. Donna Priddy is a piece of crap whose job accommodates her like a stinky toilet bowl; she is the sales rep who introduced READ Books to the perverted world of credit card companies.
In our incipiency, we were visited by the publisher of a local newspapery-like publication with initials that are, befittingly, a synonym for malarkey.
In daylight, Heavy Metal Joe was a disarmingly sweet guy sporting long black locks beneath a KISS cap, a black eye or two, and an obstinate hangover that caused his leathery face to cringe at 30w light bulbs. My point is one day I bought some books from HM Joe & gave him back several I did not want. This was a quandary; in a moment of weakness, I once promised the Lord that, aside from mom, I’d never again chase or wrestle any old ladies. Whilst teaching martial arts late in the last century, I discovered that children sometimes cry when you address them by a name that is not them. In addition to its negative view of terrorism, the new century seemed to frown on monikers in general. READ Books: Dearest Flo, though we dropped you off but five minutes ago at the Calhouns, it feels like we have been separated for interminable weeks. Flo: They got cats in this place, I shit you not: A black one, a white one, even a redhead! Flo: Though my paws prolong this conversation by punching the keyboard on my cellphone, I gotta ask: Who are you people anyhow? READ Books: We ate at this ridiculous restaurant in Texas where you get a 72 oz steak for free, so long as you finish it in one sitting. Flo: Ever notice how some dialogues are really just two zigzagging monologues that never converge? Do I remain in the backseat of this claustrophobic car being treated like the head-slapped butt of a Benny Hill joke, or do I dash around the knuckleheaded head-patter and make for the streets? When I opened my eyes, the car-infested street was on my right, storefronts flashed on my left, and the smell of urinal lampposts lay ahead.
Word around the pen was that, if no one spoke up for me in the next few days, I was slated for the gas chamber, which is the fate that society reserves for its rebel dogs. Naturally, when the probation officer and her diminutive lackeys parked the car, I expected to be led back toward the SCD Pen and my imminent necrosis. The effluvium of burgers & fried chicken swept past as did the myriad automobiles deviating from their customary paths.
The greasy odors of American cooking were soon supplanted by the Pinoy essences of vinegar & fish sauce, and I became aware of a biped riding a bicycle in my territory. Upon entering my next domicile, the building across the street from the Foster’s Freeze where we had initially parked, I was tackled by the two little lackeys who smothered me with hugs and kisses.
We don’t have math classes at VBC, but I would hope your addition skills are still in tact and you can do the quick calculation to realize that you will need to read NINE books this quarter. Let’s get those syllabi out, make a trip to the bookstore, map out the next eight weeks, and READ! Feministing is a labor of love and all our staff has other full-time jobs to support their work on the site. But, having gone through what felt like a strangely ritualistic enactment of a statistic I haven’t wanted to believe, I am filled more with questions about the larger implications of men not reading fiction by women than about the causes.
Her writing about politics and popular culture has been published in The Atlantic, The Guardian, New York magazine, Reuters, The LA Times and many other outlets in the US, Australia, UK, and France.
Before Rivka Galchen’s Little Labors (May 2016, New Directions), I had never read a book explicitly about babies and literature. It made me aware of my own Jewishness, which in turn led me a spiritual path back to traditional Judaism.
This really helped me out a lot ’cause I honestly started to think that movies actually have some advantages over books.
This book has changed my perspective of life, but not only my life, it has taught me that i’m not my Thoughts (The Ego), and has made me a mindful person. But it might be more credible if the first sentence didn’t include a mistake that disproves the effects of reasons 2 and 18.
I read books on gardening, others on artists, particularly the Impressionist breed, but even of late have branched out into more modern areas. I still haven’t read any of his books, but I learnt an immense amount from reading about his interesting life.
I personally found that motivational books inspired me just over 10 years ago, but since then my tastes have further developed. It’s amazing that from those non-motivational books I always seem to find motivational material that is of benefit to others and me. When I have an appointment, I always take a book with me.  Some people like to read before they sleep of a night while others like the morning vigil.

So this list, not really a top 10 but more of a reading list, is my top recommendations for children who are not quite at grade level for reading skill but need books with topics and stories that appeal to their maturity level and interests.
It is an app that is so packed with games, tappable interactivity and hidden surprises that I emailed the developer to be sure I hadn’t inadvertently missed something. I only wish Annie Fox had written these fabulous books when I was a middle school counselor earlier in the decade. The series is just that exceptional.
You can help Cinderella tidy the house, dress the mean step-sisters for the ball, and even pick the pumpkin to be turned into a carriage. Like their previous app, Nosy Crow has not forgotten a single detail in this delightful title, featuring adorable child actors for the voices of all the characters. It was first published in print in 1975 and is filled with make-believe places, animals and past-times, all rhyming, of course. In the first app, one of three (all now available through iTunes), Heidi is brought at the age of six to stay with her reclusive grandfather high in the Alps. What OzBook has to offer is a nice abridgment of the original Frank Baum classic with charming enhancements that draw children into the story. I think for fairy tales about personified animals, you can get away with a lot more of the original story, especially if the grizzly elements are not the focus of the illustrations.
This app also includes the full novel (over 200 pages) although this version is not narrated. Geared to third- through sixth-graders, Brush of Truth, told in “your” voice, has 65 decision points and 20 possible endings.
It is absolutely packed with top notch educational content, presented in an intuitive app that is polished and engaging.
She has a BA in Anthropology from UC Berkeley and an MSW from the University of Washington. You will be able to request a discount for any product you like, whether you found it online or in your feed added by another user. In Boston, the local philistines double and triple park; In SoCal, we impede the entrance to thy neighbor’s domicile. As I inspected the books one-by-one, placing some in my box while leaving others on the shelves, I felt a gentle tap upon my shoulder.
She said “pardon me sir” and did this weird, upward curling, sliced watermelon effect thing with her mouth.
Alice was still guarding the line, now stretching two blocks, from her perch on the north side of the horseshoe driveway. I did not steal books from other shopper’s piles, force my way to the front of any line, bogart an entire bookshelf by spreading my feet & butt cheeks wide and flailing my hairy elbows, or any other acts explicitly book-dealery. I’d been standing on the sidewalk for some 20 minutes now, and judging from the present lack of movement, it might take another 15 minutes before I stepped through the front door. As Groucho Marx sorta’ said, better to be grumpy and alone for fifteen additional minutes in my pee-stained undies than comfortable in the company of schmucks. Whereas a mass market edition of Catcher in the Rye is a worthwhile addition to my collection, its inexpensive price & worldwide ubiquitousness renders it meaningless to an on-line seller. Not wanting to step on a dead person’s vinyl, I opted instead to step on the impudent hippy capitalists that had placed them there. Some Hoarders are on-line booksellers, some are bookstore proprietors, some are both; more often than not, Hoarders have a decent-to-vast knowledge of books and their value. Two hunched old church ladies standing sentry appeared to be placed behind her as a visual joke; kind of like Mike Tyson stationing a couple of kindergarten girls behind him with nary a worry in the world about anyone stepping out of line. After she stated a price for the merchandise they desired, one of the men made a counter-offer in his thickly accented voice, to which she counter-countered: “This isn’t Glendale, pal. With the brusque departure of the offended Armenians, all that stood between me and the rest of my life was Shelly and her huge box of books. Looking upon these befuddled, impotent Sisyphuses with blue veins threatening to burst upon the canvasses of their pallid temples, I set my boxes down and wrestled away their load not because I’m a heroic motherfucker but because their dueling heart attacks would only obstruct my departure. The books from the original two boxes looked to be an excellent addition to the store’s bookshelves. Due to systematic iniquities & racism, I had been unjustly imprisoned in the Crenshaw pokey, where the powers that be had blithely discussed sending me to the gas chamber for the alleged crime of homelessness. Recently, these college boys have been grousing incessantly to their biped progenitors about lack of money: Blah blah blah broke. Did you know that there’s a church in the American Legion, or that the newest one is in the postal building at the corner of Eagle Rock & Chickasaw? As I frolicked on the green grass, pausing briefly to poop, a throng of bipeds in their Sunday best exited the school’s, the public school’s, auditorium.
I’ve been working here for less than two weeks and some genius manager has just placed me at the cash register, which I am manning with half my ass. I did not initially realize that we were co-workers, my future wife & I, as she had been away on a trip to Boston when I was hired. So long as I am competent enough not to muck this up I will never have to get another job again, thus proving that hard work will always save one from having to work hard. Sure we don’t have to, but neglecting to do so, well sir, the results can be disastrous.
Sure I wanted to take a whiff, but that tingly yearning rendered me indecisive; was this purely business or a joy inhalation?
In February 2007, most of those storming our tiny castle manifested scant interest in literature, and the voices encountered on the other end of the phone were usually soliciting. Her primary accomplishment was to sign us up for some cockamamie gift card program that she’d promised not to sign us up for, thus sticking us with two years of excess paperwork & useless gift cards we’d never use, plus all the appended costs, plus monthly fees that increased whenever the hell they said they did.
For several months we took out ads with this fella whom I refer to as Professor Syntax because all of the sentences that he types are grammatically funny.
When he visited me the next week, his sole memory of that evening was beginning it with lots of money & ending it without. Next day this little old lady donning a jumbo straw Coolie hat on her noggin came in the store & tried to sell me the same books I’d returned to Joe. Dominic’s free lunch fare, would periodically show up with more library rejects she’d try to sell. Furthermore, it is READ Books’ policy to let all lit-loving homeless persons have sale books gratis. Passing a very large house on Campus Road, a veritable mansion by my piss-ant standards, I espied The Librarian entering that manor without, like, knocking on the door.
So I amended the insufficient names with which their parents had saddled them with new, catchier names.
At our dojo’s annual Xmas demo, as was custom, all the students stood up in line & introduced themselves to the audience. Rather than risk provoking the tears of another child whose name I would inevitably misremember (“You sure you’re not, er, Buddy?”), I decided to keep the nicknames and drop the sensei. As a role model presiding over a position of profound influence, I had to be sensitive to a child’s personality & interests. When I arrived home later that afternoon, I joined my wife on the front porch, shared with her several new nicknames I’d created for my principal, and then asked: “So tell me more about this bookstore idea of yours.
As much as you might miss us at this moment— it was so adorable the way you headbutted the screen door, howling pitifully, when we left you there— I have no doubt you will have a great time the next two weeks. Seems the bumper is abnormally low on these Buicks, or I just pulled forward too much and ran over the parking bumper at the Little Rock 9 Museum. She was not the same biped that had been driving me around in this car, the genial parole officer that had released me from prison earlier in the day. Peering back from whence I fled, I espied my kind parole officer shoulder shrugging in the direction of my clueless liberator. My recalcitrant ways had landed me in the pokey the previous week, where I had shared a stinky cage with two half-witted chihuahuas. When I slowed my gait, intending to pee on the interloper’s shoes, he seized me by the chain that was still, until then unbeknownst to me, attached to my collar. All of the books you’ll be assigned will be ministry related books that are written in language that is easy to follow and will not total more than 200 pages. Go ahead and let out that sign of relief! Take some time this week to thumb through each of the books, read the back descriptions, and figure out the order you want to read them in! Black recounts doing a book signing at which every single man who bought a copy of her book asked her to sign it to their wives. If you think that because I’m female what I have to say in my novel won’t interest you, what about the things I say when I am talking to you about the research project in which we’re both engaged? Credible that men who dismiss what female storytellers have to say as irrelevant to them, aren’t also inclined to dismiss – albeit unconsciously – what females of every variety have to say? We could decide, as a culture, that all stories matter, and that a life in which we only listen to the stories told by a tiny slice of society is impoverished and wasted. Feministing is a labor of love and all our staff have other full-time jobs to support their work on the site.
I soon learned that this was likely because babies have historically occupied a marginal place in most books—and in most art generally. All Feministing posts are written by the site’s collective of regular columnists and editors. If you’ve found a book that made a major change in how you work, live or love, please tell us about it in the comments below. As a novelist myself, I feel nothing is more important than to educate my readers in a friendly way to see the world from different viewpoints. Before reading this book my best friend was killed walking on a sidewalk by a drunk driver; i was in the deepest depths of despair and i thought i was going crazy. And if you had taken a look at his previous reading track record, all of us, including his teachers, would have agreed that he was not a reader. Develop the success habit of reading daily, and the quantity of what you read will gradually increase. I have of late started to purchase investment books once a month, but always at a discounted price. Tapping on any one of dozens of items elicits high quality sound effects at every turn in the shop’s shelves. I usually spend a few hours with an app, but this one took twice the normal time to review, simply because it has more than twice the content of a typical book app. As an OM book this title sparkles, giving enormous value over its print counterpart, including narrated text that highlights as read. This book series fills a great need for digital book apps with non-fiction educational content.
As a digital offering, this one is refreshing, with the addition of meaningful interactivity and light animation to enhance the storyline. Each page has dozens of question marks that invite little fingers to tap.
She lives with him long enough to soften the old man, becoming quite close to him and Peter, the goat-herd. There are wonderful objects on every page that respond to the motion of the iPad or the flick of a finger.
This title was written in the late 1800’s and has not been interpreted in this version to be more accessible to a modern audience, so the language will be especially challenging for young readers under the age of 10. Before starting this project, she was a school counselor, health educator and researcher in child & maternal health.
This particular depositor of poorly parked vehicle crossed the street to where my allegedly empathetic wife and I stood near the front of the line, and anon chose to address the half of us who appeared somewhat more amenable to stupid questions.
We’d been standing at the front of this here line for 20-25 minutes now, staring up expectantly at Alice who in turn stared down at us from atop a horseshoe shaped driveway in the foothills of Arcadia, looking a lot— what with her sunglasses and shillelagh-like walking stick— like the angry bastard child of the sheriff in Cool Hand Luke.  Initially, for every 15 people I counted exiting the estate sale, Alice would grudgingly allow 5 from our line entrance into the house.
Inside the estate sale, there appeared to be enough room for another 20 people to shop in relative comfort. She is a book dealer and thus knows that by shrilly identifying me as a fellow traveler, she will indubitably make my life that much harder.
With one deafening announcement, Shelly had undone my good deeds, leaving me butt nekkid as she tore off my skimpy cloak of civility.
They’ll stand outside the lavatory with an ear plastered to the door, pat you down for shampoo and deodorant when you exit, and then ostentatiously sniff & cringe at the air as if a cow had shat in their dead person’s bathroom. And maybe she enjoyed shouting at my back: “HEY JEREMY YOU COULD SELL THIS ONE FOR A HUGE MARK-UP AT READ BOOKS!
They ignored my ‘scuse me and pardon, though they were consistent enough to also ignore my feet on their feet and my hands in their faces.
Scanners are almost exclusively on-line sellers; they tend to know very little about books other than what their little scanners tell them. These are my bodyguards whose presence is an adorable reminder that I need no fucking bodyguards.
Just tell me how much for the box of books.” Shelly took a wallet out of her purse and snapped her fingers in Alice’s face. She turned to her geriatric security team and barked: “Return this defiled box to my house! The books from Shelly’s box turned out to have excellent on-line potential, proving once again that the line we like to draw between apparent stupidity & proven competence is a fine one. Upon being freed from incarceration, naturally, I harbored more than a few issues, not the least being a raging case of separation anxiety disorder. Dismayed, we schlepped to the bookstore where we were involuntarily serenaded for the next hour by Eagle Rock’s newest church. The other half is busy rolling a burrito, stuffed with Bargain Circus chorizo & eggs, on the front counter.
We might have talked about books that first evening, but more likely we marveled about how lucky we were to live in a time & place when burritos glutted with chorizo, pastor, carnitas, and sundry pig parts could be procured at a mere pittance.
She and our children surprised me last night by baking pizza with—what else?—chorizo on top.
With a belly full of Chorizo pizza, I dedicate this article, as well as a large, geek-sized portion of anything I ever write, to what’s-her-face: Happy birthday wife!

Diffidently, I performed a quarter-inch penetration snuffle and detected vague scents of rebellion & alienation. Seems like yesterday when I’d been father to two grade school punks alphabetizing our shelves for free; also seems like I’ve been malingering in this here bookstore my whole damn life. This is apparently a common thing amongst new businesses: Most humans initially aware of your existence will have cash flow ideas that are in direct opposition to yours. DPriddy was also adept at not returning phone calls or letters, though no more so than her supervisors.
Daylight HM Joe used to visit READ Books in order to sell us his rock & roll books as he had no other source of income. On any given day, Heavy Metal Joe was the nicest guy I’ve ever met, and I hope he is alive & residing in a helpful institution. Next time I saw Joe, he told me he had taken those books to the Eagle Rock library & donated them. After a few months of no luck, she stopped bringing me books & began taking them off the sales cart in front of our store. Henry became “Homicide Hank”, Bob “The Bone Crusher”, Cynthia was jubilant about being called “Slaughterhouse”, and Tevan was temporarily “The Terrorist” (a perfectly decent fighting name until 2001 came along and pricked my word balloon). My little brats arose & gleefully announced themselves not by their silly Christian names, but their flamboyant fighting ones. Think of it as a vacation without responsibilities, lazing around a new house with new friends. Right now we’re sitting in our motel in downtown Memphis devouring rows of chopped pork bbq sandwiches, baby back ribs, & fried chicken.
That biped was also a lady, but unlike this knucklehead, she was aware that I too am 100% woman. I initially figured them for screws, and I pondered whether I’d be needing the shiv I kept hidden in my dark fur. When I looked out the window, I saw a swarm of biped junkies loitering about an unfamiliar Foster’s Freeze parking lot. Peering through the interstices of the bipeds’ entangling arms, I saw shelves of books stretching to the ceiling and across the length of the room.
Say you have a 12 chapter book: read two chapters for the first four days of the week and then one chapter for the last three days.
I borrowed this pledge from Lilit Marcus, who did the same thing in 2013, and so far, I’ve read some stunners. She has an AB in Sociology from Princeton University and a PhD in Arts and Media from the University of New South Wales. Though we don’t currently accept guest submissions, we have an open platform Community site to which anyone can contribute. It’s also packed with great stories that will guide them to feel better about themselves, think more deeply about problems and understand how to be a friend not only to others but to themselves.
In the sequel, we find our button-obsessed protagonist heading out on a quest for a button at the bottom of the sea.
The storytelling makes up for any disappointment, though. This digital presentation takes an otherwise gorgeous print book and brings it to life.
This interactivity is particularly nice in such a long book, giving my preschooler a way to be involved as I read it aloud. It is, however, a great resource for classroom use, especially with the word-by-word narration of the shorter version of this classic story. For the last 10 minutes, however, she’d been restricting all immigration as if she were Donald Trump patrolling our southern border and we a swarthy horde of antichrists here to steal her jobs. Whenever my biped liberators drove to work at READ Books, thus leaving me home alone, I, Florence, would hop onto their biped bed and pee copiously upon their plush pillows. So last Sunday, my broke & puerile bipeds strapped me up, nudged me into the car, and drove to READ Books with the intent of alleviating their brokenness through literary labor.
I’m hungry enough to forego microwaving these leftovers since my official dinner break won’t happen soon enough, hungry enough to ignore the young lady sidling up to the register whilst making lusty sniffing sounds, but apparently not as hungry as that young lady who inevitably hovers, drooling & snorting, on the business side of my chorizo counter. This is more reality: Our mutual support of immigration reform— mandatory immigration for all those emanating from chorizo-bearing countries really— had more to do with our hooking up than any abstruse aligning of stars. I looked to my biped for intervention, but he merely muttered something or another that even a dog cannot hear and then pretended to read a book. My boys are now surly college punks demanding wages (damn unions!), and I was still malingering at the front desk, attempting to subpoena mental images of early 2007, when the wise guy interrupted my reverie with the funniest request.
The library, apparently, set them in their own donation box where that enterprising old lady, now known as The Librarian, found them. Several times I gaped at her thru the window as she shoveled books into her shopping cart & gaped back thru the window at the gaping Jew whose books she had abducted, before bolting south down Eagle Rock Blvd with one hand steering her somewhat heavier cart, and the other balancing the straw hat on her somewhat tinier head.
So one day I get called into the principal’s office and she tells me that Rockin’ Randy’s father had visited her several weeks ago, stating that he was going to fight me in the parking lot after school because he didn’t like his son’s nickname.
After that we stop to get gas before getting back on the 40, but when I look at the gas gauge some 15 minutes later, heading to Tennessee, the tank reads empty. This knucklehead, smelling of cheap cheeseburgers, reached across the backseat and patted me gauchely upon my skull. Thankfully this proved unnecessary when the benign two-legged triumvirate escorted me out of the facility. The door behind me soon opened again and the car was filled with the essence of cheeseburger.
The show-off, smelling pleasantly of carnitas, utilized one of those thumbs to grip my chain, the other to balance his bike. Practical ministry training is the focus at VBC, so you can be assured you will not be turning in 20-page papers every week.
Doing ministry in a church or in the work place is often going to require you to do things that you don’t particularly like. Her academic work focuses on Hollywood romantic comedies; her doctoral thesis was about how the genre depicts gender, sex, and power, and grew out of a series she wrote for Feministing, the Feministing Rom Com Review. I have not only learned to be in control of my own fate, but i have become a very Spiritual Human Being. Bartleby’s lady-friend Sally helps him on his quest, which involves traveling in a submarine to the ocean floor.
The story is told both underwater and above on land, with pages of the former that look and feel like they are actually submerged in the sea. The effect is magical, with a tiny school of fish on many pages that the reader can interact with playfully. Older readers, including adults, will enjoy the history, science and inspirational messages found in this digital book. Meanwhile, the funny parker who did not know how to identify a line was stealthily entering the estate sale behind Alice via the far side of the horseshoe driveway. Well, this was an estate sale and the only thing lower than a book dealer at an estate sale is a jewelry dealer at an estate sale. The books that they are going to purchase are placed neatly in boxes to be carried to the check out table on the front porch. Just because I don’t enjoy a particular author doesn’t mean I need to get aggravated every time some goofy hound “thinks” otherwise.
Accidentally (one presumes) speaking his alleged thoughts out loud, Professor S duly noted that the distance between our books and the ceiling might be in violation of fire codes.
As I sat there mulling over the fact that some grown man I’d never met had told my boss, who then did not tell me for several weeks, that he was going to fight me during the one time of the day I was guaranteed to be sober, my principal hit me with the whammy. Did you know that they ticket people in Arizona, to the tune of $500+, for driving 3 mph under 100 mph? Seems that even with this opposable thumb of mine, I am unable to effectively operate a gas pump. And the funny thing is, this motel, as most of the others we’ve slept in, has a pet friendly policy. The probation officer’s car pulled up alongside and I was spirited back into the bosom of the machine.
If they cannot enter the circle of your life, do not deny them at least a nod of recognition. Before you call home scared, let’s get a game plan to make reading machines of us all. Choose two or three to read at the same time, and figure out how many pages to read of each to finish them in two to three weeks. You’ll have more motivation to read books you are interested in that last two weeks than books you aren’t interested in! These reading assignments will not only fill you with knowledge and revelation, but will also help you cultivate a discipline that will benefit you for a lifetime.
Chloe is a Senior Facilitator at The OpEd Project and a Senior Advisor to The Harry Potter Alliance. Other good book such as Daniel Goleman’s Emotional intellgence, Social Intellgence, and Destructive Emotions With the Dalai Lamma.
With light animation and ingenious interactivity, Bartleby, is a book-game hybrid series that children (and many adults) will find deeply entertaining. The reader needs to find the proper combination of actions on each page to allow the story to continue. Apparently the congregation was serenading Jesus, in Spanish, about how they had a great big convoy. The older boy was born in 1994, the younger in 1997 (we knew neither of them in either aforementioned year, but that’s another story). Still I am confident that the boys’ biological parents did not conceive with my wife and I in mind, and if there is a God she best have more important things to do with her time than playing cute number games with some goofy family in Los Angeles. A few of these dogs with whom I have incautiously engaged in conversation couldn’t give a lick about literature.
I’m sure there are some learned mutts out there who could justifiably find fault with my taste.
Thus I wondered, for the next month, why all these parents that used to be my friends now responded to my salutations with the stink-eye. You all abandoned me, and I will never forget it.  I have placed an Australian Sheepherding curse on all of yuhs. What I really want to do right now, rather than wait for this damn tow truck, is pet your fluffy body. Some people tell us that there is a profound, spiritual significance to all them there coinciding events of ’94 & ’97. Furthermore, when you hear your dead dad’s favorite song on the radio it ain’t God telling you that dad’s in heaven watching over you any more than the 99 crappy songs you previously heard on the radio was God telling you that dad’s alone in hell.
Twenty-three-and-one-half years ago I had enough of it to share my burrito with a lovely person who had enough of it to appreciate good, cheap food when she smelled it. Nothing I barked could possibly be half as dull-witted as the nonsense dribbling from the mouths of your average biped.
The cat makes a funny, shrill sound, hair stands up on its neck, & it wags its tail just like we dogs do! We would have loved to bring it to you, but no way that bone shares a car with us from Texas to Pennsylvania and back. So one day I had come across an open window in my former biped’s kitchen and decided to release myself on my own recognizance from that prohibitive domicile. I have also Studied for the Asvab (Military Entance Exam), and the Sat ( College Entrance exam), and i now realize that i can become anything i put my imagination too, now all i have to do is make a Decsion, but there is so many choices.
A couple of cohorts seize half the books on the shelves and dump them in a corner, while a third plays sentinel by chasing away humans who demonstrate any latent interest in their stockpiled books.
And what was the official charge thrust upon my martyred mane when the local gendarme booked me at the South Central Doggy Penitentiary later that day?
The lady parole officer stood in the doorway wearing a sad face that implied somebody had just violated the terms of her probation.
Depending on the teacher, there may be short papers, responses, or projects that get assigned over the course of the quarter.
It taught me to love people on who they are and what they stand for instead of what they look like and what they like. I hope i have Enlighted anybody who read this comment, and remeber you can become anything and go anywhere and the possibility’s of the imagination is limitless.
Together we had enough sense to raise children that, amongst myriad faults & aptitudes, possess a healthy respect for the tastier things in life and are willing to stumble into a kitchen once-a-year to make a meal happen. Or maybe bipeds shouldn’t take offense when a couple of ruminative pooches decide to engage in dialectics about literature. A few hours ago, during breakfast, I attempted to follow the redheaded feline (I think it’s Irish!) up onto the dining room table. They told him that I was by far the best dog in the whole penitentiary, and that I apparently enjoyed a good run. In their wake, Hoarders leave a mess of sad rejects scattered across the room after prevent others from even looking at all those books. All I have to do, in order to get a clear picture of your canines’ literary dispositions, is stick this nose of mine approximately half an inch up their anal glands.
I nudged the tall biped to the far end of the couch in order to annex the cushy area where he had been sprawled. Listen, I was running 20 mph down a dead end street and Johnny Law was just itching for a reason to remove me from decent society. If he proved foolish enough to attempt reclamation of the cushy spot, we would indubitably partake in a peeing contest.

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