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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Social media and Technology Consultant services: education, implementation, training, support and keynote speaking in Santa Rosa, Napa, Sonoma, Marin, Bay Area and worldwide. Changing pictures background can be easily done using casual tools like Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop and other alternatives. A common problem that may occur when taking photos is represented by the fact that a photo has a great subject but an awful background. Don’t fret much, because there are some ways to change the background of a picture or a photo without having to do laborious steps. An image editing software is a collection of different programs that enables a user to manipulate images right on his PC. Microsoft Paint is a simple graphics application which has been included in all Windows versions.
To resolve the background problem with Paint you have to know that it supports only BMP, JPEG and GIF formats.
If the image is too large for your screen, adjust its zooming options by dragging the slider from the bottom right side until the picture fits. Go to the color palette, which is usually set in the top of the screen, and select the lime color as color 1 and color 2. Next, select the polygon tool and begin to outline the subject which has to be cut off from the picture.
When finished, click on the “Fill” tool, choose the solid option and the whole background will transform to a lime one. To overlap it to another picture, make the background white and press CTRL+A to select the whole picture. Paste it (CTRL+P) and go to the selection options, which can be found in the Image subcategory from the main menu, where you have to select “Transparent selection”.
Unfortunately, this method may seem a little bit complicated, but it has the big advantage that the program is available for free for all Windows users and no other additional fees have to be supported. Adobe Photoshop is probably the best picture editor on the market that is used in the professional zone. When the points are placed on the outline, press again on the first selection so that you close the loop and realize the selection. When asked about the feather radius, choose 1px and after you will see the selection outlined by the familiar “running ants” mode.
Adobe Photoshop has a lot of tools and features and it’s a little bit complicated for the beginners. Sumo Paint is a very powerful customizable online graphics editor which has loads of different intuitive features. The application will load directly into the browser and then press “Open file from computer”.
Now, you can select your remaining picture and copy it to the other one that has the desired background.
The Pixlr Editor is an online free graphics editor which permits you to do almost everything you can imagine with a picture, from cropping, resizing and fixing pictures to adding one of the 600 effects or personalizing it in complex ways. Firstly, duplicate the photo by selecting “Duplicate layer” under the “Layer” menu from the top of the screen.
Choose the “Eraser Tool” and eliminate the background without getting close to the subject.
Once the background is entirely deleted, open the other picture with the background and re-do the same step with the drag and drop on it. Move the subject to the desired position and that’s all, you have your subject on new background.

Besides Pixlr Editor, developers offer other applications too, such as Pixlr Express and Pixlr O-Matic which are also available for free to Android and iOS devices. Alex holds an engineering degree in Telecommunications and has been covering technology as a writer since 2009.
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The Air Elemental Flame Bow is a ranged weapon initially wielded by Vizuna, before it was given by him to Lewa.
Under Relationship or Family you can insert information your relationship status and you family members. In Relationship status you can select status like singe, in a relationship, engaged, married, in an open relationship, ita€™s complicated, separated, divorced or widowed.
For privacy, who your information will see, press on privacy button and dropdown menu will show. Under custom privacy you can setup with who you want to share this or with who you dona€™t want to share this.
Under Share this with in drop down menu you can chose between Only me, Friends, Friends of a friends (all friends of your friend will see your information) or Specific people or lists, where you insert only Friends you want to see this information. While many people capture and edit photos on their smartphones, a growing number of users seem to prefer taking photos at events with their tablets. Open the Photo app by tapping or click on the Live Tile that represents the Photos app on the Start Screen.
Once in the photo, right-click on the photo again or swipe from the button to the top of the screen to reveal the app bar. After you’ve finished editing, right-click or swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the app bar. She offers consulting and social media training in the form of individual lessons, customizable classes, and is available to speak at your event. The background may be over-exposed, may have an ugly color or maybe you just don’t like it and you want to change it.
There are online, offline, paid or free applications which will help you through the entire process. Thanks to them, magic can happen to ordinary photos, from simple corrections or adjustments, such as setting contrast or brightness, to complex editing, such as removing imperfections from a picture. Do this around the image and back to the starting point until the subject of interest is outlined. After, the color can be changed with the same tool, just select the preferred color and fill the lime background with it.
This software can do almost all you can imagine, from just making basic editing operations to creating a new graphic from scratch.
When crossing the cursor over the first point a little circle must appear which will confirm that the above operation will happen.
To be able to work with the selection, press the “Rectangular Marquee” tool from the left panel, right click anywhere inside the picture and select “make selection”. To do this, select the clone tool from the left panel, click on the edges and the colors will blend, creating a more realistic view. To buy it, you can start using Creative Cloud for $49.99 monthly that allows the use of all the CS6 collection tools. It allows customizing the toolset, choosing over 20 different languages, adding different filters or effects and so forth. Also, it can be used the “Paint Bucket Tool” to fill the blank background with other colors.
This application that runs in a simple browser represents a very good solution for the background problem.

Now, drag and drop the duplicated layer, which can be found in the right side of the screen in the “Layers” category, to the newly created file. Further, use the “Magic Wand Tool” to select the remaining parts and remove them with the DELETE button from your keyboard.
If person have Facebook account, find this person otherwise just type first and second name. You can chose Public (your data will be visible for all Facebook users), Friends (only your personal friends will see information) or Only me (only you will see information) If you agree with selected, select right and press Done editing and you are done.
Under dona€™t share this with, you can insert Friends, with which you dona€™t want to share this information. On laptops and desktops, the Windows Key is the button with the Windows logo on your keyboard.
In our example, it’s the Live Tile to the far right and bottom that showcases a lake and a pair of jeans colored in blue. If the photo is being stored in SkyDrive, click or tap on the Pictures library drop down menu on the top left then right-click or tap on the picture you wish to edit.
Then tap or click  Update Original to save the photo, or Save as Copy to save the photo as a separate photo. It’s important to remember that some photos may take a bit longer to load in the Photos application if they are stored on SkyDrive. This article provides some detailed guides of how to remove or change backgrounds of a picture. Its simplicity, easiness and rapidness recommend it as one of the most used programs from all Windows operating systems.
There are different methods to do this in Photoshop, but I will present the one that I think it’s easier.
You can download your free trial from here as a stand-alone application or via the Creative Cloud service where you will have to make a free account.
If it is too big for the screen, in the upper right-side you can change the zoom level to a lower one.
If the selection interferes with parts of your subject, go back to the Magic Wand’s options (see the top of the screen) and set a lower Tolerance.
When he’s away from the keyboard, simpler things like hiking, mountain climbing and having a cold drink make his day. If person have Facebook account, you can find it and select, otherwise you can just insert first and second name. While Windows users could simply open typical photo editing tools like Photoshop Elements, devices that run Windows RT, like Microsoft’s Surface 2 and Surface RT tablets, can’t install applications to the Desktop environment.
The Photos app can import photos directly from most cameras, however it doesn’t allow users to directly edit and save RAW images captured by a high-end camera. Right click on the PDF document, and select “Open with – Microsoft Word” and you are done, or you may also use the “File – Open – Browse” method to open the PDF document in MS Word 20133.
Now your PDF document becomes editable with MS Word 2013Limitations of editing PDF Document with MS Word 20131.
Although this works well with complete textual documents like Resumes, some layout, styles, alignments and orientation may vary during the conversion2. Documents with rich media contents like Brochures and Presentations may not resemble the same after conversion Tags: MicrosoftAbilash AI am a Web and Graphic designer, specializing in designing and hosting websites, blogs and forums.

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