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Many marketers are questioning whether traditional advertising is worth the money over digital brand marketing. Traditional brand marketing can include many different forms of advertising that is strictly meant to create brand awareness.
These are all ways you can showcase your brand in a visual way using traditional techniques. The biggest issue that people run across when it comes to traditional advertising is the costs and return on investment (ROI).
So, unless you can afford to spend thousands or millions promoting your brand using traditional techniques, it’s probably not going to be worth your money. More Cost Effective – Digital advertising isn’t necessarily cheap, but it’s definitely more cost effective than traditional advertising.
Targeted Placement – With digital ads, you have more targeting options than traditional ads. Personalized Messaging – With platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads, you can change your messaging for different ads to reflect different demographics. Better Tracking Metrics – Digital ads allow you to track people who click on your ads and their demographics. With digital marketing, if a specific ad isn’t performing as well, it can be easily adjusted. Digital branding is important for any large or small business to effectively share your brand across different mediums. Just call us for a quick consultation and we would be glad to help you discover a new brand identity!
We want to enable more people, in more places, to experience what matters, when it matters most. We envision Opera’s new logo as a portal quickly connecting you with what you’re looking for on the web. With the extended Opera family and our ever-expanding range of products and services, we feel we’ve grown beyond the bounds of a software company. Today, we’re revealing the new identity and updated icon for our flagship product Opera Mini on the iOS platform. Our subsidiary mobile-advertising company Opera Mediaworks is also launching a fresh, new look.
Opera never stands still, so it was really important for us to make our new brand something that could endure and grow with us.
Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out the new brand across the Opera family, including our entire product portfolio. We’ve come a long way together with you over the last 20 years, and we are always inspired by what you want to experience on the web.
The computer logo has a very low resolution ; could you please provide a better one, because the logo itself is quite great ! Spam or not, guess it’s working, Vivaldi will probably become usable in 6 months or so, in another 6 months, Opera will have nothing on Vivaldi.
Because Vivaldi is painfully unstable and they’re only making very slow progress in fixing bugs.
This is true but you must remember that 80% of people commenting on a specific blog are not 80% of our users.
Hopefully you bring one old feature back, to change tabs via mouse gestures (right mouse click + scroll wheel)!!
Of course Opera does not even have the same team anymore after shutting down the Oslo Desktop Team and shifting everything to Poland (to reduce costs) so no one could expect the new browser to be anything like the previous versions. On the browser side we still have really passionate teams working hard to work on a product they are proud of and works well.
You, guys who killed the REAL Opera, do You really think you can make it alive again just by changing logo?..

Btw: Vivaldis Jon von Tetzchner is the original Opera co-founder, the whole original team in Oslo is gone and new people are building the Browser.
We may be moving towards different missions with regards to what features the browser has etc but we have some very passionate, dedicated and talented people here working hard to not only create a quality, stable product but to help work towards better and progressive web standards as a whole. Why is everyone thinking these days that minimalism and simplicity is the only thing which counts? What we need is again more software for educated adults instead of kiddie ware which bows down to the most recent shiny trends (minimalism, less features, nice design only) – if companies do not believe in the ability of the user and therefor remove just to be on the safe side all more complex advanced options, something like Chrome, Australis or Opera new is the result. And for advanced users, that is simply a big annoyance, as most of the time we are the one who pay the price for creating the perfect “average Joe or Jane” browser! Opera 12.16 had some minor privacy problems like Google search regenerating and feeding Google. I still use my customised version of Opera 12.16 I will try your link and see what that version is like on an unsafe system before putting any trust in it. Forget the new Opera logo (very nice, BTW) – it’s the logo on the coffee cup (on the picture) that matters Go Sens! Just had Opera crash and I was reading an online newspaper so not doing anything too taxing. I am a fan of tabbed browsing of old opera where we can tile, cascade, arrange in all one window. The new logo is awesome and Opera is definitely my favourite browser on Windows and Android!
What you’re paying for when you choose traditional is the exposure in the magazine or the TV spot.
Digital ads allow you to target your specific audience within a geographic area as well as specific demographics (age, gender, interests, etc.). This allows you to make your ads more personalized which will increase the chance of people wanting to click on your ad to learn more about your brand. You can set up call tracking metrics that allow you to track where a person found your ad to call. Today, we serve over a billion internet users every month, between the 350 million people around the world experiencing the internet through our apps and services and the 1.1 billion people we reach through Opera Mediaworks.
The 3-dimensional “O” symbolizes a gateway that leads you to more: more content, more discoveries, more answers, more communication, more fun, more data savings, more of life – whatever you seek online, Opera helps you do more! It is a system that unites the goals, the products and the history in an easy-to-communicate way.
We have new solutions and products in the pipeline, and we want them fit into the new identity organically.
Opera for Android, Opera Mini for Android, Opera Mini for Windows Phone and Opera for computers are next in line for the change, within the next few release cycles.
It looks like a ring, or a hole, it is 3D when everybody else is moving away from 3D and flatness is the new modern.
Opera is my main browser ATM, but since it’s just an Opera-branded Chrome, I have no reason to stay after other browsers shape up. As you understand, it’s a tough balance trying to please the most vocal of our users and the overall majority. If you want to give feedback about our browser that’s cool but it has nothing to do with the other side of the business. I like it but now I’m curious if we’ll see some kind of a redisgn in Opera for desktop as well? The new logo will gradually roll out to all the browser products Glad you like the new look. LOL New Opera has not so much to copy (; Vivaldi has features which Opera can’t offer, so what should Vivaldi copy ? It has nothing do with Opera, it’s orioginal developers, the origins and Operas philosophy. I wish Vivaldi all the luck in their pursuits and, you’re right, neither browser needs to copy one another.

Instead guys and gals should try to learn again how computer related stuff works instead of demanding that everything is being turned into Fisher Price ware! I liked the link I will check it out on a Windows system I cannot use it on my Linux system, because I have to make sure it is trustworthy first.
You had to use opera:config in the address bar to to remove Google and replace it with a privacy search engine.
I’ve used Opera from the first time I ever got a pc until Opera 12 which was great, despite the weird engine.
I haven’t had the updated iOS Opera Mini for long enough to know if it still crashes often or whether this has been fixed.
Tabbed Browsing, Themes, Plugins, inbuilt email (I miss this very much), context menu links-searchs-dictonary etc. Think about it, one 30 second TV spot on a Network TV Primetime channel costs a minimum of $50,000 up to $150,000.
Unlike traditional ads were your ad is being shown to anyone who subscribes to that specific magazine. The more you can track your lead sources, the more you can promote in that space and have higher conversion rates.
You can’t just remove your print ad from a magazine if you’re not seeing an ROI and most of the time you’re locked into a contract. The best option is to do a little of both (if you have the budget) and see for yourself which medium gives you the better ROI for your brand.
But, just as our products are about more than technology, the new logo stands for more than the first letter of our company name. Soon afterwards, we’ll revamp the icons and logos for of our data-management app Opera Max, the Opera Coast browser for iOS and our other apps. Show them your love and comment on their page As for Opera, we’re always open to objective feedback. We still have a big userbase for all our browsers and our goal is to make browsing a stable, easy and fast experience for them. And then go to preferences and disable (enable search suggestions” which would have been Google again. Anyway, keep up the good work guys, I can’t wait to see what you’re coming up with next time! I cannot log into Disqus from Opera Mini – after entering login details it just stays on the loading screen. Who dont want to check updates on 4 tabs arranged 4 corners of the window, absolutly beautiful.
To be honest, they can both be greatly useful, but it ultimately depends on what your advertising budget is. Same goes for commercials, it’s not easy to just move your TV spot to another channel and expect to get an immediate ROI.
We live in a digital age where people use their smart phones and tablets to do research and purchase online.
This is why the digital ad tracking is so important because you can easily test new ads and placements without spending thousands. If you’re trying to build brand awareness, you need to be in the digital space to stay up with today’s trends. Also more privacy options would be great like disabling 3rd party cookies and starting the browser in private mode.

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