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Assistant Brand Manager, xx Brand 2008 – 2009 Developed fundamental skills in consumption analysis, P&L management, budget management, forecasting and volume tracking Assisted with the development and presentation of annual brand planKey Accomplishments Initiated proposal for x innovations to differentiate xx brand from yy brand and justify its premium positioning. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Do you wonder where all these brands come from?  Ten big companies own many of the familiar brands we see everyday. Core responsibilities involve strategizing and smooth execution of advertising, marketing and communication needs of various category clients. Five Connectors With the Consumer: Under the Brand Idea are 5 Sources of Connectivity that help connect the brand with consumers and drive Brand Love, including 1) the brand promise 2) the strategic choices you make 3) the brand’s ability to tell their story 4) the freshness of the product or service and 5) the overall experience and impressions it leaves with you. Brand Values should come from the DNA, and act as guideposts to ensure that the behavior of everyone in the organization is set to deliver upon the Brand’s promise. Goals: While the vision serves as a 10 year big goal, it’s also important to have annual goals to push and challenge everyone in the organization. When working with a house of brands, where you have multiple brand names under one corporate name (P&G, Kraft, General Mills and Johnson and Johnson) the brand plan would look different. We also love great marketing content and we’ll do whatever we can to bring you the latest in marketing news + insights, career advice, events and training resources. Brand Positioning Statements provide the most useful function of taking everything you know about your brand, everything that could be said about the consumer and making choices to pick one target that you’ll serve and one brand promise you will stand behind. The more focused your decisions, the more successful you will be: decide on one target, one promise and maybe one or two reasons to believe that help to directly back up your promise. The classic way to write a Brand Positioning Statement is to take the elements above and frame them into the following: For the target market (a) Brand X plays in the market (b) and it gives the main benefit (c). Looking at the example above for Gray’s Cookies (fictional brand), the target is proactive preventers, who want to do everything for their health, including sacrificing what they eat.
To demonstrate knowledge of that target, defining consumer insights help to crystallize and bring to life the consumer you are targeting. When insight is done right, it is what first connects us to the brand, because we see ourselves in the story. Find the rational benefit by putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer and seeing the brand features from their eyes: start asking yourself over and over again “so if I’m the consumer, what do I get from that?”.
Then find the emotional benefit by asking “so how does that make me feel?” Ask that five times as well, and you’ll begin to see a deeper emotional space you can play in and own. Some CVPs can end up very cluttered, but the more focused you can make it the easier it will be for you to choose which one you will stand behind, and which one benefit you’ll communicate. Within each of the zones, you can find emotional words that closely align to the need state of the consumer and begin building the emotional benefits within your CVP.
A highly skilled and commercially grounded marketing professional with a proven track record of delivering results.
Include 3-4 sentences that summarize what makes youunique and ensure to customize your bullet point list of key strengths to the ones outlined in the jobprofile you’re applying for)Dynamic, results-focused Associate Brand Manager with 4 years of Tier 1 CPG experience at XXX. Social project For CSR-NGO Involving health awareness in education institution reference to TB programmes.
This is especially useful when managing a Branded House or Master Brand where there are various people in your organization that each run a small part of the brand. As Brands become more loved, they go beyond being just a product and they become an idea that fulfills consumers’ emotional needs in the consumers life. The big differences are the teams are smaller and the culture of each team usually follows that of the corporate name. I love great TV ads, I love going into grocery stores on holidays and I love seeing marketers do things I wish I came up with.

While we think this brand positioning statement sets up the creative brief, it should really set up everything the brand does–equally important for internal as everyone should follow to what the positioning statement says. But the target shouldn’t be everyone 18-65, and don’t throw your eight best features at the wall and hopefully something sticks. Find the target of those you can get to love you, rather than trying to sell to everyone that might one day like you.
Doing a Customer Value Proposition (CVP) helps to organize your thinking as a great tool for bringing the benefits to life.
When you ask what do i get from that, the better answers are longer drives or lower scores or winning a tournament.
Examples of this could be a postcard or a bumper sticker, or silly questions like “what would you say to get someone to marry you” or say in an elevator.
Then map out all the benefits that you and your competitors can do better than anyone else–both functional and emotional zones. An enthusiastic, creative, self-motivated and lively individual accustomed to work in pressurized business environments with tight deadlines and limited resources.
Innovative and organized with a history of developing comprehensivemarketing strategies and practical tactics that produce measurable results. Skilledin P&L management, business analysis, brand activation, innovation and creative development. US counterparts decided to pick up Canadian innovations due to strong off-take & performance.
We offer innovative staffing solutions to Fortune 500 companies and some of the world's most iconic brands. The main benefit is guilt free control, with the balance of taste and health in the cookie.
Spreading your limited resources across an entire population is cost prohibitive–low return on investment and low return on effort. My favourite is to get people to stand up on a chair and “SHOUT FROM THE MOUNTAIN” what your benefit is. It seems that not only do consumers have a hard time expressing their emotions about a brand, but so do Brand Managers. You want to find that intersecting zone where what you can do best matches up to a need state of the consumer.
Outstanding communication,presentation and interpersonal skills with reputation for forming productive business relationships at alllevels. Strongleadership and communication skills with a reputation for instilling enthusiasm in others and leadingteams to achieve shared goals. Created best-in-class market share report, now used by all corporate brands, to uncover deeper market insights and opportunities. Ideally it is Qualitative (yet grounded in something) and quantitative (measurable) It should be motivating and enticing to get people focused.
They map out a range of decision trees that intersect and connect by imagining how events will play out. And leverage where you are on the Love Curve to determine how much emotion you are able to build into your Brand Positioning Statement. While targeting everyone “just in case” might feel safe at first, it’s actually less safe because you never get to see the full impact. Facts are merely on the surface—so they miss out on the depth–you need to bring those facts to life by going below the surface and transforming the facts into insights. You don’t always need to find a rational point of difference as long as there is room to be emotionally unique. Then find a way to serve that need state to the best of your ability and transform it into an even bigger deal than first meets the eye.

Enthusiastic, creative, self-motivated and lively individual accustomed to work in pressurizedbusiness environments with tight deadlines and limited resources.
Led cross-functional team to maximize sku assortment (over x skus) to improve operational efficiency and profitability of overall business. My background includes CPG marketing at companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer Consumer, General Mills and Coke. Realizing not everyone can like you is the first step to focusing all your attention on those that can love you. Insight is something that everyone already knows and comes to life when it’s told in such a captivating way that makes consumers stop and say “hmm, I thought I was the only who felt like that”.
Avoid the intersecting zone where your competitor is better than you and please avoid that zone where you and your competition foolishly battle in an area that “no one cares” about.
I’m now a marketing consultant helping brands find their love and find growth for their brands. It becomes all about choices and you will be much more effective at convincing a segment of the population to choose your brand because of the assets and promise that you have that match up perfectly to what they want. That’s why we laugh when we see insight projected with humor, why we get goose bumps when insight is projected with inspiration and why we cry when the insight comes alive through real-life drama.
And if you are into math, another way to look at this is through a simple function, where the probability of success (P) is directly linked to the inverse of the numbers of messages (M) you have in your ad: P = 1 divided by 1 to the power of M. The battle ground (?) zone is where both you and your competition can satisfy the consumer need at an equal rate.
Managed all project timelines and worked closely with R&D, Finance, Supply Chain, and Consumer Insight.
Initiated summer media program, partnering with x and y, to build awareness of xx during peak consumption months.
There are four main types of strategy: 1) consumer oriented 2) competitive oriented 3) operational and 4) financial. To win in this situation, you need to get creative and find ways to out-execute or find some emotional connection that changes the game and makes you the clear winner. Second, if pure logic teaches two premises are enough to draw any conclusion, then you really only need two RTBs. Innovation planned to deliver over $xxMM in net sales volume (in 2010) and change category dynamics. The Brand Values become an extension of what the Brand Leader wants the brand to stand for. Brands with a laundry list of RTBs are not doing their job in making a decision on what the best support points are. Worked with North American agency partners to develop 2010 xxx campaign, using both traditional and non-traditional channels, to educate and build an emotional connection with consumers. You either force the ad agency to decide what are the most important or the consumer to decide. Successfully sold in 2010 innovation to xxx customer resulting in $xMM of incremental business. Developed 5 year launch plan, including P&L and innovation roadmap, to introduce a new xxx brand into North America.

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