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Whether you are interested in branding your recently launched products or services or you wish to improvise and strengthen your existing brand, we can achieve all your design and branding needs. All branding companies, like Serious Imaging, should create brand awareness and identity in the form of company names, slogans and logos. From deciding your company logo and graphic design to using it at places which would give you the maximum market visibility, the branding agency San Jose CA would do everything to let you enjoy solid brand awareness and brand identity in the market. If you are interested in hiring a branding or Internet Marketing and Consulting company, look for the one that has successful industry experience of working with the companies that are similar in nature to that of yours.
I enjoy seeing people poke business models, but it’s important that when you look to disrupt a business that you do so without assumptions.
Interesting thoughts…I?m not sure the people from agencies will know how to keep catching people?s attention.
Great post Mark, and I agree with one caveat: Ad agencies, and their creative departments, will only produce what they are asked to produce by their clients. It is incredible that communication and persuasion theories are still part of mainstream communication research, yet this knowledge continues to be ignored by many traditional agencies.
Unfortunately, the “creative idea” and the multiple Industry awards tend to feed upon themselves.
Michael, to offer my opinion As a mid 20’s person solely on the topic of social media.
If you find our thought pieces on brand strategy and brand management insightful and would like a deeper understanding for yourself, your marketing teams or leadership teams we can develop a tailored learning solution for you.
Brand Education is a core competency of The Blake Project, the brand consultancy behind Branding Strategy Insider. Branding Strategy Insider helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands. Subscribe to Branding Strategy Insider Now and get regular updates and two FREE Chapters of Brad VanAuken's best selling book Brand Aid direct to your inbox. If you’ve viewed your social media feed at least once in the past two weeks, you’ve probably noticed the phenomenon ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The trend has been mentioned on Twitter more than 2.2 million times and over 800,000 times on Instagram. This is a perfect example of people in support of your organization spreading a good deed through simply clicking the “share” button. The challenge was in existence before Pete Frates, prior Divison 1 Boston College baseball athlete, picked it up in late July to support ALS — a progressive degeneration of the motor neurons of the central nervous system, leading to wasting of the muscles and paralysis. The initial challenge was to dump a bucket of ice on yourself and if you didn’t accept the challenge then you had to donate $100 to a charity of your choice.
Now, celebrities and public figures continue to challenge each other as well as the general public too. No matter the reasoning for this challenge (potential slacktivism, but that’s another post), what matters is the power of social media and how an organization can continue to spread coverage through a positive image. With over 15 years of experience, we will offer you one free consultation service with regard to your specific needs. They should do market research of the industry you are in to find out how others are doing and what are the demographic, scopes and prospects for your individual brand.
They will use the right mix of advertising and branding media to position your brand strategically in the market.
Find out the creative skills and qualifications of the branding consultants that will work with you and ask them to share some of the past projects undertaken by them.

The call by Marc Ruxin of Universal McCann to rethink the creative department of ad agencies is a great idea but my sense is that his suggestions still assume the battle is for attention, and that winning that attention and holding it via great content, well presented, is critical to achieving consumer preference.
And I think we need to insert at least three further filters into that zig-zag of decision making: notice, consider and purchase. Ruxin that we need to be having this discussion, and I sincerely mean what I say here to be taken as dialogue not refutation. It’s not what brands do for people that matters, it’s what people feel they can do with brands. The creative process is no longer just about what you create, it’s about what you start, inspire and encourage. It’s not just about how much attention you get, it’s about how much uptake you get and how much product you shift – and keep shifting.
It’s not about platforms or environments, it’s about encounters, and more particularly it’s about encounters that resonate with people. Increasingly a communications issue is the flash point for widespread thinking not the defining point for what needs to be considered. Its not a matter of being smart, its a matter of the things they are used to, and they still mostly think like 25 years ago: mass media, demographic targets, etc. If ad agencies, and their creative departments, only produce what they are asked to produce, then in my view they are not creating answers, they are producing someone else’s.
Does anyone truly know if all of this new social engagement is translating into moving product or is it just one marketing guy trying to out eyeball another marketing guy before moving on to his next CMO position? As practitioners and educators we deliver interactive brand education workshops and keynote speeches designed to align individuals and organizations on essential concepts in brand management and empower them to release the full potential of their brands. Army and Wyndham Worldwide are some of the organizations that have turned to The Blake Project for help in meeting learning objectives. We focus on sharing thought provoking expertise that promotes an elevated conversation on brand strategy and brand management and fosters community among marketers. People are dousing themselves with ice cold water all throughout the world to support the ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) Association, which some people still confuse for the ASL Foundation (American Sign Language).
Matt Lauer of the Today Show took the challenge after being dared by hall of fame golfer Greg Norman. Although there is some discord concerning if it’s just a “cop out” to take the challenge and not donate, however most celebrities promise to donate additionally. It’s the epitome of spreading brand awareness and ALS Association is doing it effortlessly. Also, the branding company finds out the demands and requirements of your target audiences for developing a successful branding strategy for you. Good branding companies in San Jose CA adopt both offline and online branding techniques to offer the best possible results to their clients. No matter what your branding needs and requirements, you can achieve everything with the help of a branding company. This will give you a fair insight into the quality of branding solutions and services offered by the particular agency. Are there any licencing terms or restrictions on its use or is it free for use for any legal purpose? You may gain a consumer’s attention momentarily, but until they choose to escalate that attention and actually take notice of you, there’s no way they’re going to consider you, never mind prefer you – and even then, they may not buy.
I feel he still thinks content is the make or break, and he’s now looking to adapt that model to fit the new channels that consumers now occupy their time with.

That equation doesn’t look any different from the way it looked when I started in advertising – it’s just that the media, platforms and partners themselves have changed. So, rather than just being negative about a call for change, let me give my own perspectives on what needs to run, and I think for the most part is happening, inside the agency world. Resonance, not just presence, generates attention and more importantly, engagement, interest and desire. I completely agree that a wider range of people need to be involved in the creative process, but I also believe that the creative process needs to extend beyond the realm of preparing and sending messages. People are quickly migrating from that approach to ultra-short attention spans, multichannel content, and permanent networked interactions with other people.
As long as that when they do engage the content is thoughtful & informative or even mysterious.
BSI is a service of The Blake Project, a leading brand consultancy based in the United States, serving marketers around the world. The only thing you need to is make note of your organization’s involvement and watch the magic happen while you create brand awareness. Finally, make sure that the agency can provide you with the branding results within the desired framework of time. That doesn’t so much require a rethink of the creative department as it requires the creative and media departments to rethink their approach and to adopt new skills.
And there’s no reason to believe that ‘Creative Success’ is the result anyone should be seeking anyway.
Consumers identify with brands because they see them as an expression, and perhaps an extension, of their own views. If you look at how companies like Ideo, Stone Yamashita or Fahrenheit grapple with a problem, it’s about way more than what is said. Ideas are wonderful, but that level of involvement alone is increasingly falling short of what’s required.
They absolutely need to draw on what they know, because there is huge value and insight in that experience – but they need to do so across a changing commercial and social plane.
People still respond to the same emotional and inspirational influences that they always have. For example my friends are glued to their phones, see brands they follow post on Facebook & Instagram EVERYDAY, some 2-3 times a day.
My sense is that agencies need to continue to call on the thinking, disciplines and frameworks of their craft but to apply those to new scenarios. They’re just exposed to more platforms and places for the influencers to do their jobs.How long before the emperor reveals himself to be naked? Often, generic (hey look I’m here still sh#t) Does that make them want to engage more? Increasingly I think it’s just an expectation on behalf of consumers that brands will be where consumers expect them to be.
In my own case, while I freely admit that I struggle with the technical aspects of social media, for example, many of the ways one might draw on to engage and involve consumers are straight out of the direct marketing playbook – they just need to be adapted for new dynamics and expectations. How long before the consumer screams out against the subtleties of “native” content for the honesty of an ad trying to sell something?

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