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Brand identity design by Hypercube Studio in cooperation with The Issland for Media Communication Agenc: xylophonia™. One of the questions I am always asked by clients is it worth making our website optimised for search engines? I am sure like me you get Spam emails saying in the blink of an eye they can get you onto the front page of every search engine using their special software or by paying them. Should you try their services well my advice would be a big NO anyone that says they can guarantee you this, best to show them the front door. However it is true that if you combine all the right elements together in the right amounts you will certainly improve your position.
What I would say is that even when you have all the right elements together they have to be in the right amount and in the right place to achieve a search engine first page for your specific search criteria or word strings. Putting it another way if you want a great meal or cake and you give me all the ingredients you will at best only get something mediocre. Now you’re probably thinking so can smadesign get my website on the front page of the major search engines? I would instantly say there are no guarantees with SEO but we will do exactly the same as for so many SMA designs’ clients which has proven 100% successful in elevating their websites to front page status. Our innovative designs continually push the envelope to deliver effective memorable branding solutions. UTOPIA is an international branding agency formed in 2011 by 3 certified brand identity specialists. 3 brains, 3 pairs of eyes, 3 different directions and styles, over 10 years of experience in graphic, logo and identity design translated into hundreds of satisfied worldwide customers, studios and agencies.
In this post we have added 40 Creative Restaurant themed logo designs for your inspiration. Logo design for ThinkArch competition organized for university students and young architects.
Logo design for Beautiful Ambition Pictures, a film and video production company based in US. Logo design for WebArchitecten, a web design studio and online advertising agency based in Netherlands. Logo design proposal for Yak & Co, a financial administration company based in Netherlands. Experimental logo design concept work, unused and available for customization and for sale.
Website layout design for a diamonds, rings, earrings, and jewelry seller and manufacturer.
The article takes a long look into the serious success of Kate Spade’s playful billion dollar brand.
About NiceNice Branding Agency is a Branding and Marketing Agency with offices in Lakeland, Florida, and Nashville, Tennessee. Push Pop Press is a new brand which aims to bring a new dimension to the e-book platform, adding high-end graphics to the largely unadorned text. Now we want to share the more experimental side of HTML5 and show you some really interesting projects by Hakim, a web developer and creative programmer. During an experiment, participants were given a well-known snack — one portion loaded with food colouring, the other without — but both with identical flavouring and ingredients. So if colour can mentally affect how we taste, and our perception of how something should taste, just imagine what colour is doing for your brand. To start in Munich then Berlin, BMW and Sixt AG, have created an innovative new car sharing venture. Its great to see such a big brand as BMW really think of new and innovative ways to make life easier for commuters.
We like our branding, we like our stripeyhorses, we like our zebras and we love these images!
We came across this branding project recently for a film festival held in St.Kilda, Australia. Very interesting clip featuring Michael Wolff discussing the topic Is This A Good Time For Creativity?
Starting in the 1970’s with the creative rise of Wolff Olins, his career in design has included the creation of some of the most iconic and well known brands of the late 20th century. In the Nineties he started working as an independent consultant creative director where he worked on creating the Labour Party rose, as well as developing the strategic creation of the Citi identity for Citigroup. Since Birmingham lost the City of Culture bid, it’s fair to say there’s been a bit of naval gazing going on. First, Ireland stopped looking for answers externally and started looking inwards, for homegrown talent. The biggest change, yet arguably the smallest step, came with the introduction of CANDY magazine. More creative events and forums followed: Sweettalk initiated seminars where heroes of the design industry shared their inspirations, their experiences and their expertise. Ireland has always been known for its unique vibe, with live bands in traditional pubs creating the atmosphere it’s become famous for. Historically, Birmingham was at the helm of a global industrial revolution, a world leader of industry and technology. We didn’t win the City of Culture bid because we’re already too advanced, we’ve got too much going for us! The new branding and logo graphics have sparked much debate on several blogs such as Brand New. If the Gap re-branding is the much deserved winner of Worst Identity of 2010 then I feel the Comedy Central re-brand should be the winner of the Best Identity 2010.
It seems as though every design blog is posting about the new poster design by Anthony Burrill.

It’s worth bearing in mind that this new logo design has relatively crept into existence.
Whether you are interested in branding your recently launched products or services or you wish to improvise and strengthen your existing brand, we can achieve all your design and branding needs.
All branding companies, like Serious Imaging, should create brand awareness and identity in the form of company names, slogans and logos.
From deciding your company logo and graphic design to using it at places which would give you the maximum market visibility, the branding agency San Jose CA would do everything to let you enjoy solid brand awareness and brand identity in the market. If you are interested in hiring a branding or Internet Marketing and Consulting company, look for the one that has successful industry experience of working with the companies that are similar in nature to that of yours.
So this time I thought we would look at the subject branding of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Now I am not going to tell you what those elements are as these web pages already exist in huge numbers. Now give the same ingredients to one of the plethora of celebrity chefs and you might (yes might) get that eureka moment when everything comes together in the right order and amounts to produce something truly extraordinary. We are a group of brilliant thinkers and savvy strategists that work to uncover who your company is and creatively capture what your company does. Just as every person you know has a different personality, we believe every brand has a personality. It helps users develop books rich and deep in content, full of text, images, interactive graphics, sound and touch. They will come up against some big name brand competition also, such as Adobe, who have a huge percent of the e-book and magazine platform. This new way of branding and creating books looks great. In older posts we’ve talked of its relative ease of use, given Jason Beaird a nod for his views on website design, and blogged about the new HTML5 branding and logo design. He even created the logo and branding for a Canadian media production company using HTML Canvas options. Take a look at Coke, for example — that specific shade of red has been associated with the Coke brand for decades. It shows just how much colour can change how customers and clients view you and your business. The two companies intend to join forces in offering a modern mobility concept under the brand-name DriveNow.
He believes it is always a good time for creativity, and inspiration is a difficult thing to describe. Wolff Olins are a leading brand agency who have worked with such clients as Sony and the London Olympics 2012. Pockets of creativity subtly hammered away, keeping Irish design afloat with an understated presence. With this change in perspective came a new attitude, and a common goal –If They Can Do It We Can Too!
A short walk along the River Liffey and through Temple Bar with its street performers and musicians will leave you with the sense that it truly is a creative place to be. Perhaps that’s why Birmingham is sometimes overlooked for other cities — because the word isn’t quite out that we’ve evolved, that we’ve moved with the times.
In a highly competitive industry, Birmingham design agencies have honed into a slick movement of cutting edge creatives, offering commercially viable solutions that satisfy demand and exceed expectations, locally, nationally and globally. Perhaps a merging of two well-known creative centres — the Jewellery Quarter and the Custard Factory — could really raise the flag for Birmingham’s creative industry. Now we just need to put those small steps in place that will make us become the big creative presence we know we can be. This video is pretty good, it asks a number of graphic designers and artists what their desk is like in their studio.
But I am left asking the question, does this kind of stunt do more harm to graphic design and logo design than it does good? I would love to see some birmingham designers or artists doing this kind of stuff on the main street in Birmingham!
With over 15 years of experience, we will offer you one free consultation service with regard to your specific needs. They should do market research of the industry you are in to find out how others are doing and what are the demographic, scopes and prospects for your individual brand.
They will use the right mix of advertising and branding media to position your brand strategically in the market. Find out the creative skills and qualifications of the branding consultants that will work with you and ask them to share some of the past projects undertaken by them. We craft unique meaningful brands and devise intentional marketing plans that align your organization’s objectives, strengths, and strategies. Your corporate brand is how all your marketing materials work together to make up this personality.
It makes publishing easy to do, the user does not need to have knowledge of coding and software development. You really have to get onto his website to play with the experiments, but shown above is just two: Sketch and Keylight.
Some new and interesting things may start to appear in new brands and websites thanks to the introduction of HTML5.
To change it now would have far-reaching results, affecting brand recognition as well as brand loyalty. Are customers going to competitors simply because they prefer their brand colours over yours?
Such people as, Daniel Pink who talks about The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Steve Jobs: Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last and Michael Wolff, one of the foremost brand designers in the world Don’t Overvalue Your Experience.
They help clients capture their brand idea, devise the best brand architecture, and manage their brand for maximum impact.

Thanks to the initiative of a few bright sparks however, things slowly started to change, and the results for Dublin were phenomenal. Using its own contributions while simultaneously drawing on the creative expertise and skills of new members, growth was rapid. But now, alongside that traditional creative essence, it’s achieved status as a hotbed of design creativity.
Birmingham is at the forefront of digital media, creative design, branding, social media — you name it, we can do it. From the video above it gives us an idea how the new brand will fit into our digital and social media lives. The images were created by placing a few droplets of paint on a balloon which was stretched over a speaker. Since then Blogs from around the world have lit up with mentions of the company, their brand ethos, images of their newly designed logo and theories as to whether it is a PR stunt or if it’s for real.
There were no big re-branding parties, no real mention of what they wanted to achieve with the new logo.
Its pretty fascinating to see how a simple pigment is mixed to one day become colour that we use on everything from business cards to brochures. Also, the branding company finds out the demands and requirements of your target audiences for developing a successful branding strategy for you. Good branding companies in San Jose CA adopt both offline and online branding techniques to offer the best possible results to their clients.
No matter what your branding needs and requirements, you can achieve everything with the help of a branding company. This will give you a fair insight into the quality of branding solutions and services offered by the particular agency.
According to Professor Brian Wansink from Cornell, even though the un-dyed food was identical in taste and texture, the lack of colouring meant “their fingers did not turn orange” and “their brains did not register much cheese flavour”.
The Twitter logo was green before it was blue (check it out below) – how has this change of colour affected their brand?
The function of the new typeface also extends to provide versatility during translations across different alphabets, which is especially important for a global brand like Nokia. It only took a few steps to change the whole dynamic — a few small steps which snowballed and resulted in Dublin as it is today, a hub of design creativity.
Before long a vast creative community emerged, a cohesive powerhouse of talent and with it, an unprecedented level of global awareness.
Take Offset for example — a weekend attracting inspirational speakers every year, bringing together the creative community through knowledge, open debate and inspiring stories of success.
Interestingly, social media sites are seeing a new movement from Irish creatives — a red and white badge added to individual profiles simply stating in icons ‘love Irish arts’.
This logo and the new brand are a well considered outcome for a tough client – Comedy Central already has its strong consumer base who are going to be hard to please, so not only does the re-brand have to please the clients who run the channel but it also has to appeal to the audience. Something the old logo would have never been able to do to such an extent as this new brand. We need to see our design work on the walls, we feel its the best way of getting creative inspiration! According to other blogs out there Gaps store fronts still have the old branding and logos on their shop fronts. They created a social media storm of people claiming to be able to produce a better logo (many of them have). Can the general public and people not involved in graphic design see that this is a badly designed logo – or will they simply see the free publicity Gap have got from this re-brand? Finally, make sure that the agency can provide you with the branding results within the desired framework of time. It is the way all of these items, and others, work together, that in turn give your company an overall cohesive image, playing on your company's personality.
With an annual calendar of events that would make industry giants like London and Manchester blush, Dublin it seems has stamped its presence on the global creative industry. It is a fact that the new logo is so simple and well executed that the general public will use it more. If you can take a look at the whole project on a wall rather than in many folders on different machines usually you will see the design solution right in front of you.
They recently came out saying their new logo will be part of an open source project and will be looking for public submissions. Its important for designers and agencies to really understand what makes up there ink, and get a full view of the printing process from the very start to the production of their final design. Anthony is a graphic designer working in Kent, his print works and illustrations are well worth a look, love his new motion graphics for the music videos too.
I can’t imagine Coke going through such a big change to their logo without the big parties and press release, and the new advertising to back it up.
These guys do all kinds of ink including eco-friendly ink with big reductions of harmful chemicals.
Yes it does look like these logos, I am sure a big graphic and branding design agency such as The Lab (the graphic agency who created this logo) also recognised the similarities between the logos. They created an awful logo that will fuel public debate, that got their name and logo in Blogs and on graphic design and logo design websites. And Comedy Central will be using their new icon in much the same way as the copyright symbol.

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