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The Public Relations and Marketing Group’s award-winning Long Island and New York-based branding and graphic design staff works to create a unique and memorable corporate identity for its clients. In addition to a logo, a color palette and a selection of typography, the Long Island and New York City-based firm's graphic design departments produce materials that effectively transmit the client’s message to potential customers. We create a brand for our clients, with cohesive graphics and messages that make them stand out. The brief was simple: What role could Ogilvy play at SXSW that was unique and different from every other sponsor and agency? The challenge is that SXSW is a marketer’s paradise while simultaneously being a nightmare.
The delightful and complicated reality of the Ogilvy Notes designs is that they are composed in real-time. The Design & Branding titled OGILVY NOTES was done by Ogilvy & Mather New York advertising agency for brand: Ogilvy in United States. We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow.
Hundreds of people, including the Mayor of Cincinnati, visited the exhibit before it closed in July. The Design & Branding titled INSPIRED BY ANNE was done by Landor New York advertising agency for brand: LANDOR ASSOCIATES in United States. Our challenge was to find an appealing in-store promotional program that brought to life The Art of Shaving's point of view on shaving, retained the brand's premium, quality connotations, and would serve to strengthen those equities in-store and beyond - while offering customers a sense of special value with their purchase. The brief was to create a high-value promotional offering, which would simultaneously deepen brand engagement amongst The Art of Shaving's high-end customer base while promoting the brand's four-step 'Perfect Shave' regimen.
Core to the brand's philosophy is a view that 'a perfectly clean-shaven face is an act of masculine pride' and one of the cornerstones of success. Partner with a team of digital experts that will work together to take your business to the next level.

Blue Polo Interactive is a full service digital branding agency that is insanely passionate about online marketing. Social media has played an essential role in campaigns by helping marketers reach the right target market at the right time. These include signage, fliers, letterhead, envelopes and business cards, brochures, advertisements, mail pieces, comment cards and invitations. Let PRMG's full service New York and Long Island branding and graphic design agency creates media and materials that get your message across to your target audiences and match your corporate image.
The audience is highly valuable and intelligent, though sceptical of brands demanding their attention, of which there are many with significantly more money and physical exposure than Ogilvy. All of our disciplines were involved in designing the exhibit and planning the opening show. In 2011, the “Inspired by Anne” show will move on and live as an installation at the Cincinnati Museum Center, which welcomes a million visitors a year. Shaving daily would keep guys engaged with the brand (and returning to buy its products), so we looked to embody this perspective through our brand's unique voice, which brings subtle sophistication, intelligent wit, and art to a practice most men consider a chore. However on the basis of the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the promotion - from customers and store managers alike - we are planning to roll the campaign out nationwide through the course of 2013.
We specialize in all forms of online marketing and help companies thrive in our cross-channel, multi-platform world! Our purpose is to be our client’s trusted partner and provide them with strategy and execution in order to realize their online potential. What if we brought Anne and her work home, to the very place in which she created so much of it? Our brand teams completely transformed our storefront windows with displays that were inspired by Anne, but through the lens of their brand.
Our proprietary tools, data and proven processes save businesses time and help them achieve measurable ROI.

Each design is unique to the content, presenter, response of the room, and style of the graphic facilitator. We knew one of our greatest physical assets, our large retail windows, could play a key role and we have long wanted to activate them in an engaging way. Why not create an art exhibit that would give us the opportunity to celebrate a local We asked ourselves, What if?
With Anne’s work, our work, approximately 500-600 guests, an opera singer and 3 freeze models each with five costume changes; the opening event was a huge success. We’ve strengthened our relationships with clients who are thrilled to see their brands represented in such novel, creative and compelling ways. The other side is taking what we’ve mastered and created and making it available to businesses in a cost effective manner, so they thrive in the new economy. The variety and complexity of the information contained in each note is a testament to the flexibility of the idea, and the talent of our graphic facilitators.
Then we learned about Anne Wainscott, a talented fashion illustrator who worked for decades for Shillitos, the iconic Cincinnati retailer, in the same building our firm is located in today.
Why not create an art exhibit that would give us the opportunity to celebrate a local talent and have a fabulous event? We also wanted to activate our ambitious window strategy in a way that would showcase our innovative capabilities, engage our clients and energize the local community.

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