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For some reason, small businesses don’t seem to see the value, the worth and the need for branding.
Chuy?n nhu?ng quy?n tac gi?, quy?n lien quan la vi?c ch? s? h?u quy?n tac gi?, ch? s? h?u quy?n lien quan chuy?n giao quy?n s? h?u v?i cac quy?n theo quy d?nh c?a phap lu?t cho ca nhan, t? ch?c khac theo h?p d?ng ho?c theo nh?ng quy d?nh c?a phap lu?t co lien quan khac. Th? t?c chuy?n nhu?ng khong qua la kho khan nhung n?u khong c?n th?n s? lam ?nh hu?ng d?n quy?n va l?i ich h?p phap cho c? hai ben. Ngoai ra, co m?t vai tru?ng h?p khong du?c chuy?n nhu?ng nhu cac quy?n v? nhan than hay cac tru?ng h?p tac ph?m co d?ng ch? s? h?u thi vi?c chuy?n nhu?ng ph?i du?c s? d?ng y c?a t?t c? cac ch? s? h?u.
Sau khi ti?n hanh chuy?n nhu?ng, ben chuy?n nhu?ng s? khong con quy?n s? d?ng, quy?n d?nh do?t cac quy?n nang do.

Tren day la nhung thong tin c?n thi?t khi th?c hi?n chuy?n giao quy?n tac gi?, quy?n lien quan.
La strategie de presence c’est l’art de faire evoluer l’ensemble des ressources identitaires d’une marque dans un eco-systeme co-opetitif qui fonctionne en temps reel et ou le OnLine et le Off Line sont en symbiose.
Chaque marque a un caractere humain qui lui est propre et qui la rend unique mais c’est dans la relation et l’action qu’elle augmentera son pouvoir d’influence et de notoriete. If you think branding is a waste, companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, Budweiser the list goes on, should stop using their iconic branding and just call themselves sneakers, soda and beer. Hi?u du?c di?u nay, BRAVOLAW xin cung c?p d?ch v? chuy?n quy?n tac gi?, quy?n lien quan h? tr? khach hang kho khan v? v?n d? th? t?c h? so.

N?u con kho khan , th?c m?c xin hay lien h? ngay v?i chung toi d? du?c tu v?n va gi?i dap mi?n phi. Both had humble beginnings, both created branding (which you feel is a waste) and both have risen to epic success.

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