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Cara and her team did a absolutely fantastic job with my new Avocado Social branding and website redesign. We'd really love to hear from you so why not drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Deborah gave me a fascinating insight into the science of how colour works, and practical advice on the palette that worked best with my skin tone, eye and hair colour. I can now save time getting ready in the morning knowing that my wardrobe is more coherent, and different pieces will tone together well as they come from the same colour family. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting an objective perspective backed by a scientific approach on how to create the best impression for themselves in business and beyond.
See moreSee lessBeing a woman in finance has meant that I have often found myself dressing in a very corporate way as I felt it gave me some credibility. In all honesty, I had always felt that image consultants were a luxury that I wasn't prepare to spend money on but working with Deborah was an absolute revelation. I originally asked her to help me choose an outfit for my video which wouldn't make look like I was 12 years old!
Working with Deborah has allowed me to effectively communicate my brand without saying a word!
Minimum1496 pencilsMay 31, 2007 - 2:48I know they come from them, I just find it a beautiful and true little line of text. TRICKY3950 pencilsApr 11, 2007 - 11:02The buzz word in today's business world is MARKETING.

BapesOct 01, 2007 - 17:09This is a good way to describe it I agree, however its a bit more complicated than that, Marketing particularly involves more. Guest commenterNov 18, 2008 - 10:24marketin is a place where buyer and seller meets each other for business transection.
Cara completely understood what I wanted, and took me through some fantastic steps in developing the brand guidelines and key messages.
She showed me and explained why exactly some colours made me look sickly and pale and others more radiant and healthy.
I can also save money by avoiding buying clothes that will just sit in the wardrobe not getting worn because they don’t feel quite right.
I started my own accountancy practice in April 2014 and ditched the suits but I have always been very aware that I look younger than I am.
Deborah visited my home and did my colours, I was absolutely amazed by what the different colours did to my skin, face shape and overall colouring.
Oh no, someone was quoting a favourite song and didn't put the artist's name on it in a public forum!!!
Cara's professionalism and experience was apparent in every meeting we had and I was very impressed with her suggestions and ideas, and so pleased with the final product. Additionally, I have been able to give the colour palette to a graphic designer to work into the brand identity for my business. The next day I received my very own pinterest board with various items of clothing, accessories and shoes which she had chosen specifically for me.

I would defintely recommend working with her to anyone looking for a fresh new look or online presence. Deborah’s insights have been instrumental to the creation of my own personal and business brand. Techniques include image management, colour analysis, personal styling, capsule wardrobes and personal shopping. Consultant - Mouchel Parkman - Project management work, specialising in compulsory purchase and compensation work. Professionally trained Image Consultant specialising in Personal Branding for men and women. I was interested to hear that she was a specialist in personal branding and corporate image as well as having experience in personal styling. Having recently started my own business following the birth of my daughter, I was in need of a new post-pregnancy wardrobe that would suit my new role as a working Mum. Deborah agreed to visit me at home for a colour analysis at short notice to fit my busy schedule.

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