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Those of you who have known me for a while may be smirking that I’m blogging about branding.
Is this the writer who argued the point of branding with a best-selling author during a mentoring session? I’ve been blogging since 2004, and even though some five-year-olds are barely out of pull-ups in the real world, if you look at blog statistics, being five (almost six now) puts me among the blue-hairs. It didn’t take me the entire five years to figure that out (well, almost), but it did take me a while to choose which brand I wanted to wear.
Just make sure you pick the right iron — because that mark will stick with you your entire career. Disclaimer Please note that from time to time I include a link to a product that I use and want to recommend to my readers. Hot iron brands are the only instant, permanent cattle ID that are time tested for thousands of years with virtually no changes to the process. On a darker side of history, the use of a hot iron as proof of ownership went beyond cattle to an area people today prefer not to think about, the ID branding of human beings. Hernando Cortez is credited with bringing the first branding irons to the Americas in 1541. Brands of every shape and design were visible on every Longhorn that came out of Texas during the great trail drives. Selecting a brand can be a simple thing or as detailed and historically meaningful as the owner desires. Simple brand codes may reveal to the owner information like pedigrees, year of birth, or ranch division where born. Colorado, on the other hand, has registered over 60,000 brands making it difficult to get a new brand with less than 4 letters. The same process can be used in a small herd where the critter is physically laid down, not on the open range, but in a back yard corral. Secretary Vilsack has wisely acknowledged the State Brand Inspection Systems (SBIS) are good animal ID. This brand shows that the iron was not hot enough, or was not pressed against the hide long enough to make a clear permanent ID. It is impossible to make a rule for the length of time the iron should be held to the hide, because the condition of the hair and the temperature vary. To apply the brand, move the handle in a slow, rocking motion which will vary the pressure. On the other hand, if the iron was not hot enough, only the hair will be burned and short partially branded hair will be in the brand design. When branding is complete, a generous rub with bacon grease using a paint mitten will promptly soothe and lubricate the hide. Modern cattle rustlers, which are numerous, truly love the current highly promoted electronic ID.

When a rustler is in a hurry to haul-out, it only takes a second to cut the whole ear tip off.
Special TSCRA Ranger Scott Williamson, who is working on several rustling cases in Texas says, "It is a great deal easier in court when stolen animals are fire branded. So, after the smoke and the dust are settled, and all the government listening NAIS sessions are over, trust your neighbors -- but fire brand your cattle! Let Dad brand his steaks with a Longhorn BBQ branding iron so everyone knows who did the cooking. Let Dad brand his steaks with a Star BBQ branding iron so everyone knows who did the cooking. In line, bellowing and shuffling with the herd, awaiting our turn to let the hot iron to sear the flesh of our careers.
And if you stray away from your herd, your readers will soon corral you back where you belong.
Some of these links may be affiliate links, and if you buy the product, I will receive a commission. Recently, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced that hot iron branding was an acceptable form of future animal ID.
From days of the ancient Greeks, Arabians, Romans and Egyptians, slaves were often marked as property with a small brand by their owner. Eventually, in Canada, the second session of the Northwest Territories government on August 1, 1878 established a law requiring all livestock to be branded. Spanish brands are often artistically designed with cursive, complicated circular characters.
When applied to stock, separate letters should be at least one inch apart so as not to appear attached.
In order to keep the brand process simple and requiring minimal time to apply, fewer letters are always better. The side squeeze chutes eliminate the head catch and restrain the critter better from head swinging. If you don't want to get an number brand we offer a fun selection of small icons that are sure to make your guests smile. I even plan to revise my website to reflect my new-found brand: Online Marketing Consultant. A Painted House was a great book, but it took a while for his career to bounce back after it. Scenes of oxen being branded on hieroglyphics are depicted on Egyptian tombs as early as 2,700 BC. The western American ranchers chose simpler block and open shapes, which proved harder to alter and easier to read. They may be a symbol, letter, number, character or combinations of connected or separate figures.

Letters like the top point of an A are particularly prone to blotch and always should be left open. It is better to remove the iron after a couple of seconds, check the mark and reapply the iron to the parts not adequately branded.
If the animal has been properly branded, a clear outline mark of the complete brand will have a saddle leather light rust color to it. Vaughn Grisham on several occasions when I served on a community development steering committee. The slow-growing story about the struggles of life in the cotton was a total about-face from the fast-paced page-turners his readers were accustomed to. And few people could pull off something like that — only the John Grishams of the publishing world can get away with that. A brand symbol, for example, may be a hat, fish, pitch fork, shovel, hook, bell, spur, staple, horse shoe, or wine glass.
The year code can be part of the regular numbering system, over, under, in front of, or beyond the animal ID brand number.
A brand design is submitted for approval and recorded for a set fee, and only the recorded owner of that design can legally use it on their livestock.
Plus, the side swing confinements are always the safest for releasing an animal from either side.
A small propane bottle will heat a lot of irons and may be transported easily without the limitations of an electric cord. It may be hot enough to burn or singe the hair, but not hot enough to penetrate the roots of the hair follicles, essential for a permanent mark. Permanent fire brand ID not only works on a live animal, but continues to be a valid ID on the hide after processing.
This jiffy tool was developed to back-out the pin arrow and allow a person to replace it into another animal.
Brands are simple and can be recorded on a paper tablet providing a permanent record that lives well beyond the life of the animal.
It doesn't require more fees, expanded USDA staff, computer education, high tech equipment purchases (not proven to perform under range conditions) or pernicious enforcement fines. The numbering process is practiced by most ranches providing a non duplicate ID for every animal traceable through the records of USDA through the state brand registration system.

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